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Moog Music Analog Synth Racks/Sound Modules user reviews

Translated user reviews
  • Moog Music SlimPhatty

    Moog Music SlimPhatty - " It's a Moog, but ..."


    It is a mono classical architecture, very simple modulation matrix, not to say simplistic. UTILIZATION The front is good, excellent control and a touchdown fine. For cons, the menu navigation is very average. Damage. SOUNDS No doubt, this is …

  • Moog Music MF-105 MuRF

    Moog Music MF-105 MuRF - " MF 105 a jewel in a green silk"


    For technical details, download the doc (pdf) on the MOOG site. If the first MF 105 is not available, ask me. Manufacturing level it's solid and more beautiful! UTILIZATION The one I have is the first version. The configuration and use of t…

  • Moog Music Minitaur

    Moog Music Minitaur - " Maouss Costo"


    Desktop keyboard synth so without quite pokey dedicated low. The latest addition to the series of Moog Inc Taurus but WITHOUT pedals Solid construction, Moog knobs (small and large to filter cutoff) On Rev. 2, 100 location of sounds programmed on…