M-Audio Delta 66
M-Audio Delta 66

Delta 66, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from M-Audio in the Delta series.

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All user reviews for the M-Audio Delta 66

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 17 reviews )
 8 reviews47 %
 8 reviews47 %
 1 user review6 %
Value For Money : Excellent

sbalbine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Delta 66
I wish a sound card to record multiple sources at the same time, and spare track.

Possdant a Soundcraft Spirit Live 4, with direct outs on each slice, so I can easily do what I want with this card, especially since the console pramps trs are good. I used to record acoustic guitar with a B-2 Berhinger, the sound is nice, and gnral, I made a simultanment with Di on a slice and another with B-2. I record the song too, and taking up various percussion, and accordion. The 4 inputs can then be able to place several micro on a single source.

Otherwise I run on a P4 HT 2.4 Ghz, with 2 GB of DDR. And mainly on Adobe Audition 3 for XP pro.


No problems during installation. Everything worked nickel, the latest drivers seem stablent.

No configuration issues. I just read the manual as the configuration is simple. In addition, the latest drivers does not seem corespondre Retailer those in the manual. In short, super enjoyable since it works now.

on the other hand I have not the useful output SPDIF, and I connect the outputs 1 and 2 my hi-fi (temporary solution) and the output 3 and 4 for my console back headphones when shooting.


Currently no problem with, I use it for about 1 week. I do not know how to calculate the latency, but I have not felt the cares of this cot l.

I am currently testing with the 3 tracks max. and everything is moving.


The ratio quality price is excellent, but I hsiter remake that choice (as little fortune), more by adding another card is not up until track 16! and as my console has 24! but hey this will be for later!

My use is primarily to be able to own models before going to the studio recording with my band, and also to enjoy myself first!

kermel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Delta 66
I needed a sound card simple, cheap, ddi audio for various records: Elves in class of instruments, etc. rptitions. It is installed on my old pc under (...) win2000sp4, Athlon 1800, 512 MB ram.


Nothing is easier to install, and super stable. We insert the PCI card, it installs the drivers, one branch and it works. It turns a lot of hours per week, and never any trouble since ... At least 3 years, with the original drivers. Not need the manual.


The drivers are super stable. I shoot with Samplitude is nickel. I made a recording of 20 tracks re-re, pc Describes the above, and not a single problem.


I use the card for at least three years. The ratio quality price is excellent. I now have a Multiface RME Fireface 800 and it is not really comparable, but the M-audio is a good map to trs audio, especially for the price! We have another in school, in multimedia, where she demonstrated the same bravery https://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_smile.gif

Franck27's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Delta 66
I was looking for a sound card with spcificits honorable, for a reasonable price:
Bandwidth, signal / noise ratio, etc. ..
Installed in a PC-based and AMD 450Mhz Win 98!
The analog inputs are connected to the choice of devices DIFFERENT (synth dynamics processors, micro prampli) in jack.
The branch is numrique between the S / PDIF output of a CD player.
Used in 24 bit 96 kHz!


Installation was done without any problem!
The configuration is very simple.

Only trouble, having changed PC and OS, I wanted to install the card on a 1.9 GHz Pentium PC running XP, it apparently concerns a pilot (signature), but I can not install it!


The drivers are stable, low latency trs.
I use Musik Maker, Wavelab. In gnral, I do not Exceeds 4 tracks, with little effect trs (the 450Mhz too low!).


I use it for at least four years, and I'm not at all the!
The sound is clear and particulirement prcis, good dynamics ... though just recording (missing 2 or 3 dB!).
In fact, I use this card as prinipalement converter (when j'coute a CD, I go directly to a digital signal of the CD card, just to have a good trs replay of signal).
I went from Akai DR4, including converters n'taient not (too) bad, this card trying APRS including Studio ISIS (Gros config problem ... and use! ).
Frankly the Delta 66 has an excellent qualitprix.
The sound is clean!
michel ange06/03/2003

michel ange's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Delta 66
4 of 4 analog outputs
record songs guitars and drums with 4 mics!
MSI motherboard / intel p4 2GH / ram 256/DD40Go
Mackie VLZ Pro 1402pro + VIRTUALIZER Berhinger


Easy installation
no imcompatibilits
easy to understand except config panel monitoring: it displays 4channel of 6: and for more you have to activate a tiny little square (lower channels) when I say it innexact following:
the poster is 4 channels while the total is 6 channels! for if we give a résumé letter by channel:
ABCD is the first display
the second is CDEF
In the manual there is indeed an attempted explanation: a photo of the panel cut in two by a zbrure? or dchirure? of a default printer? : C is not clear at all!
It would be useful to expand the panel width (c may be difficult !!??)


Drivers stable
No I have not yet done so to update

I shoot with Cool Edit and Sound Forge XP

8 ms

16/18 tracks without effects (with 4-track FX lock condition until it works a second or two before you start!)

I'm learning to use Virtualization for the reverbs to put as little as possible on the computer reverbs because they are hungry dernires CPU!


I use the Delta for 4 months every day (ah passion!)

the sound is excellent pro!

the panel is reviewing

compared to other models is in the first two

j acqurir love a Mac and run with Digidesign Pro Tools LE and 01 (patience!!)
more good music!

i-Moi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Delta 66
-Motivation: Like everyone else, the prsence I / O digital and I was told (the vendreurs) report quality-price.

-Usage: Home-studio prep for basic models before recording studio. 1) convert midi to audio tracks, RCup making the Mini-Disc, and trs rarely, recording voice or acoustic instrument.

Config: Mac G3 233 Mhz, 384 MB RAM, 64 GB HDD, Mac OS 9.2.2 and Cubase VST Score 5.1.

