Marshall TSL60
Marshall TSL60

TSL60, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 TSL series.

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frank-abagnale 02/24/2004

Marshall TSL60 : frank-abagnale's user review


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Head amp has power and lights 2lampes 4ou5 the preamp.
3 Channel, clear, crunch, distortion (+ reverb)
sold with 5 positions pdalier clean, crunch, lead, reverb, fx
An equalization on the clean channel and lead channel. But the good of equ rglages are very few fine c sometimes to wonder what they are used for the lead channel (c marshall the low end)


Usage is rather simple gnral, we get easily what is expected. Getting started is fast and the comprhension of the head.
Bad point for footswith: after several years of use, push buttons most utiliss (like clean and lead) get damaged and break inside a level of connectivity.
This is not a switch indestructible (unlike mesa) which is really an important point when we bcp scene. Just imagine that you are in your switch is running and in full concert pete ........ I'll let you imagine the rest. For j'aprecie against the reverb on the button footswitch to turn reverb or remove (which are very practical in concert).


Clean: no real purpose ...... very marshall, I am not wicked but the sound is little clear purpose and a tiring listen arptition.

Crunch: bof also very straight forward by just playing against one of the pots are slightly scratched find a nice crunch.

Lead: ............ ca soft snores, made bzzz ca, ca breath is not really own all this against a 60w by ca pretty hard, lots of power big heavy distortion , but the sound is fairly dgueular, g c the impression that a marshall clean enough in the low end to sound dgueu. Anyway I stop dnigrer marshall sound or I'm going to slap on the wrist.
I use a gibson les paul studio, a fender mex pickups back with an American and cort m600.


Originally it belongs to a very good friend guitarist who was kind enough to lend me a trial for several months. Objectives remain, for the price it was a big sound to the lights marshall ca is not bad at all despite the distortion too dgueu for my taste.
I could compare it with: engl (fireball), mesa boogie (dualrecto), Hugh & Kettner (triamp mk2)
These are of course well above sounds, sounds engl approach quite a h & k (the two German brands) The distos much cleaner with virtually no wind and feedback. The boogie is certainly incomparrable at the cutting edge and personality distortion and The definition of clear sound.
But the rest TSL60 for small grants, I think, a good compromise''large''has its lamps.