Marshall TSL601
Marshall TSL601

TSL601, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM2000 TSL series.

Stigma 05/24/2004

Marshall TSL601 : Stigma's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Pramplification-power amplifier and lights
Combo-60W, an HP celestion 12 '
-3 Channels: Clean, Crunch, Lead selected using the footswitch supplied with
One-loop effects
-An analog output for mixer
-2 Equalization: one for its clean and the crunch / lead


-Some features of prampli can be bewildering to beginners, as the presence of potentiometer (but if you're used marshall amps, it's not a problem), and shift knobs and deep, abruptly changing something in the sound, but it's hard to say what exactly (in fact shift, I have still not found. otherwise it's pretty simple between the gain and equalization ..
-The system of channels 3 and 2 EQ is not bad at all
-The "good" sound, it was fast enough, we can not say that the EQ are very sensitive on this amp
-The manual is simple, and very (too) short.


-In the clear is the panacea: excellent amp, surprising for the marshall who has the reputation to abandon the clear sound! subtilis by any game is felt, if I had to keep a channel of the amp, would certainly have this one!
It's crunch: one wonders what comes to this channel ... therefore it is sufficient to increase the gain of the channel clear for a real crunch, Marshall brings us here a kind of distortion feeble and dying as a second channel ... probably more expensive to sell this amp as DSL models who are not team .. Finally, good!
It's lead: the it's heavy! It is true that the distortion of the JCM 2000 is more "rock" than anything else, but what a rock! I see little deficiencies: lack of energy (hence the cot more rock than aggressive I think)
-Short, I play it with a Les Paul, and I get a very round and warm sound in clear and fairly bold, a little but not too powerful (a particular gives when pushed to its limits!) In his lead.


I have used it for 2 years and I am quite pleased. But I think changing the lights for the Chinese, it seems that you have transformed an amp ... I see it!
"I tried other JCM, the 900 and 800, and the AVT before buying my amp, and I regret my choice of these four models. If I could test the epoch or a Peavey Classic 50 5150, my choice would port those l.
Good quality-price ratio, because good quality amp lamps and very affordable. The DSL is free of this stupid and crunch channel is much cheaper, if I have one regret is not having bought the DSL401 rather, I economy a little.