orteil 02/23/2011

Moog Music SlimPhatty : orteil's user review


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I took it out of the box a few days ago. But I already have a first idea of the beast.
All it takes very little space, the interface is really well thought out.
I was looking for a Monaural analog, small size (little space available), 2 osc, noon, tap tempo, the disto, quality filters, a ARPEGIO, and it has everything!


Everything is pretty simple when you know an editing sounds from a synthesizer.
There's no 36-page menu (a priori).
I have not had time to do too much around, but it made me look simple.
For now I have not opened the manual more than 30 seconds. I just doubt on the button supposed to mute the master audio but not the headset (it does not work) and the level of the LFO button supposed to switch to ModWheel if we stay above support, but for me I have the impression that the opposite, he is ModWheel default. In short, to see ... nothing too serious.


For the moment, not disappointed at all!
The sound is huge. Filters hyper expressive and "scratch" just as I like. My thing is not the synth solos as can be seen on most of Moog demos on the net.
Like the big analog bass, the vengeful and Lead ARPEGIO that make you move the butt, this kind of stuff. And I'm ready!!

It is a monophonic, so no big slicks here. I have another gear for that!
No effect either, so the sound is dry, in your face. For now


(!!!!!!!! I will be a different opinion later) is an excellent purchase.
I can only compare a few synths (Virus KC, Roland SH32) or Plugz and there is no photo, it sounds.

The virus is very different in terms of its two very separate worlds, but the result is there for big bass and leads, the sound is big, wide, supplied, and bold (there is many other adjective to put behind ...). I file the impression that it could be mixed as it is in one piece (no need to boost it or compress it ...). Actually I am facing an analog after hearing a Mopho and Monotron (two good synths too). There is still magic in the analog.

The only problem, knobs, to my taste, it Bécanne limit for that price. it's the first thing I saw on leaving the SP board, the buttons move slightly, are not well attached to the knob, it makes me a little afraid for the future.
€ 749 keyboard in space, paid 3 times, I think I made a deal to end!
I highly recommend!