Marshall JCM2000 TSL
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Marshall JCM2000 TSL user reviews

  • Marshall TSL602

    Marshall TSL602 - "My first-ever Marshall dissapointment."


    The Marshall TSL602 is a 60-watt 2 x 12 Guitar Amplifier with three channels, one clean and two overdrive. The amplifier is powered by two EL34 power valves and driven by four ECC83 preamp valves. The speakers on-board are two specially-designed "Wol…

  • Marshall TSL100

    Marshall TSL100 - "In the shop all the time"


    Here's a tube monster that I was totally psyched to acquire. I was able to get a great deal through my local shop, so I ordered a brand new one, right from the factory to the store and I was there to open the shipment. This is a 3 channel 100 watt be…

  • Marshall TSL100

    Marshall TSL100 - "Blech!"


    The Marshall TSL100 was designated as Marshall's flagship amplifier for some time, and indeed on paper it looks to be a killer amp. It's designed a lot like the DSL series, and is a 100w tube head that is powered by four EL34 tubes. There are three c…

  • Marshall TSL601

    Marshall TSL601 - "Not too bad"


    This is one of the last great combos that Marshall had built. These were a great sounding amps that has a very dynamic feel and organic tone that was very usable in many different applications. These amps were the a little bit of the JCM2000 DSL but …

  • Marshall PEDL10021 TSL 5-way Footcontroller

    Marshall PEDL10021 TSL 5-way Footcontroller - "Probably just about the cheapest foot-switch ever made."


    Let me start off by saying that I don't actually own a Marshall TSL. I did though buy this switch to rewire to work for my Peavey Ultra, which used to have a tiny footswitch that was much too small to have three buttons on. Anyways, I bought a non-wo…

  • Marshall TSL100

    Marshall TSL100 - "The more versatile DSL100"


    The Marshall JCM2000 TSL100 is the amplifier that actually helped inspire the JVM. It's a three channel amplifier with four EL34 and four 12AX7 tubes that features independent controls, a midboost, deep switch, tone shift, power reduction, output mu…

  • Marshall TSL100

    Marshall TSL100 - "Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100"


    I have not "aquired" this amp yet, but I've played it so many times at GC for hours that I know it so well. I beleive its the most expensive Marhsall Head. Does this mean it's the best...Definitly. This is clearly the best modern amp of its class. I…

  • Marshall TSL100

    Marshall TSL100 - "Marshall TSL 100"


    I bought my amp @ a local music store & this was an upgrade from a DSL 50 as I traded (2) DSL 50's for the 1 TSL 100 The thing I love about the TSL 100 is it has (2) FX loops & for what I play that is great.Also having 3 channel's that are footswitc…

  • Marshall TSL100

    Marshall TSL100 - "Marshall JCM2000 TSL"


    bought this amp new at Music Lovers Shoppe for about $800. I traded a Rocktron Voodoo Valve pre-amp, Stereo power amp and stereo 4X12 cab for it. I wanted to get rid of the complex MIDI setup I had and get back to some serious TONE. the TONE baby…

  • Marshall TSL100

    Marshall TSL100 - " Excellent amp!"


    All-tube amp. See the features in the advice given above. UTILIZATION I did not have the manual, but it is doing very well if you have not used this type of amp The clean is really good: one of the best Marshall clean that I've tried! The …