Gritch 10/29/2011

Moog Music SlimPhatty : Gritch's user review

«  The revelation »

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Value For Money : Poor
Features simple, albeit with some good surprises in rummaging through the submenus.

Unfortunately monophonic, but that these are the joys of analog.

Fully configurable through your sequencer, making it just as much practice as a VST beast.


Ergonomics very pleasant. Knob and buttons of very good quality, super nice color that lights up like a Christmas tree, one LED that lights up sythme LFO, ouahh ...

Negative: too bad the cutoff and resonance is the same button. It can be solved easily with a controller but good.


It comes to what makes us all buy the slim. THE SOUND. It has to been a revelation for me. I have for years used emulations expensive, and I thought that all owners of older machines were expensive as snobs thirties not knowing what to do with their corn.

Well I put the finger in the eye very deep. Prepare to be faced with a real instrument, the equal of a cello or a tuba. The sound takes you bide with unstoppable groove, treble you caress, you touch a knob and they become angry without being aggressive. Versatile and deep, this synth is a marvel of nature (human)

Since I try to touch as little as possible to my VST.

One thing: providing a very good sound card if you want to enjoy the difference. Coming out directly on a wall, it's magic, but when you scan you lose the signal already part of its fascination, and its lead vst face.
So I am looking for a fireface400 (yeah it's been expensive, but after such a revelation, there are even more ...)


Here is a turning point. Welcome to my world of analog, a world where you stay gaga before a note with two oscillators, but the difficulties and constraints are doubled or tripled.

See for yourself! I did not hesitate one second