MGR/Anonymous 10/01/2011

Fender FM 25R : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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This is an older 90's Mexican Assembled Amplifier. 25 watts rms, 10' stock speaker, clean and overdrive channels. Black Metal Grill. Attached 3 prong power cable. Solid State.
I've been an active gig-playing musician for over 48 years. Although I gig Traditional Country with a Tel Am Std, I play a variety of music at home.

I bought this amp recently on CraigsList, after buying our son a new Indonisian Frontman 25R several years ago. I was so impressed by his 25R, that I had to get one for myself just for practicing at home. I paid $40 on Craigslist for mine and am just as impressed with this one as I am with our son's newer version.

I don't use the overdrive channel, so I cannot comment on it. But, the lead channel is full and articulate. Very nice sounding. Nice high, mids and impressive lows.The reverb sounds good and the amp itself seems very solid and well-built. This is a very versatile little amp, that is unquestionably Fender in sound and build.

Nothing negative to proclaim about this amp. It is everything good I expected and more in most areas.

As I said before, it is built well, and appears no shortcuts were taken, given the amp is what it is. Don't expect it to be a Vibro King and you won't be disappointed.The fit and finish represent a very well-designed little amp.

The bottom line is this; It has the dynamics you would expect from a Fender and ample power for home practice use and possibly small rehearsal spaces and coffee house-type gigs. Given the nature of so many players these days to bring small, under-powered amps to gigs, only to mic them thru a larger sound system, you won't find this amp as a stand-alone in anyone's concert backline. But, it will hold its own in the right environment. Enjoy!

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