Roland XP-50
Roland XP-50

XP-50, Digital Synth from Roland in the XP series.

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All user reviews for the Roland XP-50

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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Roland XP-50
A 16 track midi sequencer is usually adequate for most situations. However the XP is best when used as a soundsource...or even a scratch pad that is sync'ed up to a more capable sequencer...whether that be one of many capable DAW/software program combo out today (Fruity Loops, Reason, Pro-Tools)or a hardware sequencer/sampler (MPC series, MV, even the slept on MC-909) One helpful feature is the RPS function, which allows you to trigger a created phrase on the fly at the touch of a key. With no sampler...this function is essential to creating "hybrid" sounding other words a track that sounds sample...and has many of the "chopped" feature of one ...but is actually a 100% original

$1,300.00 (back in the day)


Its a miracle I still have my eyes after 8 years of peeing a the tiny orange rectangular screen. To access many of other more complex features of the XP such as patch(sound)editing, track edit..etc involves many searches through various screens. The manual is your best friend....however it is a Roland advised

it is a tank....can go above ground, underground, on the road...wherever. users who have either been longtime users like myself or others who are picking up one from somewhere else need to keep a careful eye on the ancient floppy disk drive for perfornamce however.


The XP-50 has many good stock sounds right out the box for professional/aspiring composers, media scorers, and techno/ambiant/rave sound designers.. ah yes well that's nice. BUT, what about the aspiring beatmaker..or the grizzled pro?? If you be patient with the somehat unforgiving learning can craft out stunning compositions without having to reach to any other piece of gear(and thanks to current situation..I know that as well as anybody, these days. EFX processors, diffrent sets of filters and amplifiers allow you to customize your own sound.


I started from the instrumental side of music first then graduated to beatmaking. So I have yet to purchase those celebrated pieces of gear your 'favorite' producer has..(MPC, ASR-10,Motif....or my favorite..Fantom X7)this is my brainchild. Even when it is will be kept for sentiment for a long time

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Posted by: cloudism ( 7-, 2005)
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Roland XP-50
As a sound module nothing is missing, there are some filters, effects, etc. on it, but you have to go thu menues and mess with numerical values, which takes a lot of time, so that would b nice to have it made easyer. Sequencer on it is a bit*h to use, i had it for 8 months and i still havent figuerd out how to compose a song of more than one part, but i dont use the sequencer at all.

Price paid

$430 used


Sequencer very hard to use, (compared to cubase) effects are hard to tweak, its hard to sequence, because it can only play one sound at a time, so u better have some vst's or other sound modules if you want to play your full song out. Not the most user friendly (maybe because it came out in 95) but sound quality is excelent


I use it as a sound module, and as a midi controller. Sounds on it are the best in its price range (under $1000) and its expandable to your taste. I love the sounds on it high quality


Excelent, metal case. Mine sometimes messes up and sustains notes, and i have to do a memore reset, and then its fine for couple of weeks, but i bought it used, and it came out in 1995, better than i expecte.

I LOVE the sounds, and expandability, its also good as a midi controller. Other than that i cant recoment it for any other features.

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Posted by: Sarajevo (January 1-, 2004)
MGR/G. Steffee01/31/2002

MGR/G. Steffee's review"Roland XP-50"

Roland XP-50
purchased at local music store for less than $3000 including stand and Peavy amp

I've been using my roland for several years now, both as a studio and teaching instrument and transporting to gigs. I've never had any problem with its performance - even though students and transportation can be rough on it! It's reliable and has more features than I could ever begin to use! I love it.

The program dial has worn - you need to apply pressure to activate the selection.

Sturdy and dependable even with the abuse of transportation in a soft case and daily use by students.

The XP-50 has a lot in it for the price. I know it's a bit outdated by now, but I would still pick Roland if I had to replace it.

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petitsynthe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Always interesting opportunity (for those who love the hardware)."

Roland XP-50
The touch is very light and relatively noisy if you type fast on the keys (little resistance).

One EFX (applicable to only one sound), unlike reverb and chorus / delay (applicable to 16 parts multitimbral Assayable)
you really need to get organized to make a complete song with the sequencer or computer: I remember that it was the main criticism that the machines did this time because for some presets, EFX done more to the end result that the waveforms selected and their programming.

The build quality is good.

Converters are excellent (much better than the XP-30 for example)


XP 50 is not very convenient to use at editing sounds (but much more than a DX7 or D50) and sequencer, especially compared to the current offer but still a good ergonomics thinking if we want to have the patience to read a minimum the manual and to train.

