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Arturia MIDI Keyboard Controllers user reviews

  • Arturia KeyLab 61 mkII

    Arturia KeyLab 61 mkII - "Very good features but again toy quality, second version" has images


    I was hoping this second version of Keylab would be road-safe, and Arturia could and should have learned from the many many complaints they got on the internet and their aftersales probably. But it ain't so, it's the same toy quality as MkI. Read…

  • Arturia KeyLab 49

    Arturia KeyLab 49 - "Very good features but toy quality" has images


    Very interesting keyboard and functions. Only, the keys are toy China quality and break or come loose. Even with a mint Keylab, you have the risk to slide your finger between the keys. The rotary knobs have the same toy problem, it's known. I've …

  • Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory

    Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory - "Love it"


    I initially had the Arturia Analog loaded on XP and after playing with it for half an hour realized direct to DAW and MIDI file playback that the LAB program overhead on a 2 GB laptop is too intensive. I loaded a 2 min midi file in Reaper and cloned …

Translated user reviews
  • Arturia MiniLab

    Arturia MiniLab - " DRM here we"


    Price, the concept of hybrid synthesizer usb 10 UTILIZATION The keyboard is very heavy and stable, it should not 4 me OVERALL OPINION one week, yes, but as part of a stand alone, it is not recognized by the last realese dated to Ableton, j 'y…

  • Arturia KeyLab 49

    Arturia KeyLab 49 - " Unique and ergonomic"


    A good and beautiful little master keyboard. Metal, good build quality and ergonomics. USB (which also serves food) + MIDI in / out. The quality of the keyboard does not have a good reputation, it is not actually made for a piano-playing. However, …

  • Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory

    Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory - " Nice!"


    Keyboard 49 keys first generation, in / out MIDI inputs for sustain pedals and expression. Several controls on the front which faders, rotary and PAD, aftertouch. UTILIZATION I chose this keyboard to use with the pack Arturia synth. The hit…

  • Arturia KeyLab 61

    Arturia KeyLab 61 - " A little disappointed"


    I was looking for a midi keyboard for the live to fly synth, organ, samples ... (connected to a laptop) UTILIZATION The lab manual for Analog (preset bank) is sufficient. The section on keylab control center and the south is insufficient in my op…

  • Arturia KeyLab 49

    Arturia KeyLab 49 - " Better at home than on the stage ..."


    I wanted a synth that offers opportunities in the synthesis. so there is the controller and the program that acts as a VST. UTILIZATION I had problems with the quality of the keyboard that I find frankly cheap. I had to return twice to the factor…

  • Arturia KeyLab 49

    Arturia KeyLab 49 - " Very good keyboard / controller"


    Comprehensive and fairly compact considering the number of keyboard commands, aesthetically very successful and undoubtedly very robust. On my copy the finish is impeccable, the materials used are very rewarding, metal hull, the "wood" of the sidewal…

  • Arturia Analog Experience The Factory

    Arturia Analog Experience The Factory - " "Cheap toy""


    pads, knobs and the format of previous purchases in the same brand USE ... poor touch fragile and broken keys quickly. I have it apart to see how it was done and I have not been surprised !!! not need a manual. twelve o'clock the response i…