Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H

HT Studio 20H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-Venue series.

All user reviews of 5/5 for the Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 13 reviews )
 7 reviews54 %
 5 reviews38 %
Value For Money : Excellent

rempij's review"Awesome. Enhanced by an upgrade ...."

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H






The sound has lost a bit of its grit after one year of use. I just bought a les paul tribute epiphone and I was a bit disappointed with the result, compared to when I tested it in the store. After doing some research on the Internet, I decided to retube the amp. A local store gave me some info and I went for it. The bias setting is automatic, you only need to have matched tubes for the power stage. I used two 12ax7 groove tube gold series for the preamp and two JJ El 34 power tubes. And the sound is now amazing, I rediscovered my amp. Warm sound with a crystal clear pinch for the fender strat, the overdrive is better defined and with a nice crunch with a low gain. Don't hesitate modifying the amp when you want to give the amp a new life. The re-tubing cost me $80 for the groove tubes and $65 for the JJs. ... Not cheap, but I don't regret it at all!

GutsMiura's review

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
All-tube amp
In terms of controls it has bass treble middle gain volume and what not for the overdrive channel, while the clean channel only has a tone and a volume control. The amp head also features a reverb.
20W all-tube amp
One 8ohms and two 16ohms outputs.


Dialing it in is more or less basic, the pots are really responsive, so you can start having a blast pretty quickly without breaking your head.
The manual is a bit "useless" because the amp head is easy to use, I know it for a fact because I "browsed" it...And I put that in quotation marks because It's so easy to use that it takes a whole page to explain how the footswitch or the pots work.
Is it easy to get a good sound out of it? I'd say yes, due to its simplicity, but if you want to get your own sound, you'll need to dig further into it.


In my opinion, it's good for all styles, certainly due to that famous function called ISF: A small pot that you turn right to get an American sound and left to get a British sound.
I find the sound is in itself fat enough, but it is so incredibly versatile and you can get such a vast array of sounds. You need some time to get to know all its functions, though.
I love the clean channel as much as the overdrive. With a good responsive neck pickup you'll get a sound worthy of the best current amps, with the overdrive you'll get an incredible sensation of power. The only two snags are that the amp lacks a bit of personality and the reverb, which you should use sparingly because it has a tendency to become nasty...


I got it very recently, almost two weeks ago.
I tested many amps before this one and, to be honest, this brand didn't really seem to win, but in the end I bought it due to its value for money.
What I like the most about this amp, besides its sounds, is the simplicity...It's truly plug-and-play, no bias adjusting or anything of the sort, the pots couldn't be easier to use and they are effective...
As I said before, its value for money is simply insane. It's surprising that IMHO an amp like this is more convincing than a jcm amp, and it doesn't even cost $1000.
With hindsight, I don't know if I would buy it again, I mean, I chose it because I wanted to change my solid-state sound and I love it...But if I were 40 and had some tours in sight, I think I'd get a Mesa....But until that day comes, I won't regret a thing!

ced126's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
20W all-tube head 2 ECC83 and 2 EL34.
Output: 8 Ohms, and 16Ohms 2x16Ohms.
2 channels, a digital reverb damn nice!
Effects loop.
Footswitch (included).

I put 9 because of the lack of standby which may interfere with some one even if personally, this is not my case ...


I use one at home and in rehearsal. I hesitated with his big brother HT40 (combo) or ht50h (head) but 20W is more than enough to cover a battery (well, it is not a drummer 150kg in steroid or death metal, but is that tape still good!). Clarification, it also holds the road clean, I play with a Les Paul (humbucker so) and I can cover the battery clean without worry. Although not yet tried it, I'm sure 98% it will also kick in cafet / bar / small room (anyway beyond, it is transplanted).

The config is simple:
- Clean: 1 tone and 1 volume
- OD: 1 ISF, 3 band eq, gain 1 and 1 volume
- General: 1 master and 1 reverb (which does more than keep the road)
Some will complain about the lack of standby but hey, just put the knobs of the guitar and the volume and amp gain to 0, it takes exactly three seconds and a half ...

Its versatility and simplicity allow to nab a good sound easily! After that, it is sure that we, as guitarists, we like to tweak, especially if the pedal is used.

As for the manual, it can be of great help! In fact, if you galérez to get the fire in your barbecue, type it in, it'll be better right away! : D


So I play everything: Muse, Red Hot, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, AC / DC, Blink, White Stripes, Gun's, U2, Pink Floyd, etc.. Many things which have nothing to see at a glance: p
Well for me, it makes me happy! I use some pedals (some, not 6453) and I get to touch everything a damn convincing!