For those who had problems slowing the sequencer (see the first two notices), it was actually use the data reduction "THIN" (p 76 of the manual).

In fact, with the XP-50 I can make models, cast musical ideas through the sequencer, quickly, without wasting time to choose from thousands of sounds and especially without me putting pressure on the resulting sound (home, Korg Kronos is for!): the instrument outside talent, if my song is the road, you can hear it immediately: the sounds and effects that can not serve as a "fig leaf" to level compo ...


It is on at the moment, it is mainly synthesized sounds that are interesting with a typical grain Roland (after all, the JV-1080 was a landmark in the studios during the 90s), but do not push too hard resonnance the filter because it could hurt your eardrums and your HP.

imitations acoustic sounds excellent for the time are overwhelmed in 2012, but some are really good quick game (in 1995 it was short loop to fit all waveforms) and difficult to reproduce on another machine sometimes the same brand! In short with original ROM 8MB he is doing well.

Note question sounds are sometimes difficult to mix them perform mode (multitimbral) because:

- The presets that too puff frequency ranges and which may make recovery (so you have to edit with filters to correct this problem because XP does not have a stereo output and not integrated EQ for each part) .

- The difference in volume between origin sometimes very important each of the presets surely gain setting or booster.

Regarding expansion cards SRJV I know well, the most interesting to buy (secondhand) are in my opinion the "World" and especially "vintage synth", but it two, they are the price of XP-50 secondhand! ... to be seen according to your budget and needs.

I think sounds much better (at the "grain") on the Juno-G I had and yet is much more recent: it is probably due to the difference in quality converters.


In fact I bought it used at the time, around 1997, two years after its release, to replace my JV1080 because I wanted the "integrated whole" (the XP workstation was my first after a synth Roland JV -35 replaced by the Roland JV-1080 rack + Akai S2000 Sampler + mac controlled with a keyboard Fatar heavy).

I bought recement by nostalgia, but also because I got it for really cheap and in excellent condition.

Despite the profusion of music software cheap or free that are more powerful, this machine is interesting for those who prefer the feel of hardware because I found him some advantages:

- The XP-50 keeps a grain of his own, especially for synthetic sounds.

- There is almost no boot time (time of ignition) unlike modern workstations (Kronos and Designs) and computers: If you inspiration in your head, you will not lose it!

- It was not too many features while remaining powerful, a limited number of preset compared to the thousands of machines and software lately: this is an advantage allows easy not to disperse, to get to the point because according me fewer opportunities = more productivity music.
(Yes sometimes have less can do more!).

- The value used is excellent in 2012.

After all, a JV 1080 with a keyboard and a sequencer for € 180, it is still worth a shot to complement other synths, if you to place home, of course.

Alternatif93's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XP-50
Already said.


General configuration not complicated, hence the ease of editing sounds.
French manual and clear.


Sounds quite suitable to my style of music. Sounds realistic level, it is on that today we did better, but hey, I did not ask him to sound "realistic" but sounded good and like I want. It's a synthesizer and there are a thousand and one ways to make it sound. By grinding a little can create sounds really nice and custom.


I use it for about 10 years.
Before him I tried Korg X5, Roland D10 and ... er ... well that's all.
What I like most is: the sequencer and more generally the ergonomics of the machine. In the least I would put the lack of connectivity. A stereo output is a bit tight. The quality / price (especially nowadays) in my humble opinion, and given the infinite number of sounds you can get out: excellent.
With the experience I would do without hesitation that choice.

mangalore's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XP-50
October 5
Wheel pitch / mod joystick roland koi
lack of separate output connectors otherwise ok
Edit Program / perf off but display nase: visual notes gymnastics
effect bof bof
polyphony 64: 64 false attention! (Depends on the prog patches) often "flight paths" found in multi '
no utils PC time


config and editing sounds ok, but long and tedious, the LCD is rotten it is clear.
Manual OK nothing wrong ..


