nucléo 01/03/2011

Moog Music SlimPhatty : nucléo's user review

«  THE FAT! »

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It's like little phatty I think at the sound module, no keyboard, rotary bend and modulation wheel.
All technical data on the Moog website. Noon are the connections made by pins or usb.
With some keyboards master, I noticed that, once connected to the Moog, it must first turn on the Moog keyboard if not before, no sound. Big mystery!


Pretty simple to understand if one has already modulate analog synth sounds with tilt, filter, modulation envelope.

English manual. There is an extra for a brochure that summarizes the functions of the dashboard.
I still can not run the Audio IN, although I plug my bass on it. The manual is not very explicit about this. Stay tuned.

99 sounds, no bank "user", hence the original sounds lost sounds if you save your settings, too bad there are not two briefs: Factory Sound / Sound users. Restore factory setting possible.
Possible to buy an accessory, wood trim or rack mounting.


Its huge for my taste, but I have not handled before Moog, at home with my system.
The sound is very thick, especially for bass sounds (normal you might say). Moog grain is there, it won.
I love the arpeggiator.
Possibility of editing sounds already huge with both Osc and functions / settings that delivers the corny.


I have to acquire the Moog sound hardware with a small budget. The price and very attractive in view of the sound and possibilities of the machine. Plus it allows me to have real Moog sound in concert, easily scalable, in addition to my usual keyboard without lugging a second MIDI keyboard. Provided you have a MIDI keyboard recess, with a former Rhodes, it is useless!
For those who have not yet Moog's first investment really interesting and honest I think. Big thank you to the brand for this "social moog.
For those who have too much to bear Moog, it will be the favorites of your back! (Very light, can juggle it all fits Slim, I assure you ....)

My next purchase, its wood trim ... I've yet to back problems ...