Blackstar Amplification HT-1R

HT-1R, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-1 series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 18 reviews )
 12 reviews67 %
 3 reviews17 %
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tchibeck's review"Easy to use and awfully good"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
- What styles of music do you intend to play with this amp?
Country, Blues, Rock

- Given its weight and output power, do you think it's good enough to work, rehearse and play live?

I don't know, I only use it in my room.
It's perfect for home use.

When I sell a guitar (I have sold several ones in recent times, to cure my addiction to collecting them) I'm always VERY surprised by the fact that potential buyers, those who come to my place to test the guitars, having the choice of a Mesa Boogie LoneStar and a Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier, always choose to try them with my small Blackstar HT1R... No doubt this amp has its charm.

As for me, I play at 3 in the morning at home with a single-coil Gibson Victory, overdrive channel, gain at 6, Volume at 2, ISF at 7, Reverb at 4, guitar volume control at 3.

I live in a big place and I don't think I can bother anyone, but my wife says she can hear me.

- Do the clean, crunch and distortion sounds suit you? Are the controls effective?

I think it's perfect for everything, from clean to hard rock.

Do note however, that there's a huge volume difference (SPL) when going from the clean channel to the overdrive, which is quite normal.

During the day, with the gain and volume cranked up, the clean channel can deliver a nice overdrive all right. (No driving it too hard at night...).
During the day I connect it to the 2 x 12 cab of my Laney 20, and it really rocks you off your feet. Why spend more money when you can get such quality for so little?

The controls are incredibly effective and the reverb is discreet, which I love.

- What are the things that you like most and least about it?

To be honest, for the price, I can't complain. 1 watt! But what a watt!

If Blackstar reads this (we are allowed to dream, aren't we?), I'd ask them to do the same with a 12" speaker. 1 watt, nothing more.

kaloooo's review"The metalhead choice"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
You can take the specs from previous reviews.
Reverb (nice) gain, vol, isf, 1 watt.


Very easy to use and effective. As a metalhead, I don't use the drive mode.


I have my pedals for that (Joyo Extreme Metal). If you do that, the clean sound will remain really fine (hint, hint, hint...)

The ISF is not bad, I always have it set to 9 o'clock.

I connect a 212 celestion speaker and I get credible lows (palm mutes) and a nice width.

Bluesy sounds are great with the Strat and the Fernandes rocks you off your feet!


I've been using it for 5 months, I had a Valve junior and a tiny terror, I chose the HT1R because it seems to have been made for me and it's pretty versatile.

No defects, except for a finer EQ and only one type of reverb.

It's worth its price and it's super tiny and cute. I love it. If you don't have this amp for home, you are an ignorant.

gongongon's review"Very good for home use"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
1W tube amp: 1xECC83 and 1xECC82
8" speaker
2 channels: clean - overdrive
Speaker simulation
Line Input
ISF to alternate between a British and US sound
8 ohm output


Easy to use. You only need to turn it on...


I have been playing classic rock/blues for quite a few years with different guitars: An '80s Epiphone Les Paul, a Fender Stratocaster USA and a custom-made Les Paul with Benedetti (a pickup, in case you don't know).
The clean sound is truly good as long as you stay at reasonable levels. It's way better than many simulation amps. There's no comparison.
As soon as you drive it too much, the 1W reach their limit and surpasses the capabilities of the 8-incher, so you'd better stay at reasonable levels: It was conceived for that.
I tested it with a 12" speaker and the sound is warmer, but don't get your hopes high, it's still only 1W.
Other than that, the amp respects the nuances of the guitars and you can find a nice crunch without fatiguing your ears.
The Overdrive channel is pretty good.
With a good pair of headphones, the speaker simulation is really VERY nice.


I've had it for about 4 years. Back then I was looking for an amp for home use. I bought a laney Lionheart (great sound) but it was 5w, it was way too much for my place (or I had to use it at very low levels and the sound was frustrating, so I had to crank it was real pain)
With this one I get 1W while still enjoying a quality sound and without the need to use cans.
I tested quite a few ones (junior, valbee,...) and I don't regret my purchase.
What's more, you can jam with acoustic instruments without masking them. It's exactly what I was looking for.
On the other hand, it can't be heard when playing with drums, unless you crank it all the way up, in which case the sound gets dirty.

iamqman's review"Very cool!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
I am in love with this little amp. I small compact tube amp that gets 1 watt of power and will drive a solid tube tone from your guitar and fingers is where its at. The tone from this little thing was very impressive. It is voiced for the American and British tones.

It doesn't have a tone of controls. Just gain, volume, eq, and reverb. It also has a output for headphones and a MP3 line input so you can jam along with your favorite songs. Just a great little practice amp!


