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  • The best studio headphones for about $100

    The best studio headphones for about $100 - The top studio headphones for about $100


    You can get some pretty good headphones for about $150 and while 50 bucks may not seem like much of a difference, it's a bit too much for many home studio owners. But don't worry if you are one of them, there are plenty of interesting cans for a tad less money. With this in mind, we asked our members of our French site to name their favorite pair …

  • The top studio headphones for less than $50

    The top studio headphones for less than $50 - The best studio headphones for less than $50


    Sometimes, $50 for a pair of studio cans might be over your budget, be it because you don't have the money in the bank or you need to buy four at the same time or any other reason you can think of. But even then, at this price point, there are so many different models that you might have a hard time choosing one. With this in mind, we asked our me…

  • A review of the Audio-Technica ATH-M70x headphones

    A review of the Audio-Technica ATH-M70x headphones - The Hear and Now


    If you’re serious about your production work, you probably should have at least one pair of premium headphones in your studio. They’re extremely helpful both when mixing and tracking, and the more accurate their reproduction, the more useful they’ll be. Audio-Technica announced several new reference headphone models at NAMM this year, among them t…

  • A review of M-Audio’s M50 studio headphones

    A review of M-Audio’s M50 studio headphones - Good Sound - Good Value


    Every recording musician needs headphones, and there’s no shortage of choices. It’s not hard to find a good pair if you’re spending $200 and above, but especially in the sub-$100 range, it’s more of a crapshoot. M-Audio recently released two models in that range, and we’ll focus our review on the more expensive of the two, the over-the-ear (circum…

  • Mastering at Home - Part 15

    Mastering at Home - Part 15 - Tips for Using Headphones While Mastering Music


    Now that we have covered the entire mastering chain, let's move on to different tools that are useful in the context of DIY — like headphones.

  • Focal Spirit Professional Review

    Focal Spirit Professional Review - The Professional Spirit


    A little over a year ago, the French brand Focal, well-known for its range of speakers, introduced its first pair of headphones: Spirit One. Although portable and fairly nice, they weren't really apt for use in a home studio. Fortunately, Focal has come back with a model proudly sporting the "Professional" tag that promises to deliver a neutral so…

  • Monster Beats Pro Review

    Monster Beats Pro Review - Sounds Like You Mean It


    Thanks to its partnership with Dr Dre, Monster's Beats Pro have become a grand success. But are we really talking about a new reference product here or just a fad? That's the question...

  • Best 5 headphones between $350-$500

    Best 5 headphones between $350-$500 - The Great Studio Headphone Comparison Test


    3 men, 5 studio headphones, 6 ears and one single question posed to each of them: which headphone would you buy in the price range of $350 to $500 ?

  • AKG K 702 Review

    AKG K 702 Review - The AKG Case


    Let's end this week with another famous name: AKG and their reference-class K 702. Our opinion about its little brother, the K 271, was pretty balanced: it has a very detailed high-end but a too weak low-frequency range. What about the K 702?

  • Ultrasone Pro 2900 Mini-Review

    Ultrasone Pro 2900 Mini-Review - The Barry White of Headphones


    The Ultrasone Pro 550 didn't convince us when we compared headphones under $150. But the brand is famous for its high-class headphones. So what about the Pro 2900, the flagship in the Ultrasone product range?