Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter
Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter
antoinecascador 10/20/2011

Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter : antoinecascador's user review

«  Great on guitar, at least on low »

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Auto-Wha, reacts to the dynamics of the game
Analog, the circuit looks quite complex.
Connectivity standard.


We must look a little, and set in order: Hi or Low (guitar or bass), Range HP / Band / BP (BP for low only) Up or Down (direction of the opening of the filter), and finally Sense . (Critical setting) and Peak.

Black spot in my opinion: it lacks a knob of attack .... ?!

Here we have a Ferrari, but with only two speeds. I do not understand the absence of such a setting ...

The attack would choose (watch the eyes) Tiou Tiiiou Tiiiiiiiiiiiiou or ... Wholesale set the duration of a "cycle" effect (even if it responds primarily to the dynamics). I find this setting to select the essential "character" of the effect: very nervous, quiet, hyper progressive (arpeggios or webs for example). For comparison a bit far-fetched, does one imagine one without delay settings "Feedback" or "Time"?


Superb sound quality with a very distinctive grain. Very well on a skyscraper full of possibilities, less flexible low (only the combination "BP / Low" keeps the low frequencies to use other combinations will require investment in a looper type LS2, just to keep a sufficient proportion of his "clean")


In conclusion, the effect of quality, with large gaps of flexibility, especially for a game with bass.

If you like the result as it is, great, if not, go your way.
I stayed for my part in the EBS Bass IQ, whatever the instrument used. The only effect pedal I can not sell ... ;-)