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Fender Frontman user reviews

  • Fender FM 25R

    Fender FM 25R - "Too limited."


    Model Name: Frontman® 25R Series: Frontman® Amplifier Type: Solid State Color / MSRP* / Part # : Black $129.99 023-1502-000 Electronics Inputs: One Auxiliary Input: Auxilliary RCA Input for CD/MP3 Player, Drum Machine, etc. Headphone Ja…

  • Fender FM 210R

    Fender FM 210R - "What knuclehead though this would be a ....."


    Fender has been known to make some very good sounding and high-quality amplifiers. They generally make a clean style amplifier is able to take on effects pedals distortion pedals and overdrive pedals quite well. There's a nice tone that is all to the…

  • Fender FM 15G

    Fender FM 15G - "Decent practice amp"


    The Fender Frontman 15g is a small 15 watt solid state practice combo with two channels, a shared EQ, and auxiliary and headphone inputs. It features classic Fender cosmetics and is driven by a single 8 inch speaker. It's basically meant to be a tiny…

  • Fender FM 25R

    Fender FM 25R - "Fender Frontman 25R"


    This is an older 90's Mexican Assembled Amplifier. 25 watts rms, 10' stock speaker, clean and overdrive channels. Black Metal Grill. Attached 3 prong power cable. Solid State. I've been an active gig-playing musician for over 48 years. Although I gi…

  • Fender FM 100 Head

    Fender FM 100 Head - "Good clean fun...no not really."


    This amp by no means is meant for going outside of the house. You tuck this thing away and never let anyone hear it or see it. It is designed to be a practice amp, but the tone from it is really horrible. I am don't care to listen to it at all beca…

  • Fender FM 212R

    Fender FM 212R - moosers's review


    The Fender Frontman 212 R is a guitar combo amplifier on the low end of the spectrum for Fender amps. In fact, it's one of the cheapest 2 x 12 combo amps that you'll find. This is a solid state amplifier, putting out 100 watts into 4 ohms. It has …

  • Fender FM 212R

    Fender FM 212R - "A big old no thanks."


    The all black version of the Fender frontman which is only cosmetically different then the silverface once from Fender that you would normally see. Same lame features of terrible sounding solid state tone. What is this amp....is what I'm thinking…

  • Fender FM 25R

    Fender FM 25R - "Practice only"


    Fender has been building these inexpensive practice amps and they have really taken off. These amps though very inexpensive and not built very well have a huge market for many beginner guitarists or musicians that need a simple amp for practice usage…

  • Fender FM 15R

    Fender FM 15R - "Cheap is the way is sounds and feels"


    This amp is a cut above the cheap amps that you see who the manufacturer seems to have the name is some weird print where you can't make out who it actually is. This is basically the same tone as you would get out of that type of amp. Sure it says Fe…

  • Fender FM 15G

    Fender FM 15G - "Lousy amp"


    This is the same amp as the Fender 15R but less the reverb feature. You get all the same features and general tone as the "R" but just without the ability to have added reverb on your tone. This amp by no means is meant for going outside of the h…