melou2003 06/09/2013

RODE NT2A : melou2003's user review

«  Impeccable in lots of different configurations »

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A very heavy condenser mic that inspires confidence. I bought it knowing I should pare it with a sturdy mic stand.


I used it essentially to record vocals, since I already had an NT55 for my guitar. After several trials, various positioning changes, equalization, compression, I found I actually preferred the NT2A for my guitar (instead of the NT55). I plugged it, placed it about a meter in front of the guitar, slightly offset to the left of the guitar's sound whole, and it worked great. I hardly touched the EQ, and only did so to dig a little medium heat hum sound.
So for those looking for a microphone a little off-road, it will be a good choice

Here is an example of a picture taken of his guitar, almost nothing in treatment if not a TC Native Reverb, a limit on the master