Blackstar Amplification HT-1R

HT-1R, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-1 series.

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All user reviews for the Blackstar Amplification HT-1R

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Percolardon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good for home!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
1W All Tube Amp with HP 8 "


There is no 36 knobs, one for volume, one for gain, one for reverb and one for an equalizer (U.S. or UK). You just plug and play.
The construction of the amp is very solid, Blackstar does not care about our mouths.


The clean is very good fracture and is quite friendly, ideal for work quietly at home in angry neighbor. The distortion, however, is quite runny, but for an amp of this size can not expect too much unfortunately.


I use it for more than a year. Let's say I play a lot of music "upset" I was not fully satisfied with this amp for the quality of its gain. That said the clean channel is very good. For guitar lovers punk / metal, I will not repeat that choice.

bert'nortt''s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" mini lamp remarkable!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
A lamp 1w '... H/P8 "closed cabinet ..." chipboard "... see website ... and everything has already been said ...


Using ultra-simple.
-No manual purchased as stock / B.Mais a notice elementary laminated cardboard to facilitate initial settings, pretty basic but very useful, it is not an amp at 2800 euros .... so we can not be easier.


He was full of "fungi and pet camb's was a demonstration but in perfect working order. (It must be tough given the abuse he suffered obtained for 120 euros ... very good deal) I ' I offered a assoc 'rehabilitation through sport, dance, music and group outing for troubled youth ...
Crystalline fat??? Useless to dwell it is only 1 watt. (H / P 8 ") and I did not want a 20 watt or 30 ... or 50 .. or .. or 100 ....
Very nice, clean, low volume surprising ...
A-gain knob that served its purpose brilliantly to cruch the U.S. or British as selection knob provided for this purpose on a sensitivity of 0 ° to 180 ° '(or 9h'a 3h') well utile.Terrible U / S. .. But its recommendations are bland English, it is even better looking veaut and it responds well to this expectation "the guy", it quickly fills this gap successfully!.
A chemical-reverb, of course it can not be spring ... that reaction??? Then it depends on the observed fact gratt'm'on youngsters with pride ... criticism which incidentally is the contest proved exacte.Avec sound "lamps" they naturally directed towards archtop jazz box's and ... without neglecting their rigid boxes ... they did discover the blues rock and a great dad ...
A button "boost" button, very effective! Delight it for a first approach metalheads ... for 15/16 years not likely to explode eardrums or harm the neighborhood.
Of course it goes without saying that all the paraphernalia of Assos' has been stuck ... he wants this peti 'camb, especially with cabinets and speakers additive when the pedals ... what the perfect sound' without on dose-decibels.


-I have used it often in the beginning I did well because gradually and without undue pressure ... I could see that he had instinctively quick to collect for teens' ... the big unbridled din around an explosive sound crazy and never lasts long .... for a little budding passion is shared in an atmosphere of exchange and accomplice découverte.Le respect of gear and autruit go together. without altering the "Rebel Without a kid 15 years" the need for rebellion and revolt sound that revolves around music north / U.S. will serve as an outlet ... And this little 'bastard cambo any puny all small! fulfilled this role well and how!!
-Excellent for reviewing the ABCs .... and the first rifts' that accompany smiles comblés.Voila ideal for study and parts moyenne.Attention city "full pot, it sends" you will have to deal with neighbors ...
Under his skinny appearance, but full of détermination.Il is respected as much fun and accomplice to those who approach it and use it, it leaves no one indifferent. Which success!
-I was a little upset when buying .. is that a lamp is indicated??? Too fragile?, I had no need but what satisfaction of giving, especially ... infatuation with the attention and is the subject ....
Compared to other ... mini lamp, if the likes of VOX AC4T/ is slightly higher than the Bugera V5 (138 euros nine is when mem'du any good j ... 'I had the opportunity to acquire both the bugera "is also the pension assoc' is a lamp, it holds up and has the same appeal VOX ... I keep it, it is too well I'm addicted! but I often take, just to make him take the air ...).
-A sale is proposed that Blackstar 230 (it can go) to more than 300 euros.Si I do not regret the purchase and balance all the blows he received 300 euros I would have "stalled" too expensive Too bad .... because it is excellent ... we must also say that I have several mini. 'To try this one more than all the others ... and you!

summy59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Just great! you really have to try it"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
Already said. . . it smells good lamps. 1w


The config is super simple to make, no need to spend hours on an equalizer ect, just ISF perfectly adequate!

