Steinberg Cubase 5
Steinberg Cubase 5

Cubase 5, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Steinberg Cubase 5

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 35 reviews )
 14 reviews40 %
 12 reviews34 %
 3 reviews9 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Editorial review
  • 06/19/09Introduction

    Introduction - Steinberg Cubase 5: Take Five

    Cubase, one of the titans of the sequencer pantheon, has come out with an attractive looking 5th version, at a time when the sequencer wars are raging more than ever. Let's take a look...

Users reviews

James...'s review"The best Cubase yet!"

Steinberg Cubase 5
I've been using cubase for years. Since SX 2 basically. It's great for someone like me who needs a fully functional recording environment that won't break the bank. In the past, cubase has been an "almost there" program, riding the curtails of Pro Tools and Logic. But I'm confident that Cubase 5 is a real competitor. Everything has been figured out. Audio tracks are laid out well and the program does a good job of customizing itself quickly to the users needs.


I use Cubase for a number of recording purposes. Typically either live tracking or studio song recording. It does everything I need. VST integration is flawless assuming my VST's work correctly. It's MUCH more stable than previous versions of cubase. In past builds, I would experience crashing sometimes when I messed with interface or driver settings. Latency was always an issue. Not anymore. Cubase 5 is very stable and crashes pretty rarely. I've been a happy user for over a year now and I must say the organization of the mixer is improved a lot. The quick options on each audio track are usually all you need. Cubase has done a nice job of minimizing the need to go into the menus and mess with settings.

One issue that still needs to be solved is the metronome sound. It's a really annoying beep sound. Why they don't include some type of old style click or tap is baffling to me. This is a small complaint, but as a musician I need a good click to track to. The one included is terrible.


I like the simplicity of Cubase over some other interfaces. Like anything, it has a learning curve, but once you get the ins and outs Cubase is a dream to work in. I am hooked on Cubase for life because I have so many hours invested in learning it, and this new revision is well worth the money for me. It solves a lot of my little gripes in one update. If you already use cubase, this is a must have. If you're trying to pick a software for recording, I would say to at least look at this one. In my opinion it can't be beat for the price. I know a lot of pro's who use it and they say it hangs up there with Pro Tools and Logic.
Le Garage Studio10/24/2013

Le Garage Studio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Steinberg Cubase 5
No problem at this level.


It runs on a Quad Core, 4GB RAM, SSD HDD. No problem.


True to Cubase VST 32 since it is a major music production software. I think this is THE MIDI software.
After years on, the changes made are huge. I stay on the 5th, but the built-in mixer 7 will perhaps make me invest again.
This is a classic, yet if you want to mix a song, you will quickly be limited and will be obliged to invest in a series of plugs, unlike Protools, where the built-in effects are already excellent bills.

Jack_SheWrack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Base"

Steinberg Cubase 5
Easy setup with the audio peripheral manager.


works very correctly.


3 years and reboot the incessant 1eres facilities

Tin-Man's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Factory to excellent sound!"

Steinberg Cubase 5
Worry-free installation.

For an optimal configuration must still get their hands dirty = Good configure his PC (I do not know the mac) in a first time is essential.
The best thing is to have a PC still devoted exclusively to music and to have transferred all the useless stuff running in the background. (The useless stuff on Windows, y'en a packet, and marks Pc, such as HP, are adding to a big ladle again)
No incompatibility problems for me.
Manual in PDF Fr


I have for now a racing computer (which will be obsolete in six months ... as always ...)
Proc: Intel Core i7 3.4GHz
Map mom: P67 AsusP8
The Drives:
WD 500GB for the OS
WD 2TB for Audio
XW 2TB for Samples

It is stable and it is running (missing more than that train more ....) 1 or 2 still crashes on drivers Pod X3 Pro. but nothing serious.

You still have to provide a computer a little muscular.


I use Cubase since ... oops ... the Atari 1040 version ...

I was on this machine, a big fan of Notator ... and how it works ...

