Solid Body Electric Guitars reviews

  • Gibson's Fine Ear

    Gibson's Fine Ear - Gibson N-225 Review


    Gibson, to whom we own a lot of legendary guitars, decided to introduce several months ago a guitar with an original shape (something that doesn't happen every day): the N-225. With a hybrid look halfway between the SG, Les Paul standard and the ES series, we just couldn't resist it...

  • Not So standard!

    Not So standard! - Gibson SG Standard with Min-ETune Review


    The SG Standard is a legendary guitar that doesn't need an introduction. It's one of Gibson's best sellers, played by some of the best guitar players like Angus Young, Pete Townshend and Franck Zappa to name just a few. But the SG we have here is a bit special because it features the Min-ETune system for automatic guitar tuning! Let's look into th…

  • Let's Sail together!

    Let's Sail together! - Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM Review


    Pacifica — a name that recalls the beach, the ocean, the sun. If you like sailing, following the wind for hours armed only with your courage and a fishing-rod, you'll be disappointed by the present review: this is not a hunting/fishing magazine! We review today a guitar designed by Yamaha Guitar Development Hollywood that has been on the market si…

  • Nice Les Paul You

    Nice Les Paul You - Gibson Les Paul Faded Blue Stain Review


    A soft launch last Christmas, the Les Paul Blue with roasted maple fingerboard caught our attention. Get your pick and come meet the beauty.

  • Modern Players Like No Others

    Modern Players Like No Others - Fender Modern Player Marauder & Jaguar Review


    This time, Fender comes from an unexpected direction! The Fender Modern Player series includes four different guitars (Marauder, Jaguar, Telecaster Plus, Thinline Deluxe) and three different bass guitars (Jazz Bass, Telecaster, Jaguar), while trying to distinguish itself from the countless Standard Stratocaster and Telecasters variations available…

  • Smells Like Cobain Spirit

    Smells Like Cobain Spirit - Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar Review


    Come on people now! Smile on your brother. Everybody get together. Try to love on another right now! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of Nirvana's Nevermind, Fender presents a reissue version of the guitar bought by Kurt Cobain a short time before the recording of this album.

  • Brides of Frankenstein

    Brides of Frankenstein - Fender Pawn Shop '51, '72 & Mustang Review


    In the USA, pawn shops will exchange money for anything having more or less value, either a watch or a hi-fi system or the ukulele your grandpa brought home from his holidays in Hawaii back in '53. These pawn shops are the modern version of Ali Baba's cave. They are packed with all sorts of things — especially musical instruments, like guitars. Yo…

  • 60-Years Old and Still Kicking

    60-Years Old and Still Kicking - Fender Telecaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Review


    The year 2011 will not be the year of the dog, nor the lion, nor the hamster. It will be the year of the Telecaster. Indeed, it's almost exactly 60 years ago that Fender launched this wonderful riff machine called the Telecaster.

  • A SRious Guitar

    A SRious Guitar - SR LP Origin Burst Plaintop & Luxe Flamed Tobacco Burst SR Guitars Review


    It can't be easy to manufacture a guitar series based on the mythic Gibson Les Paul, considering that there are zillions of copies, some of them very good, and also because there will always be purists who state that no copy will ever come close to the real deal... SR presents its Les Paul interpretation and offers some rare customization options:…

  • This Guitar Will Wear You Down

    This Guitar Will Wear You Down - Fender Road Worn Player Telecaster Review


    Without any offense to purists who get a nervous breakdown every time they discover the slightest scratch on their guitar, the Road Worn Series instruments have been intentionally damaged: the varnish has been scratched and flaked off, the neck has been worn down by an artificial process instead of by natural aging — all in order to give them a re…