Blackstar HT-1R Tube Combo Amp Features:

* Innovative 1 Watt valve combo
* 1xECC83 and 1xECC82 tube complement
* Unique push-pull power amp design
* Based on award-winning HT-5
* Two channels
* Reverb
* 8" speaker
* Patent-Applied-For Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
* Perfect for studio or practice
* Speaker emulated output
* Stereo MP3 / Line input
* External speaker output


I love the tone of this unit. I natural tube sound and feel in an amp that will fit in your bag or purse. I like the ton you get from this amp with a Strat or even a Gibson Les Paul. You will feel more gerth with the tone of the Les Paul and the Strat will be nice and chimey. The amp really works the tubes very hard and produces a very musical tone.


What a great tool to keep in your gear arsenal. If you need a quiet rehearsal amp that can be used very quietly in a bedroom or office this is the one. If you don't like amp modelers and need that tube feel and tone than this is the amp for you.

At new these units come in at around $300 which is a great price for a tube amp. I would recommend this amp to anyone who needs a solid practice amp and wants the tubes in there. You can plug you iopd in there and be ready to jam along.

MikoAudio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" overall disappointed"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
Hybrid amp, two lamps, of course, but stuffed with FETs. This is absolutely not an "all lamps" ...
1 Watt, gain, volume, equalization (ISF), reverb
The whole lot in a HP 8-inch


No need for manual
Its clear and saturated correct, nothing exceptional.
Big problem, a very low hum rot volume. A change of lamps did nothing.
Jacks and my guitars have been tested on other amps, the problem is the HT1
A background, fortunately, we forget a little


sounds are relatively versatile, tested with three guitars, Fender Telecaster, Gretsch 5120 and Yamaha SA 2000S. I have a rock / blues rather classic game.
I plugged into a Cab equipped with a 12 inch Celestion, the sound is rounder.
Much of the ISF are doing, there is nothing to get excited ...


I've had three months, bought after reading rave reviews here.
I hope to Blackstar firing a wrong number.
Overall, I am very disappointed, and I sold off as soon as possible.

Steede's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Blackstar HT1R - Error of Course"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
Nothing special control "ISF" (wealth tax?), No EQ control.
1 auxiliary input (important), an interesting headphone output.


No need for manual is a simple amp, one branch, we play (trying) ...


The clean sound is zero. In blandness that disgusted me to play on (play at all). It is steep and there nothing to do.
I had to add a zoom to get the equalizer and modeling complicated and yet it was not a success.
The crunch is in the same vein as clean sounds.
Saturated sound very fat and tear is available with a high gain and a very low volume so as not to become deaf.
Against by the headphone jack, this is nirvana.


I have 2 years. As soon as I played it at home, I realized that unfortunately would not do my bonheur.J 've also tried the 5W is ditto. the clean sound is rotten. It is far from an amp study. I replaced it with a Vox VT20 + and it is far better (and cheaper).
With experience, you do again this choice? ...:
I will not sell it.
This is an amp that does not suit me, and I do not think it comes from the guitar (Fender big APPLE and JTV89).

Matou-z's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very interesting!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
Tube amp, 1 Watt all been enumerated below I pass.


Simple configuration
His malleable large color palette used here Thanks ISF (Tien I just got a short joke alone ....)
You obtientrer your sound fiddling the knobs are sensitive yet a good


Here we come to the most important.
I play Jazz through the Blues to Rock to Metal and he convinced me ds all the styles. For such a small amp I think Blackstar has done a great job with low power found a very good presence bass midrange and treble are just profonds.Pour and use in the apartment is a must. This I say pushes always has at least 3 volume and gain below I find it just
On clean channel you push the gain and the grain is felt throughout the race is very well calibrated. Turn the gain and push the volume is get a clean and crystal clear sound also well balanced.
The OD has really convinced me its just stays the same all along the gain is not 9 to draft a low power if it is successful!

Big downside however for the headphone output I find the sound in nasal hair and choke. Damage especially in hindsight does sound level of the amp is so much usable even low volume using the headset becomes superfluous.

The ISF now strong point of this little monster and judicious choice of the designers from 0 to 6 on the U.S. is 6 to 10 the Brittons. The race is also balances thereby qualify his game all More.


I use it for a month I had a lot of amps from the hands and use a home I've never heard anything so good!
Forget repeated even grow your drummer will thoroughly because of the little.
I love the look and its malleable personality, qualitee manufacturing and low price in relation to everything.

If I had something that would review a headphone jack, a change against a footswitch??

I say this not let go near the cube and I'm very happy

Ph1lby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very convincing"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
1 watt tube amp with reverb. Headphone and external HP. Input for mp3 handy!