First, the clean, I was a little skeptical when the tone only (no 3 band eq) but I soon realized he did his job: You can get a pretty clean neutral (at Marshall ) and a crystal clean, paying more in a fender style (I said in a "fender style" not "as a fender", no stoning please) pushing the tone knob. I get a good sound like funky Red Hot carefree and yet with a les paul.

For distortion, waaaah guys, this is the bomb! It is rather a big fat overdrive distortion that I found, but you will still go very far, I think for a Metallica or Black Sabbath p'tit it still does well, now forget the metal. .. The eq is effective, but no more, I say in the Marshall style. I also find it was a little up the volume knob to prevent acute loss of VERY LIGHT (I emphasize slight). The ISF knob is just insane: just left a typed his Mesa, middle, and Blackstar is all right, it's Marshall -> What up?

And finally, he eats great pedals!

In short, both the clean distortion that convinced me! The rhythm of this amp is great and his sound, which pays more in the bass and the medium is just as much! And besides, the beast is versatile!


In short, a good clean, a good distortion, pedal-friendly, an effects loop, sufficient power for group play, great versatility and fabulous style (because frankly, it has an amazing mouth) what else?

I've had a few months and it pleases me plenty! I think I'm in love ...

I did a long search before falling on it. Of course, I fell over quite quickly but the lack of eq bothered me, so I did not bother to try it right away, what a mistake! Not only the simple tone is super efficient, but in addition, it makes the machine much easier to adjust! Anyway, so I try AC15 (not my thing), a Hot Rod Deluxe (legendary clean? Yeah, really, but then there really is not convinced it's super garish, and the higher the volume unmanageable) TSA30h (not bad, but the Blackstar is better), Classic 30 (not like at all).

The value for money is excellent, of course, this is not the price of a pair of pumps, but it is a tube amp huh coconut hopefully not get out with 250 balls if you want something that sounds. .. So a big up for the Q / P! (Note: purchased from Thomann in stock B-550, when at Thomann, no introduction, impeccable service, fast delivery and great prices, I do not buy that over there).

I write this review based on my criteria of what I was looking for in an amp, and it satisfies all ample, a score that I gave him. If you want further information, do not hesitate! ;)

Blackstar Go!

dcangione's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" BLACKSTAR 20 studio: I adorre"

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
Shame it will have a small chorus
it was good ...


Grafted one guitar.


Perfect for what I play


I play Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, I have a little Vox 15VT for the "no noise" (for sound and practical side) I tested the VOX AD60vt, a marvel, but I opted for the easier because there's more brilliant but very deep and warm, I have effects pedals, power 20w lamp but it sends serious! style very "trendy", beautiful cabinet with Celestion boot HP 12 "that lifting 20kg, I think the top for rehearsals in a small group (+ brt sound possible with speaker outputs) Anyway I love the clean sound saturated and it is true what I was looking, I like Vox + (my favorite) Fender, Marshall or equivalent + promo that paid 480E Rapshodie in Fréjus.

Freshly bought I left to take my dose of skyscrapers!
jimi aymerix02/26/2011

jimi aymerix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a bomb!"

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
Tube amp, and 2 EL34 2ECC83 TAD brand which already gives a great sound. (A small stint with my luthier bystanders, ECC83 EL34 are good but we would get better sound faith change)

So a guitar input jack (no kidding!) An effects loop, emulated output for a recording, a footswitch jack (supplied), 2 hp output (8ohms 16 ohms).

Celestion Rocket 50 (seventy Write 80 on the technical details but ...)

It was therefore of 20 watts RMS, powerful enough for repeated or small concert halls.

So a clean channel with just volume and tone, I wanted an eq separated, but ultimately the tone is very effective.

Then a distortion channel EQ with bass, middle, treble, then a system that allows FSIs to have a different grain (us or uk) in distortion. Found recess volume and gain in this channel.

Then a master, and reverb (beautiful by the way)

Well I put 9 / 10 I would explain what's wrong in global opinion


An amp is an amp, you plug it warmed (30 seconds or 2 minutes it will) (without stand bye is a little boring) (but I quibble la)
then turn the knobs, after plugging in his guitar and hop on his fate!

The manual is very clear, but is almost nothing, but you learn that you can register master 0, that's not bad!

The sound is just terrible, I prefer the clean from blackstar HT20 blues junior as you say ^ ^ '. And / overdrive / distortion I speak after

It accepts pedals very well thanks to its effects loop!

the there's no quibbling I just put 10/10!


