SlapKid 12/22/2012

Fender FM 25R : SlapKid's user review

«  Little treat almost free »

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I cracked the look and format, as well as the connections (footswitch for channel drive) and RCA input (attention, it is full volume so lower it to the source!).
Onboard reverb, metallic but better than nothing.
25 watts all big, proper hp 10 inch 8 ohms, and finally detachable mains (and too bad if you can forget it at home ...).

There is no master volume, and Goddess knows it would be useful here ...

119 roros, I shut up.


It is childish and very nice if you put the volume aside.
Channel switching is instantaneous and the footswitch without noise, a treat.
The EQ at noon gives great results, no need to touch.
The drive channel has less bass than the clean, it's just perfect.
The reverb is quite measurable for DIY smurfs are ways to improve the rendering.


The sounds are adorable, the crunch very credible and dynamic amp jumps happily it is a delight to play with. The neighbors will not be happy because volumes are typical fender, going from nothing to too high of a sudden, you can not have a good sound volume apartment.
There's a nice compression on the clean, and the size of the hp that do not turn the bass / buzz not remain focused and is calibrated microphones rather low output.
The crunch is far better than any single pedal overdrive channel clear Moreover, it simplifies life and in custody for distortion.
As the amp is rather generous in bass distortion find adequate is not obvious unless it has a 2-3 strips embedded (often negative level sound). I have the pearl adequate, Shockwave jet city, and it is as if it were part of the amp as it is natural.
And effective, and I clean-crunch and saturax (distortion on the clean channel) and everything is coherent as a piece.

I changed the hp for a celestion tube10 I had available, the sound is softer / organic loadings and leave more beautiful, more flexible. This HP has already turned elsewhere, while the frontman is brand new, so it rodez it already arrange things.
Be careful if you remove the hp, varnish aplique on the screws is so tough it made me turn two of the four inserts into the void ... Put some solvent for nail polish and leave before unscrewing.


There is a big catch, lack of progressive volume is ridiculous as it is exaggerated.
Imagine, I put my hotplate between hp and output amp, and in the evening I am to 16db, the afternoon-12db, and my neighbors are cool too.
I clear the volume 4 volume 3 drive gain to 3 below is not manageable because its twists or cracks.
I suggest an economical solution, either by changing the volume knobs for identical values ​​but gradual curve, or by inserting a master knob at the entrance of the chip PowerAMP. Because a hotplate to 370roros a 120 amp is really stupid ...
Well, I already had.

I suffered many years with a 5 59ltd bassman that I absolutely hated, and then this little thing I like blue because infinitely more alive, versatile and very friendly. I feel like putting the cart before the horse!