-That is hurting the bottom: full of sounds, some stamped Juno, Jupiter, TR, Rhodes, mellotron ect ..
(Mine was on board the 4 cards Srjv: Vintage drum & bass, tekno, hiphop)
and yet has a few electro keyboards are a few pads and FX are frankly ... nothing!
the drumkits anecdotal (even on the chart drum & bass) sounds the same TR808 & 909 on the map tekno (and hiphop) are miserable! g is a comparison at the time in
loading a S3000XL with samples of original TR: nothing to see, all rotten!
use in multi fate molasses and inform "plastic" plus the lack of separate output
and block of 3 for multi FX: classic reverb / chorus an insert for 16 games!
-Effects are no more correct
velocity to the average super klita keyboard, joystick Special: must love,
So the lousy quality of the keyboard!
probably my worst memory is that this keyboard at night, playing with headphones covering my sometimes listens on a semi-open AKG K240!
Briefly, quality really "'plastok" foutage of mouth!
except if the cursor left (volume/C1 and C2) that are relatively easy to spit (finish Taiwanese say) the finish of the shell is correct, JP8000 close enough at the time eg.
important point (another bad memory!) Beware of the filter, the FC tend to return to aggressive distortion! frequent outbursts and unpleasant when playing and editing of the patches and may even be destructive on HP quality average.
this could indicate an interesting feature of the engine noise, but go your way, nothing in the music, just a medical perspective ...! (Laughs)


- I sold it without any remorse or nostalgia about a year after its Acquisition (sold cheap by a friend almost new with 2 cards in it).
- 1 or 2 synths (romplers) before it
- Value for money: bof! library can use to make some sounds or beats here and there in a component but unlike some reviews,
absolutely forget the multi unless you want to sound "pout-squeaker-tagada"
- For me today JV1080 (rack version of the XP50 / 80)! I do not want dutout this kind of machine at 10,000 sounds almost useless, short for me "hoax".
Me finally it does not suit me, we do a lot better with ordinary VSTi now ..

Bernix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XP-50
Synth Workstation that can not find the gal in the jungle of synths in the same catgories especially when the price (used Obviously as it no longer produced!).
The evolution of synths and computer music fact that the acquisition of a gear (Home-studio) requires a different approach than last over several decades (release date of the XP50! And even more !!!).
The strength of this synth to be as objective as possible, is a combination keyboard-sequencer (disquette!).
- The sequencer is complete and can put together easily. It can record an INTERPRETATION steals or assists Manir (quantize) up to edit the notes (microscope mode) or MIDI clock vnements clock prs and this, with a little practice, in a manner comfortable. One can start the recording of patterns and to mount this song. Obviously the work is saved on disk format or Owner 'Roland XP50, SMF 0 or 1 Go find a synth that makes for a price now (GRRRRRRRRRRRR )!!!!!! Forget the Real-time Phrase Sequencing for assigning patterns you do with a keyboard for your orchestration apperu rappide CHRIE !!!!!! The possibility to noon CONTRL external device is complte (Transmission rception twelve o'clock, noon Through) ...
- The polyphony is sufficient, in ten years of practice I rarely t gn by 64-voice polyphony, except accidentally by RPS jou two batteries I pressed pasque a button at the wrong time !!!!!!!!.
- The sounds are the sound Roland found in all branded products up slightly (JV-1080, JV-2080, Groove-box )!!!! They are widely ditable (approx. PITCH, TVA, TVF, two LFOs per patch, 4 sounds (tones) by PATCH, 10 STRUCTURES combinations of sounds (tones), by layering or VLOC sharing the keyboard .. ...).
- Asked style of music passable with XP50: style electro, ambient, Drum & Bass, Tekno, Acid-Jazz, R & B. .... All with a certain color and a little adaptation sounds. Note that the sounds can be saved on disk (I put in the DFI to find a synth of this price being the same thing (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR )!!!!!!!
I put 10 (in note) because this machine, I think is an example of intgration because with it alone, you can make REPRESENTATIVES compltes (scnes, jazz bars, restaurants, etc. ....)


Configuration, well you have to dive a bit in the manual but everything is accessible via buttons under the screen that are organized by dj menu-submenus (well, okay there are still some sub- the screen menus accessible through the navigation m'enfin ....).
In terms of paramtrage of the machine, it's the same, we must delve a little compartment in the manual but on the other, which has the MRIT of being clear and effective ... .
I note that you can enter to give diffrent fawn: either the wheel round, either by the keyboard numrique (very practical!) Or, for the blind Increase by-DECREASE keys! I say as a Paske in a state o I saw some XP50, even younger than mine (I sell for that matter) 'was better to purchase the expander !!!!!


