Marshall TSL100
Marshall TSL100

TSL100, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 TSL series.

theraven 05/11/2014

Marshall TSL100 : theraven's user review

«  THE sound Marshall »

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Value For Money : Excellent
All lamps (4 * 4 * 12AX7 + EL34)

1 guitar input
1 footswitch jack
2 effects loops
1 emulated output
3 speaker outputs

100 watts RMS (25 watts RMS switchable by pressing a button on the front)

Integrated spring reverb


Sound very easily, which sounds off immediately obtained.

Note that the sound becomes less noisy once the bias set to 82mV (very simple to do).

At first, the sight of all those buttons may seem unsettling, but once try a few hours, it becomes very intuitive and easy to adjust.

The manual provides information that can be used by persons not familiar with this type of amp.


With 3 channels (clean, crunch and lead), it really gets all the sounds you want, ranging from pop to metal, to pop rock, rock, blues, hard rock, etc. ...

It is very versatile and great on all channels!

(I play it with a Gibson SG, a Fender Marauder and an Ibanez Prestige, and the head is connected to a 4x12 JCM 800 lead series)


Bought it a few months ago.

I had the opportunity to have a lot of different amps in recent years, and this amp is the one who has more than most.
Unlike everyone else, I'll keep this one.

Excellent quality / price ratio!