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Korg Kronos user reviews

  • Korg Kronos 73 (2015)

    Korg Kronos 73 (2015) - "An exceptional instrument"


    I use the Kronos in a context where I'm getting back to making music after stopping it for many years. In the past, I’ve played many keyboards of all kinds, including a Korg MS-20 in 1979. The Kronos is the first keyboard I’ve bought since return…

  • Korg Kronos 88

    Korg Kronos 88 - "Everything a musician could ever want"


    The Kronos 88 is a workstation with brilliant sounding patches that really boosted my creativity. I use this keyboard all of the time when I go to the studio, it is actually one of my favorite ones to work with there. I have never seen manual for it …

  • Korg Kronos 61

    Korg Kronos 61 - "Amazing sounds!"


    The Kronos is made by Korg, it is a 61 key workstation with touch sensitive keys and an 8 inch full color touch view screen that It is brilliant I must say! But for the price of this board, which is almost 3 grand; it better be a great screen! The pr…

  • Korg Kronos 88

    Korg Kronos 88 - "For every genre"


    Korg’s Kronos 88 is a 88 key workstation with a full color touch LCD display on it. If you purchase the Kronos 88 key now it will come installed with the newest OS system which is 2.0. It does very from the original 1.0 version that first came out wi…

  • Korg Kronos 61

    Korg Kronos 61 - "industry ready"


    This is another one of those boards that comes industry ready right out of the box. It’s extremely easy to get it set up and ready to start making great music. The editing abilities on this board are easy to do and the workstation is easy to navigate…

  • Korg Kronos 73

    Korg Kronos 73 - " KRONOS - the top"


    I pass rapidly over the features, just to say that I in 73 notes (touch so heavy). Most features in: Karma, the touchscreen ... full connectivity, audio + 1500, styles via karma, full effects and stacking up to 12 + masters, controls via knobs 16 b…

  • Korg Kronos 73

    Korg Kronos 73 - porgy's review


    see website UTILIZATION utilsiatione the single st because of the wide touch screen for a visual setting sounds. SOUNDS Sounds excellent piano (the best for my taste on what kind of workstation). Rhodes sounds very good. organ sounds mean…

  • Korg Kronos 61

    Korg Kronos 61 - " it seems all the good"


    I bought the X61 kronos replacing my tyros 4. not comparable course, this is not the same approach. the tyros machine is formidable, but not sufficiently integrated with the DAW. and I need to work with me because I use my sequencer plug in. …

  • Korg Kronos 73

    Korg Kronos 73 - " Just perfect ..."


    I was quite surprised by the quality of the keyboard 73. The only downside is the keyboard which is quite long to load but once on, it is a real pleasure. UTILIZATION The manual is also available in French, just good looking. DVD training enabl…

  • Korg Kronos 73

    Korg Kronos 73 - "not adapted for the stage"


    Kronos 73 (heavy touch) see characteristics on AF I amplifies a Motion Sound KBR 3D (stereo amp) I connected the keyboard to a Macbook without worries. UTILIZATION The general configuration is it simple? At first I said that I had never be…