Marshall TSL122
Marshall TSL122

TSL122, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM2000 TSL series.

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el ouistiti 04/29/2005

Marshall TSL122 : el ouistiti's user review


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- Receiver has everything lamp. 4x ECC83 preamp and for a 4x EL34 power stage.

- Output power 100 watt (already too much for my taste)

- The connection is good, entrance facade. At the rear there are two effects loops, three outputs with different impedances, an XLR output to connect directly to a mixer and how to connect the footswitch.

- 3 Channel, a clean, crunch and a big distortion. Each of the channels at an EQ and a volume knob and gain. There are two reverb, controlling the mix of effects loops and buttons of presence ... one for the clean channel and one for distortion CHANNELS. There is also a mute button VPR and output and a button and Deep tone shift for each CHANNELS distortion and mid boost to clean.


The-config is not too complicated ... You branch t'allume (correctly without pressing any buttons at a time) and you fiddle with the buttons and it comes out of her footstool.

- Ah the good sound ... sound is on .. well we will see later.

- Is a textbook?? I have not serrieux not even open!


While talking about ... sounds.

- Ben but I do rock, blues mainly but also a bit of everything by side and be honest: No it does not suit me!

- I play a Les Paul classic and I just use a Dunlop Wah .. All complemented by the reverb of the amp.

- While the sound is a big piece of low ... Exaggerating slightly, the titanic who misses me every time I touch the low E. Not seriously at first I thought I could not settle so I try to change some things ...
* I tried the EQ is good but the marshall so basically that is it for in deco.
* I Inrush the VPR ... result: the best but still ca.
* The tone shift button gives his best but is always there to do that remains close to his nag with no interest.
* Finally, I even try to add an equalizer ... ca is still nothing bad!

As for the clean sound is still what's left of right on the amp. The sound is clear and quite slamming ... ok for accompaniment but no more. The same, just by touching everything we can improve a little sound quality but it's still not enough.

- So to sum up its sound distortion too big and without much nuance. When the crunch, they are not too bad but already too big and too crunch at low volumes. Its ok sounds clear (by saying that the marshall too) but not enough to make two pages.

I would put 5 telling me that it's still very nice for an amp for that price, I'd rather buy a hybrid amp and put money in something else.


- Actually I used a friend in an hour but I got so fed up of having this big sound without qualification that I prefer playing on a fender with a distortion pedal for.
- The characteristic I like most is probably the feature that I think RVP is good even if it not replace a power soak, and its effectiveness is quite limited. What I like least, and yet it is what is expected of an amp is the sound.
"I played on many amps, including a fender (not quite comparable to the distortion) and a Dr. Z and I must say that Marshall was by far the last ... when the first was Dr. Z me well above its quality in the bass and sharp in the treble.
- Excellent stopover ... is clearly a better way to get this award.
- No ... I began to seriously question the marsh (m) all in general because they are some good amp but also a lot of shit!