Marshall MF350
Marshall MF350

MF350, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the Mode Four series.

hugodzilla 10/24/2010

Marshall MF350 : hugodzilla's user review

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Hybrid amplification (all already been said above)
Transistor and power amplifier tube preamp
In effect: reverb (very effective)
Power 350 watts - it sends configuration sévére


not very simple because there are so many possibilities with that of its head
no manual (since bought used)
obtained by well nag, easily a good sound, vintage sound on the other hand is not her thing too, to avoid
But for a treat TRASH METAL


it is perfect for my style of music: Trash Metal style EXODUS, KREATOR
I play guitar with a EMG 81 Jackson mounted, it rocks viciously
The reverb is really nice compared to other MESZ head amp (Peavey xxl, Bugera 333XL, Randall rh150g3) disto it even surpasses the others, although the BUGERA 333XL is pretty good at distortion guts, but he possessed a distortion over


only do this one week than I have, I'm always on the ass
Used in the price remains affordable for the upscale home of Marshall, and yet I was not a fan of this mark for large metal distortion, then I'm amazed