According to the most important sounds (clean, kind usa or uk) they are written directly on the backing paper on top of the amp.


This amp is great, because it has a wealth of its huge!

The clean is great, this is not the Fender blues junior but still. It can get very good crunch, overdrive like distortion or even, as saying that the sound palette is really spread out.

Also the amp responds very well to the dynamics of the game and respects his own guitar.

I play a Fender Strat Mex, with an Ibanez art 120, and I had the opportunity to play with SR (French copy of Gibson), and each time it makes the most of every guitar

The reverb is well balanced for my taste, I had a Crate V18 and I was afraid to find this effect from the cathedral quarter of portard

Especially with a gain knob and volume differential in clean placed the max gain, and there is a saturation just beautiful.


I use it for 6 months, and what foot!

This amp allows me to:
- To have a low volume high because its use is easily lamps
- To have a portable amp, which can have a low volume, but can also be very surprisingly powerful for 1w, especially distortion, that the shipments of heavy
- To have a nickel for his recordings with computer music, with microphone or headphone output which is just superb
- Playing on the backing tracks ( for those who do not know really go see) with just a cell phone or mp3 (mini jack output)

But I also converted an old Marshall VS80 in cab (the amp was dead) and I did ask a jack directly on the hp. Once the amp connected to the amp is very impressive, it totally changes class, the sound is terrible. If possible, try to really connect on a Cab.

The only negative for me:
no possibility of footwish, I wish I can easily change channels to use the saturation of the amplifier rather than using a pedal (not necessarily with a sound as good)

Finally I therefore recommend that the person who want to play with headphones or low volume with a good sound. But these 1w are much more powerful than I thought, and you can really sounds with large volume (I have already brought the area playing at my door at the end of the garden ^ ^) A amp with more power would be a waste for my taste if you do not want to play in groups.

FrancisLabrel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Amazing!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
- 1W lamp
- Lamps and 1xECC83 1xECC82
- 1 HP 8 "(that sounds wrong background)
- 2 channels
- Between guitar
- Gain
- Select Overdrive
- Volume, EQ (ISF, Reverb)
- Headphone mule
- Between Online
- Face Rear Speaker Out 8 ohms


For this type of amp you plug you turn the knobs and you find your direct sound, the manual is not, at the same time I have not seen much of zicos look at their manual ... : D


In sound, it will dpendre your playing style or your guitar, but for me he can do anything, he gain a reserve of INTERESTED, you can spend a good little crunch distortion on the clean channel gain by putting the bottom you get a crunch with good momentum, I just mas branch washburn n4 padouk, whether Splitt humbucker sound or silent trs well transcribed. .. The clear sound really good especially with the ISF SETTING THE US-style. The reverb is not transcendent but dpanne well.


I just have it, I 1h test, I bought it because I have a Marshall JCM 800 which I use for concerts, suddenly the small blackstar is the tool to play IDAL Be seen at same make with the extension cabinet ... Small, good sound, portable ... Congratulations to blackstar ... APRS HT's dual pedals, this amp is the second product I prfre home. I advice everyone.
In the long run, it will change the INTERESTED hp for something more music at high volume. This is his only default for me.

evilive's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" amp Excellent work!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
View previous opinions. On


easy to use, it is not necessary to bone up the doc.

The sound is very good, very clear and never rough, whether or clean channel overdrive channel, low level of gain / overdrive as at full power.

The knob single tone allows a significant range of sounds from slamming the big well chubby.

Not a fan of effects, however, appreciate the presence of the reverb, very good quality, which can give a bit of body sounds.


I bought a year ago an Ibanez RGA 32 (this is not the best guitar but my guitar:) ) I plugged in, for lack of means, a plug VOX . That's very good for troubleshooting but it is very limited.

I recently started looking 1 / Work a small amp, 2 / delivering a good sound as clear as saturated, 3 / likely to agree to my favorite style (blues / rock / metal) and 4 / likely to be connected to my pc for recording or sound work on "Guitar Rig" and others.

I bought this little combo Blackstar today and I tested all evening, without having done the trick. I'm not disappointed. my first impressions:

The amplifier delivers an incredibly powerful for one unit of that size there ...

