Marshall TSL100
Marshall TSL100

TSL100, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 TSL series.

MGR/Garufi 11/28/2004

Marshall TSL100 : MGR/Garufi's user review

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I have not "aquired" this amp yet, but I've played it so many times at GC for hours that I know it so well. I beleive its the most expensive Marhsall Head. Does this mean it's the best...Definitly.

This is clearly the best modern amp of its class. I love that the second channel has lenty of gain for a solid rythem, and then the you just might not need you overdrive pedal when you switch to the third and final channel. I've heard this amp cranked to "10" while standing very far away, and I swear there is nothing that could ever sound so sweet. For shredders and punk rockers and metalfreaks, this amp truly covers it all. What I like about this unit: It is the mother of all units.

They should somehow get a built in delay unit in the JCM line. I know that Marshall's delay in the AVT series is great.

Very Strong. No problems here.

This amp obviuosly cranks but we are all past that, but people get all mixed up when they hear Mesa Boogie Rectifier, and Peavey 5150, and Marshall Mode Four, and Frames (actually the best ampplifiers for sheer, rediculous metal the world), and Crate BLue Voodoo, and Ibanez, and Carvin. I will just tell you right now, that the JCM is the way to's always been the way to go, and it will always be the way to go. All the gain, all the power, all the bottom end, all the screaming highs, and all the tone you will ever need is in this unit. The JCM2000 TSL 100 should be your dream amp. I suggest going to the stores and trying ever amp in the store. Do not settle for the combo version. Stack it up and crank it.

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