- The sounds are a bit but everything is relative viellot !!!!! There's no long branch in a bar I could still hear the instrument of Grand Master Flash (80') .... I still sounds like me!
- The effects section is of good quality, there are m ^ me radical effects (Distortions. ...). The possibility mode Multi-stamps is limited compare what comes out now, m'enfin is not not mean that there were good things that came out on the air until then ...
- Good expressiveness (VLOC aftertouch curves VLOC ...) according to the paramtrage, it provides original things, does it still immerse themselves in the edition of the sounds (filter, ground , velocity cross fade, etc. .....), which is not the sport of the majority of those whose opinions I read GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!. It may also, paramtrant the modulation wheel on the vomume two tones of a pacth (or as paramtrage) RALIS a "morphing "....
Question sounds, with the purchase of some expansion cards (SR-JVxx) can cover the majority of musical styles. The XP50 can hold 4 boards.


I use it for 8 years (prs qqes days!). I am much used (scnes, studios, home studios, rpt ....).
The + is the sequencer, that can be composed with an autonomous Manir (at least for a dgrossissage composting, see ....). For sounds, I really like (the potential for the edition sounds! Tablecloths, comps, leads, low fat good, electric keyboards, piano ...).
I possd (4 5 years) the D50, D110, SY77, DX7, Korg M1, SY85 (I still have!) VK7 roland (orgues!!) And XP50, and now MC 307 (recently !!!), RM1x, Motif Rack ES and CS6R (yamaha).
I tried (as I live not far from Pigalle) many devices (synth expander).
Among the stuff I owns and proved (for I am not content to run that sounds presets), the XP50 has contributed much to my music (jazz, funk, electro mainly). My two brands are prfres Roland and Yamaha, I think they compltent well. I also second bine a DJ with a set XP50/CS6R (the fire god !!!!!! 9a-d Chire serious, high-volume !!!!!).
I think the argus is declining (the law of market forces!). However, I remind the new acqureur Machine condition given the age of synth playing for many (and maintenance !!!). But know that it's a good p. .. ain bcanne (especially the price the 550 Euros for mine!).
I spare to buy a MC50-MKII (to replace my XP50 sequencer and a MIDI controller (such EDIROL), mainly because I am guitarist and I aged and I return to my love Premire .....
I advise young keyboardist, composer and lover of synthse, thus by the time course, people want to dial in the genre Groove, R & B, tekno, dance (electro what kind ...).

Thank you, @ +
tonton joe12/09/2004

tonton joe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XP-50
There's the bare minimum, see .... 5 octave keyboard, 64 voices polyphony, 500 patches plude, floppy drive, squenceur, some effects (of which only a few audible ....), not to mention the possibility of extension of sound cards: A workstation sympatoche!
The BMOL: a midi in, midi out one, and "thank you it is closed "....( sr is not a keyboard matre but ...
A "beautiful" orange LCD display 2-line, only Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles can appreciate its true value .... Prvoyez mutual good for your eyes ;-)


Usage fairly intuitive, despite the notch ..... is called the sounds of Manir simple and without much difficulty. In case of problem, the manual is explicit and TRS will be able to meet the needs of the most "entts" (yes, yes, I assure you I am living proof).
changes aisment octaves are feasible in real time, and I squenceur which serves all of 36 months is largely due to its simplicity NEWS utilisationn of, and progamme. Including the sequences of prparer squence! The top, even if better today.


This is the part of the notice which is the largest but also the most subjective! So all dpend of your use of synth. However, some lments are unmistakable:
First piano sounds ("nice piano" "in particular). This is the Roland, and say nothing while the unit is 1996, the piano sounds of newts and company does not catch as much as those the Xp-50.
A real rgal! grain roland what!
It's the same type for Hammond organ sounds are excellent Lorqui the effects and worked with some modulation. This gives a small ct Leslie (all proportions guards) trs fat that gives its charm ..... must have the patience to look at it.
The rhodes are not bad, but nothing to my ears. As for copper, which are so difficult to reproduce (unless you have a sampler, which is the top for the reproduction of them), they have the MRIT not to shock the ears of fans in the Mati re. Some sections are nice.
The tablecloths are numerous and rich enough to sample the possibility of using the 4 channel DIFFERENT process: this is where the 64-voice polyphony gives full measure of its value.
The bass is nice and many extrment! I use it especially with an AX-7 (portable midi keyboard), for chorus galore make me walk on scne: Dmoniaques the babasses so. (APRS Prior work at the outcome level, however).
Ct of lead, I have a bit of my hunger ...


