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PRS LP-Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • PRS SE 245

    PRS SE 245 - "Very cool!"


    This PRS SE 245 guitar is built in Korea. It has a mahogany body, a maple top, a mahogany neck, and a rosewood fretboard, with 22 frets and 25 inch scale. The hardware is all PRS proprietary, designed after the USA models and identical in appearance,…

  • PRS SE 245

    PRS SE 245 - "Nice axe"


    Paul reed Smith guitars are very well know for their expensive but gorgeous looking guitars. they have guitars for every guitar player out there and most of their guitars features the exact same wood combinations. They usually have a mahogany with a…

  • PRS SE Bernie Marsden - Vintage Sunburst

    PRS SE Bernie Marsden - Vintage Sunburst - "A nice SE singlecut that happens to be a signature"


    Bernie Marsden was one of the early guitar players in Whitesnake. He has been active again recently and now has a PRS signature mdoel. This is the PRS SE Bernie Marsden model. At first I didnt realize this was a signature guitar. It doesnt have any c…

  • PRS SE Singlecut

    PRS SE Singlecut - "Dave Navarro singlecut kinda"


    The PRS SE line of guitars is PRS's group of foreign made guitars. They are made for younger players or players who dont have the money to buy a USA made PRS. These guitars are pretty much built to the same spec as the USA models just being made over…

  • PRS Chris Henderson

    PRS Chris Henderson - "What a sweet guitar!"


    These Paul Reed Smith and guitars have a great sound and the extremely versatile tone and mixes well and pretty much any style of music. One of the selling points of these guitars is your ability to go from a very chimy clean tone all the way up into…

  • PRS SE Mark Tremonti

    PRS SE Mark Tremonti - "Not impressed"


    Chinese made I think. Mahogany body and neck. Rosewood fretboard with bird inlays. 25" scale and 22 frets. PRS humbuckers. Les Paul style electronics. UTILIZATION I work part time at a fairly large music store. We got a large shipment of th…

  • PRS SC 58

    PRS SC 58 - "A PRS or a vintage Les Paul?"


    It seems that ever since PRS won the Lawsuit with Gibson they have been rubbing it in their faces by making Gibsons own guitars better than Gibson does. This is the latest in the line of singlecuts PRS has been putting out. This guitar has even more …

  • PRS Stripped 58

    PRS Stripped 58 - "PRS's version of a Classic Les Paul"


    The PRS Stripped 58 is one of their newest models in the line up. It is easy to tell that this guitar is supposed to be like a classic 58 Les Paul. Because it is supposed to be more like a Les Paul it has some parts that PRS doesnt use much on their …

  • PRS SE Mark Tremonti

    PRS SE Mark Tremonti - "Mark Sig"


    Paul Reed Smith guitars hard really well known for their exotic woods and they're extremely well built and crafted sounding instruments. Most of their guitars are able to branch across genre to genre of music. I've heard their guitars play effortless…

  • PRS SE Soapbar - Vintage Cherry

    PRS SE Soapbar - Vintage Cherry - "PRS SE Singlecut with crunchy P90s"


    The SE line from PRS is one of the best line of import guitars. PRS is well known for their super high end Custom level guitars. Now they are getting more into the reasonably priced guitar market with the SE line of guitar. These guitars are quite si…