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Marshall Mode Four user reviews

  • Marshall MF350

    Marshall MF350 - "Terrible!"


    The Marshall Mode 4 was hyped to be a great hybrid tube/solid state amplifier for the heavier metal styles that were popular at the time of the amp's introduction (mid 2000's). It features the following specs: 350W hybrid output 2-amps-in…

  • Marshall Mode Four

    Marshall Mode Four - "Marshall Mode Four"


    How Purchased: (1)New 2003 and (1)New 2004 model. Cost: 1199.00 a piece. Where: A little store in Ft. Worth, Tx Why I purchased: Conducted solid bench test and research for MY sound. Compared sound to other manufactures/models and decided o…

  • Marshall MF350

    Marshall MF350 - "Marshall Mode Four Half Stack"


    I packed up My Gibson SG, Fender Limited edition Fat Strat w/active EMGs and my GNX3 and headed for my local Guitar Center and Sam Ash to check out the 'The Big Amps". It was kinda fun watching them inventory my stuff and fill out the paperwork. This…

  • Marshall MF350

    Marshall MF350 - "Marshall MF 350 Half Stack"


    Guitar Center in Danvers, MA for a total of about $2,100. It's loud! A real meaty overdrive sound that is sure to satisfy metal-heads. The clean also excellent, unaduldtered tone. The reverb is nothing to rave about, it's an eery sort of reverb th…

  • Marshall MF350

    Marshall MF350 - " It sends severe!"


    350 watt amp, tube preamp, amplification transistors. So a mix of both. In after me is the important point of the head, the hybrid! One gains the advantage of having a very good sound of low volume, as a high volume! Then, a second advantage …

  • Marshall MF400B

    Marshall MF400B - " Too good"


    I use it for 4 months I tried with my head bugera 1990. Peavy a (not too bad but metal), line 6 hp vintage 30 (nice clean but no distortion) and Randall (a shit nothing worthwhile) the Marshall clean but correct the distortion rrrrrr! very rock an…

  • Marshall MF350

    Marshall MF350 - " MARSHALL oven mode"


    Hybrid amplification (all already been said above) Transistor and power amplifier tube preamp In effect: reverb (very effective) Power 350 watts - it sends configuration sévére UTILIZATION not very simple because there are so many possibilitie…

  • Marshall MF350

    Marshall MF350 - Athyre's review


    Guitar amp head Bi-Preamp. Mode Four. 350 Watts. Two Pramplis: Pramp ECC83 for The Lamp The Disto. ECC83 Pramp lamp for clear sound. Modes 4. Digital Rverb ... more tone matrix exclusivity MF350 .. Amp trs well thought which Tagus power adapts to cha…

  • Marshall MF350

    Marshall MF350 - Billlly's review


    300 watt hybrid, 4 channels, at least 2 double ... The sound Mtal the white zombie, NIN ... The power is adjustable in the back, 1 reverb and filter "matrix" 3 positions. USE Sound standard from light to crunch until very big sound, wel…

  • Marshall MF280B

    Marshall MF280B - nicolaseridan's review


    MF280 Cabinet, 280 Watts, equipped with Celestion G12 Vintage 30 MF (70 Watts), the V30 Specially designed to meet the demand for low head Marshall MF350 ... Marshall MF280 cabinet I bought two days ago. Marshall is apparently designed to stop …