A report quality price crashing (about 650 eur for OCCAZ), which is the xp-50 is a device extrment rare on the market and the opportunity taken by consquence trs. ("The rarity is the value of things." Karl Marx).
64-voice polyphony (which is not always the case today! almost eight years following the SoRIE the Xp-50 !!!!!), squenceur, floppy drive, patches galore .... It is a worthy hritier expander JV-1080: a workstation that I recommend all BUDGET FOR COURSE !!!!!!!!
The sound quality and tural and it made me happy as well as of musicos who are with me (which I also support), be it in my funk band, or occasionally in training Latin or m my blues! This keyboard can do everything as long as one is polyvent! But, ca dpend more to you than the XP-50 ....
Friends of the nobility you can also type in the XP-80 if you allow your SAVINGS. More touches, more effects etc ... but more as tunes (about 800 eur).
Personally it makes me happy on scne coupled with an AX-7 and a Roland A90 EX also (sectarian brand me?)
I'm really attach his bank of sounds, and only a removal of my hands could lead me Sparer now (knock on wood).

jmabate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XP-50
The XP-50 is a good synthtiseur, good sound gnrateur (64 voice polyphony), trs good squenceur 16 tracks (MRC Pro), 61-key keyboard is clean, the connectors ( output, midi in / out / thru, PDAL expression) complte, 4 extensions possible with maps of the SR-JV80 SERIES (01 19) and the unit is robust.


For a novice it will take time and read a book record (well done though) but for a plutt Inicia everything goes well, the only complaint is the size of the screen.


The XP-50 for his age trs still sounds good, and the possibility of Fast Fashion patches are equivalent to the latest generation of synths from many sr, forms wave.
the pianos are not evil people trs many organs (which I love the patch PRA-060); boff guitars (the guitars even today people from the wrong acoustic) to ethnic sounds are good, the bass is gnreuse; patches for dance and techno tappent instruments and ensembles and for orchestra are a pleasure to hear. even when everything is relative, but gnral it sounds good and even better than good!


The XP-50 is a good machine trs, Polyval but effective in all areas. its squenceur is always on top, sounds, and his engine did not really synthse much older. for the seeker of a good synth OCCAZ there not need to see 12/14 hours.

Pianistiquement's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XP-50
The technical data are available on the General page as well as other notices. Nothing to add.


Workstation is an ideal first. I know something has been since my first workstation! ;-)
The general configuration is very simple, sound editing and effects acquired in a very intuitive, which noted a difficulty since the manual ... The aura often not been opened!
In terms of ergonomics, of course the screen is small, but well thought out and it fulfills its role. Uh ... If! Just one thing, it's true that the backlight is a little orange clenching, they could have put him green as its older brother XP-80!
The sequencer (MRC integrated Pro) is a real treat. The features are rich, nothing is missing, and most importantly, it can do things that even years later, the sequencer of my Triton still do not know how! Eg avoid erasing everything that comes after a given point of a track if you want to work again just recording a measure step! And pan on the mouthpiece for the Triton!


I am of the variety, from classical, many things that sound very acoustic. In 7 years of use, the times he did not have to let me get what I wanted to have to count on the fingers of one hand ... Compared to the number of hours I spent on it, and they can always count fingers (... but thousands of hands !!!), bin is really not much.

The XP-50 will certainly not be the instrument of one who wants to make use of techno or equated sounds, but for those who want the sound, go for it with his eyes closed!

The keyboard is definitely a weak point. Not a success ... Quite noisy ... But ... With a good master keyboard, it must do so!

The pianos are excellent (even if they do not equal I think the piano sounds of the Triton Studio ... And I said Studio !!!), the sounds of electronic keyboards correct, guitars thunder , wood and brass very very good, the strings could have been a little more worked, but ... We can put together a small collection of very good patch "User" just correcting what does not sound perfectly into presets.

If you're like me and you love the bagpipes and accordions jazzy, there on the other hand ... At work! Edit! The original sounds are downright failures.

The bank's GM is almost disgusting, as is often the case.


First workstation ideal, excellent machine, whatever the opinion of some authors rather hard on the XP-50 ... He accompanied me for 7 years and I separated a bit with a twinge of regret. (Anyway ... back to more classical piano and modification of the general configuration of my equipment ...). However, I have just done to refurbish them for resale (there is also my ad on this site), and I am delighted to find it just as out of its package.
The value was unbeatable (10,500 francs bought new in 1996, 500 francs more than the equivalent of Korg time, the X3, which was a poor nameless ...).

If I had to equip myself for the first time today, I would not hesitate a single moment is a machine that can make music, the computer knows intelligently from disappearing, giving way to play music and much better in my opinion that the majority of current machines, which look more like PCs than black and white keys of musical instruments hardcore.

Novices, to the wise!