Maxon 9 (Reissue)
SeriesMaxon 9 (Reissue)
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Maxon 9 (Reissue) user reviews

  • Maxon OD9Pro+ Overdrive

    Maxon OD9Pro+ Overdrive - "An improvement on a classic"


    Maxon has been around since the 70s making effects pedals for Ibanez and as well for themselves. They have continuously upgraded these pedals to keep up with the times by using true bypass and better switches. The OD-9 Pro+ is an improvement on the o…

  • Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion

    Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion - "Fantastic od/distortion pedal"


    The SD-9 is a high gain overdrive and distortion pedal. It can also be used nicely as a boost because it has plenty of output. it has a big fat midrange and will work well in a number of applications. I have run it with great results in front of Fe…

  • Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion

    Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion - "Still going strong...."


    It's the perfect overdrive when a Tube Screamer, where it's a TS-808, TS-9, or modded to TS-808 re-issue is too mid range heavy. Found mine at Musik Messe years ago and remembered how much I dug the original SD-9 or the TS-9. Grabbed it, and been usi…

  • Maxon OD9Pro+ Overdrive

    Maxon OD9Pro+ Overdrive - "Maxon OD-9 Pro Overdrive"


    The OD-9 Pro+ improves on the older OD-9 by increasing the dynamic range and allowing for a smoother frequency response. It also offers a switchable boost feature and a true undistorted signal when the drive knob is set to zero. It also has true by…

  • Maxon AD9Pro Analog Delay

    Maxon AD9Pro Analog Delay - moosers's review


    The Maxon AD-9 Pro Analog Delay is a pedal intended for electric guitar, but suitable for use with other electric instruments. This pedal is very similar in look and make up to the Ibanez AD-9, so the comparisons will be obvious. The AD-9 has a sim…

  • Maxon OD-9 Overdrive

    Maxon OD-9 Overdrive - mooseherman's review


    This is your basic analog distortion pedal. This is one of the finer pedals Ibanez has made. It's sort of comparable with the Tube Screamer by Ibanez, and in fact it could be considered a ripoff of that pedal. This effect is traditional, just the 1/4…

  • Maxon OD-9 Overdrive

    Maxon OD-9 Overdrive - " OD-9're looking for the fortification?"


    Everything has been said ... UTILIZATION Pedal a bit heavy, which reassures the coup robustness level. 3 knobs, efficient, no frills, there is the sound you want quickly. Happiness ... SIIIIIIIMMMMMMPLE use. Boring stuff builders: No PSU BU…

  • Maxon CP9Pro+ Compressor

    Maxon CP9Pro+ Compressor - " A DBX underfoot"


    Analog compressor, made in Japan by a brand known for the quality of its pedals. The settings are on-no-maybe more classical Threshold / Ratio / Gain, the pedal is in the format "BOSS" housing for battery, 9V power plug connectors Jack 6.35mm and a b…

  • Maxon OD-9 Overdrive

    Maxon OD-9 Overdrive - " An interesting pedal"


    See other reviews UTILIZATION More than easy to use. SOUND QUALITY The quality is very good, then he must test to see if it suits us. I was surprised compatibility with other pedals, among other things with a big muff OVERALL OPINION I…

  • Maxon OD-9 Overdrive

    Maxon OD-9 Overdrive - " A must have."


    Overdrive by Maxon reissue its circuit originally manufactured under the acronym for Ibanez TS-9. IC JRC 4558D. Difference compared to the original, it is true-bypass. UTILIZATION Three knobs and a switch it should go to control the most fa…