lapiculteur 09/27/2012

Fender FM 25R : lapiculteur's user review

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everything has been said




I play it with a jack & dany I just bought jazmaster type fender. passing a guitar super + + + for 80 euros and I bought this amp secondhand 60euros including shipping. at the same time I also bought a Fender Champion 110. I got both for less than 100 euros with the port so I thought at that price it's worth a try.
then frankly champion chmpion 110 is really not at all close to our frontman, the sound is downright ugly drive while the frontman can really settle and have a very good sound until 4 or 5 on the gain.


I did that for a few days but I really love all the clean and a bit saturated.
I have a lot of other amps, the hugues and Ketner 30w blue I know what is good plain, I have a 2 times beber 60w modeling, nothing a little vox ac 15 is not bad but it is a modeling amp is nothing to see other amps with a large lamp.
Well I really love this little frontman. this is my first fender and I am not disappointed.
I was young and poor throughout my life too! past few years, I have a little under, so I buy musical instruments and I have a lot of small amps but if I had bought it at the beginning that I'm not sure I would have bought all these other because with a good or stomp was a great sound.
with experience, so I would do this choice