Marshall MF280B
Marshall MF280B

MF280B, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Marshall in the Mode Four series.

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nicolaseridan 11/24/2007

Marshall MF280B : nicolaseridan's user review


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MF280 Cabinet, 280 Watts, equipped with Celestion G12 Vintage 30 MF (70 Watts), the V30 Specially designed to meet the demand for low head Marshall MF350 ...

Marshall MF280 cabinet

I bought two days ago. Marshall is apparently designed to stop this series (Four mode) then the store got sold off a baffle pan right. It's a deal. I could not miss a cabinet of this quality at this price.

I play for two years on a Marshall cabinet JCM800 80 years, 260 Watts, 16 Ohms, equipped with HP 65 Watt Celestion G12T75 each. It is deadly! It sounds a bit more compressed than the recent cabinet 300 Watts. I recently sold my guitar amplification system, but I kept my JCM800 cabinet because I know it's a cabinet that I will not find anywhere else.

But the store, when we had to try a new amp head, I did not have my baffle me. So I tried a baffle ENGL (what reference?), A Marshall 1960A cabinet (blue urghh ...) and the baffle pan MF280 law. I tried, for the record, the peavey 6505 +. I felt like playing on a mesa with the baffle marshall logo on it when I plugged the MF280 (well, some will see what I mean ...).

It's a much bigger, much rounder, more responsible in low and medium less than usual 1960A.

I was two years ago, in love with my JCM800 260 Watts. I compared my head Peavey speakers on both the JCM800 and MF280. I love the sound of the JCM800. But here, the MF280 is the right thing for the peavey! Huge!