Marshall MF350
Marshall MF350

MF350, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the Mode Four series.

theocyanur 04/20/2011

Marshall MF350 : theocyanur's user review

«  It sends severe! »

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350 watt amp, tube preamp, amplification transistors. So a mix of both.

In after me is the important point of the head, the hybrid!

One gains the advantage of having a very good sound of low volume, as a high volume!
Then, a second advantage to keep a little transistor is not saturated clear sound!

I do not dwell on the possible settings, they already are a retailer!

PRESICION, which seem to me important, the head has emulated output, saving for example, am going out with jack or XLR)


The setup is classic, and should not have three years to find his sound.

The matrix is ​​a real tone +, which I think has to adjust the amp and used guitar sound you want.

Nennmoin, I put a caveat, because on Channel 1, the pitcher and the clean sound is not balanced, the crunch is far too strong relative to its clear Daprès me he will make a choice between the two;)


I was looking for the ultimate in versatility, having already a versatile guiare (PRS CE24


I own it for a week, but get a good sound was very fast,

What I like most is the sound, versatility, looks, power! Everything!

What I regret is a channel volume level CRUCH Balanced with clean sound. But ...

A 650 € + baffle head 400 watt oven mode, yes I would do this choice.

And if I had to buy new, I would do also.

I was not ashamed of all side lights;)