PRS SE Soapbar
PRS SE Soapbar

SE Soapbar, LP-Shaped Guitar from PRS in the SE series.

vlandrieu 08/13/2006

PRS SE Soapbar : vlandrieu's user review


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* Mahogany


* 25 "scale mahogany. 22-fret. Rosewood back with" moon inlays "
* Neck carve - wide fat


* Bridge PRS stoptail
Mcaniques PRS * (non-locking)


* Two microphones "soapbar" PRS
CONTRL * Volume, Tone and slecteur 3 positions.


The handle is a real rgal.
I actually had a lightning strike ds vritable the first agreement when I try in store. Its shape and button are comfortable and have direct trs want to travel the round in a furious improvisation.
Personally it is this type of race that suits me more. PRS Tremonti SE, which apparently is a guitar very similar, has a strong handle diffrent and I find that of the Soapbar raises more inspiration. But this is a subjective observation trs.
In addition, repeated "moon inlays" are the most beautiful effect and adds an original touch the instrument.


Instant thunderbolt for the handle, but also for the softness has reproduced the combo Marshall Valvestate guitar silent on which branch. Given the heat of her coming out of an amp that I knew well and has a clean sound trs way, I can not imagine your exact amp on a range suprieure.
The neck pickup is a warm desire, round and well equilibrated. The arpges are broadcast with many nuances and directly incites to play a more subtle Manir. By varying the tonality can get his hat that would Phra some jazz guitar. You can really play on the attack of the strings because the sound is reproduced in all a dynamic and sustain is incredible (handle al.
Mirco The bridge is bright enough to clean and has good even when prsence in the lower, which is quite rare. The pots go funky trs well. But I do not often bridge pickups for clean sounds and I am therefore the distortion.
By a small dtour by overdrive! It is not nothing I m'tale on the subject, you can imagine that the heat is still there, and with the excellent dynamic mics, you can refine his game to saturate more or less sound.
In terms of distos, I had a apprhension. Knew nothing about the Soapbar pickups, I was afraid of their behavior high gain and high volume. I was afraid it suffers from the same kind of evil that the Fender Jaguar pickups whose support trs poorly distos dense and Feedback are untimely ds as you go up the volume.
So I plug in my PRS VH100R Laney, engages the distal and mounts the volume. And it's love at first sight deuxime: prcis sound, clean and with lots of bite on the bridge pickups. I was not able to leave a m'empcher improv 15min good good rock'n'roll. Powerful sound, even in the square and biting mdiums. Exactly what I needed.
I switch on the microphones APRS rsultat handle and equally surprising. Trs gain much support some noise, a perfect balance and even fun. This position is effective with trs distos fuzz.
Dcidment My Discoveries microphones "soapbar" could not go better! I'm sure they exceed their wealth by humbuckers sound.

I have not spoken to the position intermdiaire because I do not use it often. Not specially I like it not, but I like the other two positions so that I may be yet found the time to exploit it.


It's been over two years I use this guitar in all styles. I use it in my group because it gives me the wide range of his that I need, but not of distos sharp metal, arpges of soft and fluid, and comfort for the solos.
I play a lot of jazz and his hat are the Pat Martino available quibble the Tone.
I noticed that it surpassed my guitars in almost every style. And I confess that it's frustrating. I would change depending on the guitar styles but each time I return the PRS ... So I dlaiss my Fender Tele Nashville, on which I had so much fun (I emerged rcemment and say anything, it's a good guitar as trs).
Also note that the new version, Soapbar II trial exact specifications of the firm Gibson, a double cutaway ... I got less Aesthetics.
I do not put that 8 / 10 because I never had the opportunity to try a "real" PRS and I doubt that has to be something unique.
The guitar comes with a nice cover PRS trs.