I play everything from blues rock 70 80 and modern rock, hard rock, metal .... TOUTTTT except raggae ... and they suit me perfectly

this amp make me think of clean marshall ... it's just great!
Then thanks to the distortion level isf you get to have a multitude of different grain! is happiness!
The high gain amplifier is shown but no, it will stop just rhythmic metal, added a distortion pedal very hard to make big big big lead metalheads! (If not the Led Zeppelin solo or gun n roses goes largely)

I play it with a michael kelly patriot Q excelente guitar for that matter, and I get just about anything with aa.

Then I played with a ibanez afs 75 of home is also a killer sound! rock n roll man!

Premiere faith I tested this amp at the store it was with a Japanese TV, a telecaster + the amp's clean, it's just wonderful, and the distortion too ...

amp offerings sonoritées very rich, I do not like when there is too much distortion in the medium, it crushes everything ... but otherwise I love everything on it!

10/10 go


I use it for 6 months and I regret nothing, buy 499 (and yes now it is only 600 had to hurry the little: D)

I tried a Vox AC15, a blues junior, a blackheart, a jet city 20 watt (very good amp so that) the one who gave me the most over the three jet was the city, but I liked most blackstar the latter:)

What is unfortunate about this amp it is the lamp TAD of electro harmonix'll have been nice ...
The presence of non-standby, you'd think the last blues junior did not.

Bho wish I a vox AC30 or a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp but as I did not have enough money, yet I do not regret this purchase and would do without hesitation, I even predicted that mark and remained in buy either a 30 or a craftsman ONE 104 ...

Then bought 499 euros value for money is unbeatable ... even at the price now (600) it would be hard to do better now! especially for people looking for a versatile tube amp with 2 channels!

RUTH101180's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good head amp"

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
20 w amp head with 2-channel all-tube, clean and overdrive, ISF, reverb, and the rear footswitch input, effects loop, speaker connectors 8 or 16 ohms ...


Configuration is very simple, it gets faster the sound you want thanks to the ISF button too.


Is a versatile amp. the clean sound is very good, crunch and distortion are nice wood if you send the couple with a 2x12 cabinet celestion vintage V30. can be achieved with all types of sounds.
However when the distortion is at the bottom, there are a lot of breath (AC is normal to another amp).
I play a Gibson SG and an Ibanez with EMG 60 and up 85 and it's really cool! very good sounds clear and saturated.
All sounds are nice and fits all styles but for metal it is too just so I use a metal muff pedal and the palms are mute sound, AC décoiffe!
this amp is very powerful despite its 20 w


I use it for 6 months
before buying it I tried a Marshall DSL 401, fender hot road, head marshall, Peavy Bandit .. is this amp and I was most impressed by its versatility.
I have all the sounds of this amp
value for money is excellent, very good choice

Joe-Rhys's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good amp!"

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
then we have a tube amp with 2 20W lamps ECC83 preamp and 2 EL34 power tubes.
panel controls as follows, starting from the left and going clockwise we have, for the clean and volume and tone, then the red led to the activation of saturated channel, select the button OD (for overdrive channel), then with overdrive, gain and volume, then, equalization with; bass middle treble and ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) at the end, there are 2 buttons that overlap, and master volume and reverb on the far right was the big red LED that lights up when you turn on the amp and a power switch 2 positions for the start of the machine.
very good overview and sense of making serious that emerge ..


For me, the general configuration is simple and it sounds!
I do not know if there is a manual that came with because I just tested, but I think there certainly has.
amp faithfully reproduce the sound of the instrument being played, it's still a tremendous asset and I do not like guys who eat up too many amps the sound of an instrument when they are not invited! !


This amp suits moult styles of music.
I tested it with an Epiphone Explorer Korina 1958 and it was really great!!
what about older; still rock rock rock always!
and then we must say that this button ISF is very efficient switching from heavy metal sound to a more thrash metal if it is done ... well, it also intends this saturation worthy of a good marshall ...
but it does not just here, jazz and other ...
I loved everything and I do not hate ...


I've tried a few minutes but I was filled ...
I tried a bunch of amps and not the equally prestigious, mesa boogie single correct, Soldano Hot Rod 50w, Marshall JVM, laney lionheart (I own!) ENGL Screamer 50w .... and more ...
I love the most, everything!
I like the least, nothing at all!
the price / quality ratio is very good.
I wanted to test a blackstar well since about a year, it's done, and frankly, it is worth seeing!