SeanT 07/05/2011

Moog Music SlimPhatty : SeanT's user review

«  Small but very fat! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
The moog Slimphatty is the expander version of moog littlephatty! It has a line out and headphone, an audio IN and CV input.
This synthesizer is no exception to the rule moog, and it is not polyphonic (I never understood the reason too).


In use, the moog is perfect. It is ergonomic, the knob is very nice and very reactive.
The bone is very well implemented. It is easy to navigate menus, even if it is long enough a force! (Fortunately there is the VST rekon, or modules max msp for Ableton Live for easy navigation)

It is also easily transportable thanks to its light weight! (Please note it may be a bit tight for a bag Moog theremin)


The sound is fat! This is the moog! I could compare it with the software (Minimoog). There is not to say, I begin to understand the advantage of a hardware synth: This is dirty, this is down!
Also, the LFO is very clean (and this surprised me quite well especially when you approach 500Hz) and modulations. We can get sounds "FM" strong character and with character!

I regret that the oscillator is not as brilliant as I'd imagined (being used to the software). However, with the overload, it is possible to add harmonics when the filter is at an end. The bass sounds are excellent. For electronic music, it's a pleasure!

Each bone is added functions, such as: the velocity on the filter and volume. (Although as it is a bit light!). This opens up new possibility of modulation!


I have been using it 1 month, and I am delighted to have acquired, and finally a dream come true.

What I like most: The American side! It's bold, heavy and dirty, but both very sharp and clear. The sonic possibilities are immense. Thanks to the self-oscillation of the filter and modulation "filter env" on the pitch, can be obtained quite easily kick drums and high quality!

The least: The lack of modulation and oscillator, and that's it. the rest is perfect!

The price / quality ratio is good experience and I would do with this choice