Marshall MF350
Marshall MF350

MF350, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the Mode Four series.

Athyre 02/27/2009

Marshall MF350 : Athyre's user review


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Guitar amp head Bi-Preamp. Mode Four. 350 Watts. Two Pramplis: Pramp ECC83 for The Lamp The Disto. ECC83 Pramp lamp for clear sound. Modes 4. Digital Rverb ... more tone matrix exclusivity MF350 .. Amp trs well thought which Tagus power adapts to channel used to optimize performance. 2 channels with 2 modes each (AMP1/AMP2). Canal AMP1: Slecteur Clean-Crunch/Gain/Volume/Bass/Middle/Treble/Scoop/Volume Reverb / Volume effects loop. Canal AMP2: Slecteur OD1-OD2/Gain/Volume/Bass/Middle/Treble/Scoop/Volume Reverb / Volume effects loop / 3 positions Slecteur Tone Matrix. Master section with Resonance / Prsence / Volume / Solo Level (+ 6 dB boost on each sound). Digital reverb. Parallle effects loop. Tuner Output treatise contain the switch Tuner Mode faade (for silent tuning between songs). Output 2 HP (2x8/4/16 ohms). XLR + 1 / 4 jack emulated. Footswitch functions inclusDim 6: 753 x 300 x 215


Trs easy to use, the Mode Four is unique We just turn a few buttons and you get the sound you seeing rock, metal ...


Ingal versatility in Marshall, a high level of Facilities and rglages to achieve the sound we seeing, all with a huge level of saturation, the Mode Four is a unique habit Marshall and violent! I play over the last few months I'm really happy trs, rock, screamo, metal is just do everything with, I play this amp with a gibson sg. a little crush on the reverb is well sympas.cette head is Designed not only for guitarists 7-string guitars users or dtunes thanks dlivrant channel saturations standards and supplements, but also love classical sounds of the brand.


Trs really happy with many possibilities of saturation of the clean is much more dynamic it really is an ultra versatile amp I use it for a few months and if I had to do a choice I will buy an amp The MF350!