sw80 10/11/2012

Moog Music SlimPhatty : sw80's user review

« the best analog, portable and low priced »

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The Moog Slim Phatty is under priced, it is worth way more than what it is sold for. It is a tabletop synth that has two oscillators, an arp, envelope generators , MIDI and USB ins and outs. The screen on this unit is very simple and basic. It is not color and it is not touch screen, but it still gets the job done with out a problem. If you want to add some really good analog sounds to your current set up and music then this is the way to go. Its a lot better then using any analog synth VST. This is the real deal with 100 plus different presets and the ability to tweak and change the parameters of each one of those presets you will have endless sounds at your finger tips.


Using it is simple if you have an understand on how to work with analog synths. If you are new to analog synths then it could take some time understanding how sounds are created. But once you learn you will be able to create almost any sound your mind can dream up. It will really open up your possibilities to new heights once you learn to work with analog synths. I recommend this to someone who is new because it is a great foundation to learn how these synths work.


This is one of the most portable analog synths that I have ever used or seen with my own eyes. It weighs almost 6 pounds and it is only 17 inches wide. You can pretty much put this in your back pack and take it with you anywhere.


You can get a really “phat” sound when working with the Slim Phatty. All of the presets are pretty good, but once you start to jazz them up a bit with some effects and your own flavor your will love what comes out of it. There is also a headphone plug so you don’t have to play the sounds out loud when your are just messing around. It does have MIDI out and in /thru. I used it with a MIDI keyboard to play the sounds and then had all of it going through my MIDI rack to sync with Cubase. Then when I wanted to actually record the sounds coming out of the Phatty I just recorded them directly to Cubase. It really is simple to use this unit, it is the best portable analog synth out. It is also really affordable.