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  • RODE NT1-A

    RODE NT1-A - "This mic PERFORMS,, !!"


    I Have owned this mic for 10 months, its great, I Use this with a foam windshield and not the supplied "POP" filter,my radio broadcasts sound really professional its not quite a neuman but post broadcast gives that nice warm presenter voice,, You w…

  • RODE NT1-A

    RODE NT1-A - "Gritty Delicate Natural" has images


    The Rode NT1-A is a large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone. It runs on phantom power, so make sure your interface or mixer/preamp provides phantom power. When it comes to setting up, it’s a breeze. Just make sure you mute the channel when y…


    RODE NT2A - " Impeccable in lots of different configurations"


    A very heavy condenser mic that inspires confidence. I bought it knowing I should pare it with a sturdy mic stand. OVERALL OPINION I used it essentially to record vocals, since I already had an NT55 for my guitar. After several trials, various posi…


    RODE NT2A - "WTF!!"


    "Vintage" studio mic, both in terms of sound and design! OVERALL OPINION After having looked for THE mic for a long time, including lots of comparative tests (neumann, shure, seinnheisser, akg, etc), I gave a try to this rather classic-looking stud…

  • RODE NT2

    RODE NT2 - "Decent quality, emphasized high frequencies"


    The Rode NT2 is a cardiod condenser microphone. It is primarily designed for studio use, but it might have a few applications for live sound like Overheads for drums or for a string section. This microphone requires phantom power, so make sure your …

  • RODE NT1-A

    RODE NT1-A - "Works like a charm"


    When I purchase the NT1-A I purchased the bundle and not just the microphone alone. It came with a shock mount, a pop filter, a 20 inch XLR cable and an instructional DVD. The DVD turned out to be worthless though because I am not a beginner, but all…

  • RODE NT1-A

    RODE NT1-A - "RODE NT1A = Wonderful"


    I produce and record alot of local artist and let me say that this mic sounds beautiful and very crisp. I have to do very little when it comes to cleaning up the vocals with this mic. The only problem that I have found with this mic is that if you ha…

  • RODE NT1

    RODE NT1 - "Amazing mic for the price!"


    This mic is a knockout for value and delivers a very real and full-bodied result. The best in this price range and anything close... Here's the specs: Acoustic Principle Pressure Gradient Active Electronics JFET impedance converter with bipol…

  • RODE NT2

    RODE NT2 - "keep it home"


    The Rode NT2 is a condenser mic that I have used for years off and on now for some vocals from home. I still do own this mic but I take it around with me more. It has become more of my traveling mic since I have other mics at home that I wont take ar…

  • RODE NT1

    RODE NT1 - "nice"


    I have used he NT1 microphone many times in the last year or 2. Generally the NT1 microphone was made to be an affordable mic. But then it turned into being a top quality mic overnight. I think Rhode was actually surprised by the success of it and it…