M-Audio Delta 66
M-Audio Delta 66

Delta 66, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from M-Audio in the Delta series.

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All user reviews for the M-Audio Delta 66

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 17 reviews )
 8 reviews47 %
 8 reviews47 %
 1 user review6 %
Value For Money : Excellent

plf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Delta 66
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
zero latency
For what purpose?
What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard, ...)?
audio buddy is connected to the input map
Buddy the audio is connected to the output of an analog console Yamaha
pc windows 7


The drivers are stable?
I have this card for over 7 years
the updates of drivers has never been a problem
I have no latency


The installation is done it without problems?
no problem is with Sonar and compatibility with other cards I've had problems


How long have you use it?
7 years
What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Simple effective
I have another sound card, this is my favorite
today I remake this choice

zarecordz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Delta 66"

M-Audio Delta 66
I like it because it is simple and effective!
not entered enough so I switched to 1010
to record and compose it very well, then we can not connect more than 2 machines dessu!
I find simple and effective


Stable drivers
Cubase SX5
30 tracks and good reading


Installation very simple


used for 2 years

killing_time's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A reliable machine!"

M-Audio Delta 66
I always had an M-Audio 44 since 2000, my choice is instinctively saw that my need to use has not changed a live pre-amp microphone, a mixer, and even another mobile USB interface ...

I use it on a PC:
- Motherboard: Asus P5-
- CPU: dual-core with 4 GB of RAM and a 1TB HDD .. and everything is stable.

I use the card for multitrack lenregistrement: guitar, vocals, bass ... etc. without any problem.


The drivers are stable, tlchargeable on the official website, I use Cubase Sx 5 with a reasonable latency Asio drivers using the card for my use I get to have four tracks simultaneously in direct recording, but it is possible to mount up to 8 mono (not yet tested.


For those with a Delta 44 and passing over a 66, it is highly recommended to those used in the 66 logic would tell me about you, but on some systems, those of 44, 66 rotate easily but any problem with some of the same. I use the version "Delta_6_0_2_5_10_0_5074" which is stable on XP (x86), and for Windows 7 (x64) I recommend "" which is stable but also reliable because I had problem of latency with the old beta version.
configuration is easily addressed by gnrale against supplmentaire knowledge of the world "spdif" is mandatory if you want to enjoy the IN / OUT numriques


I always used an M-Audio Delta either a 44 or 66 delta due to the low difference between the two, from 2000 to 2009 for 44 and 66.


- Low latency.
- Intuitive easy rglage
- Possibility to have benefits of rglage
- Of dcrochage can see no sound if the system is stable

the -:
- The output symtrie Drout and therefore always in mono headphones, the Stereo is forgotten

I test lots of other models the era but for the price quality ratio I opt for the 44 and I ended up with 66 cder the time I tell myself if M-Audio Releases a new version of the 66 I would lessee without problem.

Barnabee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Satisfies"

M-Audio Delta 66
Cheap, simple, stable. I wanted to couple it in Config homestudio with Omni I / O input preamp. Voice recording, guitar, various instrumentals.

Used with Windows XP (SP1-3)
CM Config Asus P5W Deluxe, intel core2duo at 2.93 Mghz, 2GB RAM, more HDD Western Digital 1.5 TB
in parallel with a soundblaster base for all comers, most sound card integrated into the motherboard


Stable drivers.
latency quite correct, no big problem
Management multitrack ok, but I'm doing crazy configs either.


Installation ok, no incompatibilities.
I have no manual ...


It is not a thousand things, but she does well.
Never had a conflict with anything from 6 / 7 years.
Good value for money (bought second-hand ')
I will ever be the same choice, yes.
dj d a m05/06/2011

dj d a m's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Reliable and correct"

M-Audio Delta 66
Number of I / O interest and stability


Drivers very stable and yet not updated


Installation is a breeze


Product easy to install, reliable, stable and sound quality with very reasonable.

A counselor

zenza's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The sturdy ... PCI"

M-Audio Delta 66
Faithful to PCI cards and branded Midiman M-Audio, I use a config fairly recent Windows Vista: Intel Quad Core 9400 to 3 GB Ram - 320 and 500 GB Hard
Used primarily for listening in PC output and recording guitar tracks and mix catches on mobile recorder


Stable drivers - not a concern since the day of the install. No updated driver (even if updates are many) - it works. Low latency.


Easy installation - simple setup - Manual in French, very easy to follow


I use the M-Audio cards since 2001, the Delta 66 since 2008
I tried several other models FireWire and USB
What I like: stability, simplicity, low latency
What I like least: the dynamics and terrain that I think "standard"
It's not an outstanding menu but it does the job and doing it well. Very good value at the time, I still consider it a safe bet.
PCI is less fashionable but I certainly would do that choice.

gunico's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Hard to say"

M-Audio Delta 66
I chose at the time because it was a good compromise between quality and price (we always come back there!). It has 4 mono input jack, which suits me because I do not catch his multi-instrument, 4 outputs, the minimum necessary when one wants to make music production. SPDIF: I do not use it. It can make 24bit/96kHz.

I use the output from my computer, connected to my mixer for the inputs and outputs.

I use it mainly to hear the sound coming from my computer, not very often miking. When I did catch her, I felt that the final quality was average, dull.


Stable drivers, except that it is not possible to use this sound card on a PC running Windows 7. 6ms latency, it will ...


