PRS SE Soapbar
PRS SE Soapbar

SE Soapbar, LP-Shaped Guitar from PRS in the SE series. 11/27/2006

PRS SE Soapbar :'s user review


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For the characteristics, there's nothing wrong, everything adj t say below ... I would add that I find the micro slecteur a pity all too noisy, and the knob of Tone then slipped contact eventually jump (absolutely wicked in mm tps c'tait of Cygnus). In its globality itches very good at the technical level, especially for the price.


On this point, I am less enchant my prdecesseur because I find the handle really too thick, I may be a bit picky the top, but ... A strat best for me this cot l.
I also find it too heavy, this still fairly compared to lgres scratch, but less heavy than a Les Paul eg.
A shares ergonomics is rather cool, it's nothing psychedelic but very ergonomic ...
I would add just one point, I do not know if it's me or the handle, or the inclination, or ropes, or microphones, or chance, but I find that we can not bring out the sound by just pressing the string on the right box.
This guitar is very versatile I find, I think even she could go on Mtal (not my style) following the amp because we can go on quite fat sounds though ... copies of P90 do not allow any follies, I would still adding a micro personally. I would say that this same horizon of possibilities makes the fact defois hard to really find "her" his kicking your ass 100%, or find a typical typ sound such and such a thing thingy ....


I play on an amp without really **** m mark, which is the honor of the guitar, but I think changing the Hughes & Kettner for which it can be expressed more.
Since I returned to the Tone knob up, we really going to sound really opened completely deaf.
Since I try to stay "openmind" and that I am beginner, it suits me well because of its range of possibilities I play without much effect or distortion with an old ba ... rockman it in doing well


So finally this guitar did not make me completely crazy to the point of making me go mad and leave family and home to trace my way in music, did not make me smack my girlfriend, has not revolutionized rock 'n roll, psychedelic shapes did not, but what we asked she does it well.
And for the price I got o (350 euros), I find that his report is qualitprix one of the best.
For a beginner like me, this is a much better choice I think the classic Strat Squier or Epiphone Les Paul. I had a copy of Les Paul dating before and was a bit kaput, ba I can tell you that c'tait a revolution in comparison. I have already been able to touch other guitars that are supposed to be more "in" ba I have not had contact more "transcendent and mystical" with this guitar, even with ear musicians were warned not hear a big difference.
Now I think when my technique will evolve, my guitar too, so I do not have that choice. This is a good choice for qqun dbute that, but if we want to have fun and that background has the means, you can start typing in the more upscale, why not in PRS we can tell, not nglige his guitars, even the conditions "under treated."