Korg Kronos 88
Korg Kronos 88

Kronos 88, Workstation from Korg in the Kronos series.

stompboxjon 10/01/2012

Korg Kronos 88 : stompboxjon's user review

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Korg’s Kronos 88 is a 88 key workstation with a full color touch LCD display on it. If you purchase the Kronos 88 key now it will come installed with the newest OS system which is 2.0. It does very from the original 1.0 version that first came out with the Kronos. The Kronos 88 is a high end synth workstation that can be used for all types of music with a wide variety of sounds and patches that are ready to be added to your music without the need for much EQ or pre mixing. All of the sounds are of very high quality and they should be because the Kronos 88 key workstation cost over 3 thousand dollars brand new! The Kronos has a “flash based” storage that makes it really easy to load stuff, and it also makes it extremely fast. There are basically no wait times between patches or loading programs because it is really fast.


With 9 engines that the Kornos has, it basically puts all of them at your finger tips at once. With the ability to switch the presets up to 8 different times for each different patch you will have endless sounds to use in your music. I have been using the Kronos for around 3 months now and I fully understand most of all of the functions that the Kronos has to offer. A new feature is that you have the ability to record any external sound directly to the workstation which is amazing when it comes to recording in some live samples and effects from external gear, mainly my SP 404.


Any sound you can imagine can be created with the Kronos 88 (if its not already pre installed!). Te sounds are very realistic and honestly there are so many of them including the variations that it will take you a long time to even just go through them all to check them out. I love all of the synths, but the basses stand out to me and so do the strings. All sounds are full and rich, I don’t have to do any modifications to them if I don’t want to because they are ready to be added to my mixes as is.


The workflow of the 88 key Kronos is impeccable and all of its functions are just amazing. You really can do anything you want on this board. This keyboard will allow me to get rid of about 3 of my other keyboards now because it can do what they can do all in this one unit. The price of the Kronos is pretty big but its worth it, thanks to my credit card! If you need a do it all synth workstation then the Kronos 88 key is what you have been looking for.