Marshall TSL60
Marshall TSL60

TSL60, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 TSL series.

pierro-6 10/09/2005

Marshall TSL60 : pierro-6's user review


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All Tube Amp (2 in the Tagus power, 4 in preamp)
complete connection.
nothing wrong.


It is on this amp 2eq, one for its clean,
and saturated for both channels. Obviously good,
c 'is the marshall, that is not fully effective
even if when all the knobs are zero,
the sound is almost instantly. the sound is good with
time and power, so the more you let the heat,
and the more you push the Tagus power
plus the sound is good. loop effect is ruined, with
a volume switch, even if personal, I would not use it
The manual is clear, we just do not
bullshit aprsl have read ...


In sound, he dbrouille rather well,
even if for big sounds typs neo, trash etc.
c is not a Lumire. clean is the strong point
of the head, and crystal-clear prcis (without ECSS when
Similarly, c is not a twin). added to it without problem
effects without losing the grain CHARACTERISTICS.
(Oddly, that is the channel that I prfre, jlai
But bought from the perspective of its two channels saturated)
the channel is nice crunch dsl moment that we
Exceeds no 3 / 4 o gain, beyond, that is a bit messy
my taste.
the lead channel sends STRID, a lot of gain, but
attention, he's blowing the guy.
the sound is big, feed with a les paul, that is the top.
as mentioned above, large heavy saturation, that is not
for him, but with good pedals ...
to complete the two reverbs are effective without default.
I use it with a strat us, soon a special sg,
and my boss me-50.
the grain is typical, we like it or not,
me I have chosen my camp.
ps: watch out for lamps preamp! replace those original
by ei, or Sovtek, you will see your exact ...


I have 1 month,
and I 'm fully satisfied.
Plai for me the most is that even low volume,
the sound is good, which is rather rare in
all lamps. I couple a baffle 1936.
I have tried many before MODELS, (beginners to
I left for the dsl401 ...) the tsl601, tsl602,
peavey classic 50, mesa f30 and f50, single-sided ...
I have chosen for its affordability and its
eclectic. with a little more sorrel, he
The series even when prferera mesa correct, or
good JCM800.
budjet for the same I would do this choice, if I 'would go see
in Mesa or VHT ...