Fender Frontman 25B
Fender Frontman 25B

Frontman 25B, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the Frontman series.

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hyacinth_liliacée 01/31/2014

Fender Frontman 25B : hyacinth_liliacée's user review

«  a good amp »

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What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)?

Amp transistor

What is the power delivered?

25watts. So it is good for rehearsal and small gigs. Live in a small room the volume was about 5 rpt between 3 and 4, home alone need not go beyond 3.

What connection?

2 inputs. buttons: volume, low, mid, high. RCA auxiliary input ("in the." to connect an mp3 for example), preamp out, power amp in, head phone (headset).

What are the settings, the effects? ...

no built-in, but given the quality of some integrated amp effects effect is not worse.


Simple to use.

We get a good sound rather neutral, which for me is quality. If you want to color and customize your sound, you better have a good pedalboard.

It is not too heavy and fits easily into a car trunk.


With this amp I played rock, blues and funk, and it has never disappointed me.

I even plugged in electric guitars and it went over well frankly, it just lacked reverb.


It's been years since I use it and it has always provided. He does his job.

If you look for a powerful amp to metal then find something else, but for rehearsals pop / rock / funk / blues or work room will be fine.
For concerts obviously it's not worth a 25watts tube amp (which in this case would be plenty powerful for concerts).
Ideal for concerts, if you're afraid to miss performance is connecting the unit to an A / B box with another small bass amp. In this case you are quiet volume level, and earn a passing stereo sound.

This amp served in a guitar school (and will continue to serve in another school), I do not intend to change it.