esl 03/23/2014

Moog Music SlimPhatty : esl's user review

«  It's a Moog, but ... »

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It is a mono classical architecture, very simple modulation matrix, not to say simplistic.


The front is good, excellent control and a touchdown fine. For cons, the menu navigation is very average. Damage.


No doubt, this is a Moog. Filter, envelopes, oscilloscope, are very very good. Super can choose the filter slope, it opens up more possibilities. There is really only one thing that will not is the linking feature to play polyphony. Not count on it (see below).


A very good mono sound with Moog and for a reasonable price, it's nice. Well, it is very simple, okay. As against, poly chain function is too unstable to be actually used. Already the SLIM does not take good agreement. Not serious in mono, but with the addition of poly poly chain must be reset every 30 minutes, it's not done at all. I had 4. I sold everything.