The range of sounds is sufficiently large enough to make a sound suitable for any style of music. As bright as full saturation (I notice a slight hiss), the sound is never rough.

At full power, the overdrive is good enough for the big heavy metal. For more contemporary styles, it will provide a good disto add input or output emulate.

In clear channel, playing with the gain, the crunch sound nicely to gradually give the incisive when pushed to maximum.

it is with Ibanez .... I have not plugged the Ironbird (BC Rich).


Very good, excellent even, small amp work.

Powerful, versatile and uncompromising sound quality.

We appreciate the MP3 input jack for jamming to our favorite songs, the ability to connect through the headphone jack on the PC sound card, neatness of the craft and the impression of strength it inspires.

The quality / price is more than adequate for a product of this quality.

For now, I do not regret this purchase, except that I tell myself that I could afford the model 5W;)

jauffret's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" gni fi!"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
- Good reverb quite acceptable although with gradual adjustment.

- Sounds really giving clear voice sound strange guitars tested.
Epiphone Casino Elitist-,
Taylor's own acoustic).

- Sounds very convincing crunch.


Settings are simple and effective.
They can quickly implement sound clean, crunch to very saturated.


I play various styles and I find there anything I need.
equalizer with his choices or his Rican roast beef is very interesting.
I appreciate the very large least because Ca saturation is not my favorite repertoire


2 months of use, still very satisfied.

I appreciate
+ Crunch sounds clear and full, equalizer and reverb settings.
+ The possibility of plugged my tablet to be accompanied archos mp3, midi files ...
+ Exit ht1r plugged into my multitrack magneto through emulation hp
+ Looks and superb finish. My

arnoperso's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
light amplification
1Watt (but what Watt, a holy potato)
The effect?? yes has a TFR and a superb reverb


one branch, we play
French manual, 2 pages
Direct sound, no-brainer for a result was very hot


I play rock and ride, perfect, but I occasionally came into my Korg PX4, impeccable results
I finally found the sound of my guitar with this amp


I use my apartment for 1
I tried a lot of low-power models (modeling, transistor, lamp vox) but one who had the most enveloping sound
And more, it is beautiful and very well done I love

Jeffy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" To buy with your eyes closed"

Blackstar Amplification HT-1R
any lamp TYPICAL refer to the site.
1W but it sounds as loud as the Champion 600 (5W).


Is the ideal amp for playing maison.La power is ample, the connectivity (mp3 etc..) Very well done.
Manual question, frankly, so there 's four pots ...
So I think it


which all interested monde.J 'was looking a little amp for the home allows me to plug the guitar directly and find the same low volume sound quality of my big amp to local.J had it before the Fender Champion 600 with a HP to the questionable quality and frankly unpleasant that he put a distortion, and impossible to go further than you have leger.Là crunch a versatile amp with a clear saturated équalo simple and very effective, reverb (finally a manufacturer which in included) and single discrete correcte.C quality is the sound in a lamp with a pocket-sized HP any cash.
I never give a point of view on this site and always look at the opinions of others with many recule.Mais here we must admit that this amp is the best amplifier for work at home whether in the light or in saturated . Simply plug the guitar and it sounds whatever the position of the pots.
Using the MP3 does not disturb the sound of the guitar and the output line / headphone simulation with HP venue.Alors always very well with such low-end headphones the sound is bof and nazillard, with upscale the results are impeccable.
So for 200 euros and wheelbarrows ... Some will find the high price for a 1 watt but let's be clear: Either you play on a 50-watt mini for concerts and repeat, or you are looking for an amp house and there the power of this amp may even make your girlfriend aggressive.
The amplifier between the two do not really serve (too low for the stage and too strong for the home) to share if they have a power regulator (peavey mini colossal etc.) I think


c This is the first time a brand has also led a product that meets a specific demand and specifications spécifiques.Alors avoid the stupid questions about whether you can play with an associated incubator Bourin etc.This amp is made for house and home studio nothing else. Otherwise transplanted with a good mic made you what you want.
A purchase with your eyes closed for good scratch and also for beginners who do not need to lose themselves in the multitude of useless effects: a guitar amp (reverb, gain, volume, tone) and basta.
All the qualities required to make you hate the amp simulators ...