The amp could not be more simple: a "clean" channel crunch in mid race and a saturated channel starts to send the paté of half way also. The peculiarity of this little one watt is the absence of three traditional band EQ (treble, middle, bass) in favor of a knob called "ISF" purports to be a bottom left an "American" and typed his right an "English" sound (a la Marshall).
In fact the left, the sound is sharper and clearer, with less mids. On the right the sound is a little duller, more rock n roll. I prefer clearly set the knob to the left cleans her, and the right to saturation.


the ht1r is very versatile, since the distortion is largely 15h powerful enough to play metal: that is such a solo record with pantera exit "headphone / line out" of the amp: com / watch? v = 5L2QIuf1dUw & hd = 1

the clean sound lacks a bit of personality, and because of the low power, volume up clean sound is quite low (but more than adequate for home use!). Saturation is very nice, not runny or messy. But plugged into a good speaker (in this case orange PPC112), the amp goes from a great friendly: between 8 hp integrated thumb amp and my HP 12 inch speaker, this is the day and night: the sound "cheap" is, nasal and without density through the HP Embedded, once plugged into the external speaker, the sound breathes and one earns a lot of bass and punch.

Here is a test of the amp:


I use it for almost a year and it is ideally suited to the use I made this game is to say in an apartment / house jams and recording. value for money is clearly very good

benito.b's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The perfect little amp work lamp"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
Tube amp (ECC83 + ECC82) HP8 ', 2 channels, Gain, Volume, ISF (Tone) and emulated output Reverb + + + mp3 input line 8 ohms speaker output.


Setup could not be easier. The only thing to "know" is the ISF is an equalizer from a typed his American sound british. For the rest, one branch, we play! Very easy to get a good sound, really good design!


I was looking for a tube amp work to play in an apartment and I must say that I have exactly what I wanted. I hesitated with the Vox AC4TV but this little Blackstar offers a range of its larger and more diverse.
This gives a real clean at any volume when the gain is less than half, but we can do cruncher playing on the gain (crunch good way!). It can also be cruncher low volume still on the clean channel as the gain affects the volume (gain> 3/4 volume to want ...). In addition, by adjusting the volume of the guitar, a clean one goes crunch in a jiffy!
The overdrive channel is very good too. I personally use the first three quarters (after it's too much for me). Saturation clean. A great strength of this amp.
The ISF is a good achievement for me: intelligent equalizer with a single knob. All right (british) is approached vox sound and everything is left on the marshall register.
The reverb is more significant for a small amp as well progressive.
The emulated output provides a really nice sound to the headset, the stereo is well respected. Really damn good! In addition, it can plug into a sound card to record computer ...
I did not try to connect it to a speaker at the moment.

Note that I tested for the Fender Telecaster (Baja) with micro simple handle and double (DiMarzio) in the bridge now. The amp responds well with both simple as double.


Perfect for work at home with his lamps amp. Sounds like a promotion, but that's exactly it. It was the sound of the lamps and the amp responds perfectly.

You can do low volume cruncher which to me essential for a working amp. Both channels are very good, the sound palette is more than good thanks to the influence of the gain and the ISF.

The emulated output is really damn good and very convenient as the line input.

I would do without hesitation that choice, I will not easily get tired of this little monster. For the price (especially Cygnus') really worth it.

damsssssss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A small lamp that hides his game .."

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
Features: View the data sheet.


Using ultra simple, minimalist settings. Pallets with proper sound ISF even if it's not worth a real EQ 2 or 3 bands.
You can easily find the types of sounds the most common.


I want to clarify that I used mainly as a head amp connected to two 12-inch celesion hp old and I play an SG with two P90. I do not use very rarely 8 inch internal HP because if it can help when traveling, we must admit that the sound that comes out is far better to give this little 1W. This is simply the day and night when you plug it into a cab (2x12 in my case) or the quality and volume are then available tenfold. Even at low volume there is no photo. After playing discreetly I recommend using a good headphone and there with the stereo reverb, the sound is really immersive. However, the headphones the sound is synthetic but the quality of the stereo reverb decorates enormously rendering. The headphone jack can also play on an amp or register HIFI stereo.

I play a little of everything from blues, rock, pop-rock, a little old hard rock, punk rock and I find its usually pretty clear and correct especially in very nice crunch for blues or rock. The true sound of lamps, with the progressive saturation of the grain very soft.

The single register or TFR shows its limits is highly crystalline sound on because you can not push the treble, however you can have fun in the register of jazz but using the tone knob on the guitar .


I use it for 2 months now and I am generally satisfied (given the prices used).
My previous amps: an old Marshall Valvestate 2 * 40W cab which I use now with this cable:
Roland cube xl and 40w more versatile but I use less and months as the effects it's nice and modeling correct but the crunch and saturated nothing beats lamps. What is amazing is that in terms of the volume 1W lamp connected to 2 hp 12 inch seems as powerful as the cube 40w. hp and 10 inches.

Compared to most other small lamps:
- Input for MP3 backing tracks (stereo headphones)
- Outpout emulated output (high-quality stereo reverb)
- 4-8-16 ohm output to use head and have a real good sound.
- Manufacturing quality and the look.

- The HP 8 inches nasal and saturates quickly enough amount sound.
- No footswitch
- The volume between two different channels depending on the gain setting.
- No real equalizer.

Tip: If you try to store take a headphone with you and ask to plug it into a cab (1x12, 2x12 or 4x12!)