Korg Kronos 61
Korg Kronos 61

Kronos 61, Workstation from Korg in the Kronos series.


Korg Kronos 61 : Anonymous 's user review

« excellent synth in FINDUS! »

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The features are those of the most complete workstation market .. nothing to say!
(And reread the test synthwalker to understand ..)

The problem is:
The Kronos is sporting a 61 finish and an assembly worthy of a keyboard half the price ..
This is not serious for some, the AC is for me!
I have not supported the keyboard vibrating like a pot of 61 ... kronos is no fun to play!

Yet he loved the M3 j ...
Eureka .. J had a chance to put the two side by side .. and the assembly of the kronos is not at all at the height of that of the M3 ..
J have therefore included .... question of willingness to enhance the finish of the product or not!


The guide parameters of 1200 pages is in English ... and in pdf!

A guide for use in french (ridiculous) is available on paper ... videos on a dvd .. then the other provided user guide PDF on a lot!

Anyway, if you do not understand the English and that it was not a good technical mastery .. take a kronos will be a little pretentious!
While no particular problems .. well those who profit from this synth have the means to control it and are not interfered ..

Considering the complexity of the machine, the usability is not so bad .. (in the window of korg ..) after you can also do better in the organization of the pages .. but still c is personal!

J had an M3, so I have not been lost because there is continuity.


Pianos very good (but I prefer my north stage 2)
Rhodes excellent (assuredly the best available!)
good even when organs ..

Part rompleur is not the height of that of a motive, but it is not so bad must not exaggerate!

Synthesis engines do the job they are supposed to do .... it works!
The sound of the kronos is very defined, precise and dynamic ..

this makes it a little too slick to my ears ..

The presets are generally boring to die (hyper caricature ... and not very inventive)

J have since taken a 80 roland jupiter, and I prefer 10 times its sounds much warmer .. rated the kronos sounds like a frozen dinner!

In fact I found myself a note that if the kronos is very very full incontesatblement alone, nothing apart from its sound has not made me rhodes triper:
-I prefer the pianos of those in North ..
MS20 Polysix and them ... I prefer my 10 times and my complete arturia jupiter 80
-Rhythmic textures trash everything goes: I prefer 10 times my native instruments maschine.
Mod7 it: I prefer absynth or FM8
As for combis, j has arrived withstand those of M3 which has remained high as a man .. but al listen to combis footprints too full of textures supposed to put it on the chin and unplayable ... j came close to fainting!

In short, maybe I'm jaded .. I do not know.
But this music is not math:
No it's not because we add synthetic engine has everything that was going the best sound!

The Kronos looks like a melting pot of the best of home korg "a compilation of 2012"

Except that I prefer machines that finally have a true grain, and it did not really kronos identity endearing ..
It is the grain or the kronos?

And has a worse time, or playing music, or program it .. but the engine physical modeling and FM REQUIRE same by them for hours of exploration out 1 or 2 sounds ..
After a moment, I can not see the interest!

D Also, c is a bit like the DX7, everyone was happy to have al the era, and no one was programming!
Let those who think otherwise contradict myself by making available to their well-scheduled banks of MOD-7, STR-1 ... (and even AL-1 is the limit ..)

C is good to have them ... but if it is to spend hours programming a bell FM huuurg 2 balls ...!

Anyway, I'm curious to see so many banks if user will be available .. (but I smile to advance ..)


Well, we're all different ..
If some love get lost in the complexity of a machine is understandable .. c!

Personally I prefer to stay a keyboard player .. and c is why if I program in general I'm on my apps (which are inherently much more clear ..)

But hey, everyone sees noon at his door .. and the kronos can definitely satisfy people who want to ca.

Now Korg has a problem:

-J bought a sv1: store return after 2 weeks .. and a 2nd with an odd answer. (Revendu..)
I tested a small store in PA500: 4 seconds later the pitch wheel I have in hand (laughing with the salesman ..)

J bought a kronos-61:
The first completely screwed up (hangs al ignition ... the sound is cut short .. a stew is roros 3000)
Standard exchange store made annually, and the 2nd works well .. (no worries of work you need to be honest ..)

(Well. .. and we will stop the eh .. we will not repeat the debate of bugs and their range of LEDs arranger ....)

The problem: vibration and low-end assembly!
No luck, if I had taken 73 or 88, I have had a good chance of finishing with the famous concerns RH3 keyboard (korg that will have to replace .. still a good galley for resellers ny's fault. .)

Finally, the feeling of overdose with korg .. and the only things that I have regretted this kronos:
"EPs (excellent) ... and my old M3! (Which made him what he had to do!, The overdose less)

And to be honest, KORG eventually get drunk:

Home, the marketing guys have taken over product quality.
They take a little too geeky for the musicians!

A synth pro, c is primarily a finishing really "pro" .. impeccable and reliability (especially a 3000 roros and dust ...)
So today, if Korg has a certain ... technological expertise and competent engineers and enthusiasts ...
The guy from marketings and accountants took over ... and unfortunately they do more pro synths in terms of finish and reliability product!

Me, I like the beautiful machines gadjets hardware .. not!
In this sense i like my north course, my jupiter 80 and my old XF reason ... that they have a real nice finish .. in their kind, and that return the state of al elvisdegool toy ...

When has anyone find me too hard, I tell them "okay guys, buy your kronos"
Soon, thanks to korg will be right if we continue like that ... al obsolescence or keyboard biodegradable within 5 years!
Finally all the same, a synth to 3000 euros, this is not a smartphone!

D in me anymore ... the spirit of this not my cup of tea!

So here ... as passionate (which rotates and plays live with his machines all the same ..) I'm not ready to buy a korg upscale ... long time (the time that the engineers and passionate musicians their homes have returned to power on the marketing guy who tell and accountants who take on the quality of workmanship for the economies of candle-end ..)

Then personal j ... have nothing to shake that a synth engine has 307 synthetic ... it is not so that it sounds better in a project ..
The first thing that interress m is either a beautiful machine solid and well finished, and it sounds!
The Kronos does not fulfill all these conditions has clearly ... my eyes!

But thank you god, there are brands has the opposite (who think product quality, finish and reliability before making beautiful with techno ..):
(Yamaha for workstations ... north to the scene .. and my jupiter 80 which is a real tank!)
So no reason why I get depressed ... all is well with my machines ... among others!
The most surprising, is c's be honest I have never been so relieved u synth until I got rid of m ..
Sometimes I think about ... and I wonder why this was the point!
on the other hand, sometimes I miss my M3 is saying ... c!
When has my old XF motif, also a little that I miss that .. I have foolishly sold for gadjet!

(M'enfin good all the same .. jordan rudnesssssssss elvisdegool uses on stage .... I do not understand ....)