Korg Kronos 61
Korg Kronos 61

Kronos 61, Workstation from Korg in the Kronos series.

G.jourdain 04/08/2013

Korg Kronos 61 : G.jourdain's user review

«  it seems all the good »

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I bought the X61 kronos replacing my tyros 4.
not comparable course, this is not the same approach.
the tyros machine is formidable, but not sufficiently integrated with the DAW.
and I need to work with me because I use my sequencer plug in.
otherwise I would have kept the tyros.
x when the Kronos to him makes me feel like 4 or 5 synths and a sample player.
for pianos, I stayed on the buttocks when I in addition bought the bank "pay" Austrian piano "250 euros!".


config is simple;
we play on if you want ..; consumes it without asking questions.
The manual is in French and very well done.
there is a site in French is called kronoscopie. https://www.kronoscopie.fr/
very useful.
I discovered the kronos. we are in the linux pc. so it is comfortable in the tree when you have a pc.
I'll look later all synths to know if it can replace my plug-in ..!
the sequencer, I do not put your feet .. as the station will edit hard not not a real sequencer on pc or mac as for me, I forget;


sound quickly go to bluffing means.
I stay on my end with the sax ...
banks plug in sounds are much better.
anyway, no hard do I like the sax.
guitars? tyros 4 was the best;
but against the piano, especially the piano .. Austrian bank, so there hot friends ... before ... and I've tried everything and heard ..
Finally, combinations are interesting and inspiring.


I use it for 15 days .., so I do not know the beast. This is a notice to hot start.
I think I have tried all models. this one suits me now.
we approach the machine to do anything soon, still some effort to do.
I would do this choice without problem now.