No problem with the installation, configuration quite simple: there is a control panel software parameter that easily. A priori, incompatibility of the card with Windows 7. Manual translated into French but not super clear enough.


2011 - 2000 = 11 years. I've had in my hands as 2 or 3 other sound cards, and they were not mine, it's my first and only sound card I bought. So I did not decline to judge its quality - basically I know nothing! Audiofanzine but it told me that my opinion is ...

good value for money - for the time, and I do it again this election, I remember I took the time to compare all the cards that were in that price range at the time.

blaez_minkoff's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Delta 66
I used two coupled with a PC running XP with an Athlon XP1800 + and XP2600 + and 256MB and 1GB of RAM and never have any worries.
Super easy to install even for the second card.


Always stable, turns nickel recording 8 tracks in samplitude (7 and 10). Like to mix up tracks with 15aines and effect plug-ins.


The installation and configuration are very simple.


I use it since 2004. I love it.
All 8 entries are more than enough for me.
I bought the first in 2004 for 110 €, the second in 2006 for 90 €. They have never failed and I think excellent value for money today.

I already tried the following interfaces:
- Delta 10/10 much less: fragile connections and offset problem.
- Edirol FA-101 FireWire. I used one day to save battery. It seemed good stuff, easy to use and good sound reproduction.
- PreSonus FP10 FirePod is really excellent but that is hardly comparable to the Delta 66 with his preamp. This is obviously the best of any I have tested but also the most expensive.

The only problem, my motherboard died forcing me to change the PC. I hope I would have no problem with my new config. I would put this review up to date soon.

ScahR's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Delta 66
Card bought two months ago to save models with instruments like drums, guitar, bass and voice on a PC ddi computer music. Microphones drums / vocals, and bass are connected to a mixer which it is connected to the same between 1 and 2 of the M-Audio Delta 66, while the guitar is fitting e on the S / PDIF Delta 66 via a BOSS GT8 pdalier.

My PC config:
Intel Celeron Dual Core 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM DDR2, 160GB SATA HDD, operating system Ubuntu Studio

What motivated my choice, the S / PDIF Stereo to connect the pdalier BOSS GT8 guitar, and the S / PDIF Stereo to use my Denon amp AVR1906 in numrique.
Also the 4 inputs and 4 analog outputs, leaving a minimum margin (at least I thought ...)

Yes, however unpleasant surprise to learn that ALL of these analog inputs / outputs are mono, unlike the notice which states connectors STEREO JACK 6.35, which is not true.

Prvoir therefore the use of cable (s) Y for a true sound Stereo (for example using the two outputs OUT1 and OUT2, which correspond to the left channel and right channel)


I do not know if the drivers are provided stable, since I use Linux Ubuntu Studio 8.04. In this regard, the card is IMMEDIATE detects and functional with Ubuntu. But be careful though using version 8.04 LTS of Ubuntu, I have not run the Russian in the APRS 4.9 moultes tests. Any Manir always privilgier LTS distributions (versions support stable long-term) to be the stability of sr System.

So I use the software Ardour / Hydrogen and others ... using the jack of Ubuntu, I have a latency of about 2ms with my configuration, which is great.

The reliability is excellent using Ubuntu, I never had any crashes until now and configure the card via the application intgre Envy24 is very simple.


The installation is hassle free and Droulez automatically via Ubuntu Studio. The configuration is very simple, it was quickly rev the card in hand.

I had no incompatibility (from version 9.4 to Ubuntu that I deprecated).

No need for manual to learn how to use it.


Overall I'm happy, the quality of the trs is satisfactory, the card is very practical with a small external box, the latency is non-existent Quazi Linux kernel via RT.

Even when I find a shame not to have placed the two S / PDIF in this case plutt derrire that the PCI card (not very practical for me to CASC).

But the point that bothers me most is the problem of analog inputs and outputs Mono is for me trs handicap, especially for outputs: It is for example not possible to directly connect a headset st ro it like I wanted to do (you do the sound in the left atrium). Obligation so to go through an amp / headphone amp (which in addition to the sound if it's collor to the monitoring), and use a cable in Y. .. cel is for that that I put 7 / 10

Now that I have the hardware Necessary for this card (mixer, headphone amp ...), and if I could not put more money in another sound card, I do it again even when this choice because I have not seen better for that price.

Fablouis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Delta 66
Purchased 2004, still in the factory when the gas dpanner higher you drop (gnral in the middle of a project prior to yesterday) that Delta 66 is the robust, simple, indeed, but indestructible (it's contaminating the pc works flawlessly with tjrs 10 years).
Windows 2000,


Between the opening of the box and the first track recorded, although 30 min count (and yes, it's a PCI card, must put their hands in it) so to speak, no problem.


Once on the pc, I never come back except a few adjustments of levels but when you find the balance, no need to return (must be said, it's simple)
with Samplitude and my mill cif simultanments 4 tracks.
latency Personally I do not know what c'tait before an interface digidesign cheap in any case I never peru with the delta 66.


I used this interface for 5 years and I think I'll use it again if I had. Ais not opt ​​for a mac laptop.
most: reliability, sound, simplcit (in a home studio hardware it is the East IDAL: transparency)
Cons: just the interface on computer, not trs clear is what M Audio ...
in my scenario the delta 66 c'tait IDAL, although better now than Mbox2 example (and its compatibility)