Tke 07/13/2012

Moog Music SlimPhatty : Tke's user review

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Analog synthesizer without a keyboard, two oscillators, modulation, filter and envelope

I enter my data via Ableton Live, simple as putting a key in a lock


I've had 4 hours, it's very simple to who has used analog synthesizers, everything is very well thought out despite the presence of a single knob for several parameters.


Sounds Moog Direct, this is what I wanted. We can get good bass, leads aggressive, fx ... In just 4 hours, I could see that this instrument seems pretty versatile on the different sounds possible. I compose techno, and it checks out with what I have in my head.

I tested the same sequence with a plug-in that wants to be a clone of the Moog ... well and the plug can go to bed (well my computer is not an arrow either)


I said earlier, these are my first steps with this synth. it was long since Moog tickled me, and with this rack configuration, for which I am not a keyboardist, it is the foot.
Everything is under control, it sounds big but it does not break the ears (no nasty surprises by turning a knob), and for that price, well I remade this choice every day ...