Instruments and apparatus: Prampli DiPort of MindPrint, nothing else. Expander Roland SC-880, Sennheiser microphone (I know the RF) and a Sony MD. In short, the simple.


-Install: no problem. Note however that if you can not blmer M-Audio for not having delivered an assistant to help with rglages could warmly congratulates the other hand, if there was one. But ... "With a little help from my friends and the technic support," as the guys were singing Liverpool ...

-Incompatibility: as always in this kind of hardware, while the issue revolves around the pilots. In my case, it turned out that, in the words of Madame de Maintenon about the war against Austria, "aa dirty shit beginners." Indeed, the latest version of a driver is not forcment good, and the former, who was walking trs well, I had more (and not on the n'tait site). So, we have a version that works, but we no longer (it's my fault, I lost the CD). Version 2 is incompatible with my Mac OS 9.2.2 (it was not my fault). Beta version (3.1.0) that she seems to work nickel.

FOR INFO: if someone meets the same problem with the current driver, 2: The symptoms are that the plant Cubase Mac leaving, or else does not recognize the card, because it Submitted to him as "dj use by another application" ... Or the two: crash over non-recognition. This comes from the Dashboard "Sound" of Mac OS, which monopolizes the map. It shows that in the "sound output" of the TDB, the card is not only the only choice, but this choice is the default and can not select disable. In addition, the tab "Speakers", thanks to which we Sets the scale, etc., is gray and unavailable. In my case, a tower on the site m-audio.com and research on drivers by checking the "include beta", and a clean install of the beta version 3.1.0, and AA seem to work ( I 'havent been able to test the recording, aa air but ok).

Config: an idiot like me, aa t so complicated and not really explain it to document the software we use, I have to bring an-ing her to make me the paramtrage, sr, well, paying. But it may be that I'm not trs intelligent, too. In any case, I knew nothing, and this lack of information from Cubase I missed on the paper. Since then, M-Audio has posted sheets Specializes trs well done, like, you have DP3, you have Cubase, Logic you have, etc ...


-Drivers: see above.

-Soft: Cubase VST Score 5.1, 2.3.8 and derrire WHO.

-Latency: with the current driver does not work, and some of 22 ms. With the 3.1.0 beta, I'm 11 and some! Formidable.

"It is rare that I try to del of 4-5, but my Mac is not Cassius Clay either ...


-Hard: For almost two years.

-Features: Sound is irrprochable for the use I make. But as I have the speakers for monitoring that are not at all the height, I can not judge any fact fawn permits.

-Comparison: No, only one PC on ISIS, and I quickly sold all because I could never make them work.

-Qualitprix: rsolus problem of drivers, trs trs correct, even if right now, I never would resume a PCI card is a type of prpih AMERICAS I never aim and I have only good expriences with the FW.

-My next card: FW, but never PCI.

Acidjazz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Delta 66
I was looking for a good audio card trs, a pro card, but actually made a "reasonable" with at least four input / output jack for machinery and instrumentals, and an input / outputs numrique. I hsit with the 1010 rack. Today I do not see what would have used 10 inputs! But that dpend the config of each. In short it is a map that perfectly matches my needs. It runs on PC with another audio intgre the motherboard (a CMDI) without conflict. I use the pre-amp Delta Omni i / o with this card. It makes life easier.


Very easy. Not much to say, it installs, you turn the computer ... worked perfectly. The manual is quite clear in French but not enough dvelopp on the configuration. (Size of the buffers, routing ...). Too bad when you are nophite. This will be the only black.
In fact the config panel interface is simple and clear, there is no risk of being lost. I only regret that the manual did not some "quick start" with clear examples of use. It would have made me gain a lot of time.


Simple, really quick and easy. I use it with Nuendo. 6 tracks were recorded simultaneously with no latency. In addition to the pre-amp Omni i / o really easy to use: no need to plug / unplug the machines in all directions.
The website of M-Audio is very well done, the drivers are set rgulirement days.


It's been a month since I use it, and I am quite satisfied. This card fits perfectly my needs. The interface of the config is not exceptional, it remains easy to use and clear.
These and card is my opinion worth sr.

Okpatrong's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Delta 66
-The price! QUALITY !!!!!!!!!!!! Really for the quality!
Personal-use, to go further .....( like everyone else ....)
I-98 runs win, PIII 1GHz, 512 MB RAM, 110 GB of DD-
-The top for this card is to take the "OMNI IO" adapted for the delta 66/44- It's a high quality amp, I use monitor speakers in numrique or analog on the map (of Roland DS 50A), I use VST enormment instrumentals that work perfectly-


No-bp on the install under win 98, xp-
-Compatibility with EVERYTHING! (Except of course PRO TOOLS! And even if you use Logic Audio, y 'a way ....)
No-bp .........


-Drivers, trs stable on any system (at least ...), pc win 98, win xp ....
-M-Audio always the first for updates to drivers-
"I mainly use the Delta 66 with Cubase VST 32 (also with cubase sx tst), Sound Forge, Wavelab, Acid ....
Under-98 win, I use it without any worries until the 10-12ms-below, it's hot ... In xp you can descend a little lower with .... obviously some risk of click-
-Up Submitted, it's pretty unlimited so long as there is not too much because this APRS dpend the number of runs, the cpu, effects ..... .


-This is a year I use this card and I am very satisfied, it is an excellent choice for lower cost of quality -
- What I prfre in fact this is the case "Omni" allows me to connect a microphone or a guitar with enough gain - By connecting various Vitantis all that could make a small mix console ....
I'm not a fan of the control panel, simple but good enough, blah-

-I test more maps from (I worked at Star's Computer Music in radius, but shhhhhhhut) is always better ... for more money! But the good in you your hardware!