kierel 03/31/2013

RODE NT2A : kierel's user review

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"Vintage" studio mic, both in terms of sound and design!


After having looked for THE mic for a long time, including lots of comparative tests (neumann, shure, seinnheisser, akg, etc), I gave a try to this rather classic-looking studio mic. As soon as I had it in my hands I felt reassured by its weight (so watch out for the boom stands), it's not a plastic mic! I plugged it into my small H4 to make some tests and boy was I surprised: an awesome "vintage" sound! With an H4! I checked the settings on the zoom and realized everything was flat! I asked if I could test it with an avid system (which was displayed at the store) and I wasn't the only one in shock! This mic has an excellent sound quality (if you like vintage sounds), worthy of better-known products. When I asked the price I was dumbfounded! I thought it would be around $500-$600 and it was only $380 with shock-mount suspension and (removable) anti-pop filter! The store must have gone out of stock with the dozen clients that were in that day! It certainly won't oust a U87, but at this price, it's unbeatable!