The thing about Cubase +: It is still full.
The trick -: It's still a big gas plant can not be mastered easily.
used to it anyway.
The ship with VSTi, but not revolutionary models allow something that is really the road.
For a convolution reverb which, although resource-intensive, are very well done job.
The ratio Q / P is pretty good given the opportunity.
I think I would do this choice, although some new kids come in and look really good too (from Presonus Studio One example ...)

GaetanJOANY's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Steinberg Cubase 5
It's a little obstacle course if you are a novice, especially to install sound card drivers, Bus etc. ....


Intel Q6600 - 8GB - Seven 64 bit - ATI 5750HD -

No problem, trs stable


Cubase is very comprehensive but very little intuitive, it takes energy and patience to understand the logic.

Once the basics assimil so good. You can do everything.

I prepared for my visit to V6 ELSEWHERE.

Yoshed's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Steinberg Cubase 5
No problem for me with the installation. Almost everything is automated, just a few rglages for the sound card but not rocket science.


Turns of thunder on a pass a little config (AMD 3500 + with 4G0 of ram). For larger projects, NCESS to go through the gel or the audio tracks but mainly of the vst, not Cubase. Can be planted in those moments but the lche so easily and allows most of the time to save (crash warning).


I use it for several years. This is a complete tool and I still discovering! ... I tried other programs but for me the most stable. I recommend it with closed eyes who wants to spend time trying to understand all its features.

cslevine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" disappointed, stay on SX3"

Steinberg Cubase 5
yes it's nothing to say


it also works well, technically speaking


after making the upgrade from Cubase SX3 and tested on two pieces native Cubase 5 I quickly realized that I will remain in Cubase SX3 for my new songs.
First nasty surprise: the change in file format plugins, instead of vst3preset FXB / FXP. Proprietary Cubase 5
Two surprises: unable to save its own settings, other than by an interim management of an obscure "MediaBay" Steinberg signed. In short: data no longer belong to the musician but Steinberg.

In short a shame!
Third: MediaBay! Obligation to spend to manage new plugins presets and settings, this in a proprietary format of "database".
Everyone who has a little computer know the fragility of such systems. The databases are the house of cards, the weakest link in information technology.
Everything is managed via a file located in a mandatory obscure subfolder of C: \ Documents and Settings!

I use Cubase since 1989, I was much pleased with the updates until 2000, then to CUBASE SX3, as I stood there and now it's over, especially since I CUBASE paid many times more expensive, with their system update, and as a loyal customer, that any new customer.

A dissatisfied customer who has already spoken to many, many people, and notament on radio stations.
As for Steinberg, bought by Pinnacle, does more with hundreds of comments from users who are yet in the same direction in the forums.

Jerry's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Last known good ..."

Steinberg Cubase 5
No installation problems.


Core I7 3.20 to 24 GB DDR3 - EVGA ATX.


I use cubase 5 since its release, I am very satisfied! For cons, I wanted to buy cubase 6, there is a bug that is not in the 5 and that I find unacceptable, the first note of a component is not taken into account by the "vst expressions" on asked me hanging around until the next update of Cubase, the 6.1 ... Although their desire to claim damages and interest :-(

sebRomeo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect"

Steinberg Cubase 5
Installation is no problem, maybe a bit of hell when security everywhere.
The best part of this program is compatibility with other product companies computer music
I like the mindset of Steinberg, the forums are very numerous and meet all kinds of problems. There are comprehensive tutorials to learn.


Performance: The program uses the least possible resources and there are options like "compel compensation / delay" that allows to reduce the CPU or RAM. So everything is designed to make the application as simple as possible.


I use it all the time in 6 years. I tested it on a lot of config in the studio at home and there was never any serious problems, I never lost or corrupted project files
It is suitable for any type of project and what I like is that it is a professional program that is still accessible to beginners) and above that is not airtight (which I criticized a little ProTools)

What I love most: the mindset of the German firm and the quality and accessibility of the program at all levels.
Fewest: frankly I'm breaking my head trying to find a less but I find it very honestly no ...

Value for money excellent, it's a Rolls for the price of a Renault 5

La_Zouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good tool."

Steinberg Cubase 5
The facility was long but was without problems.

I waited a few days to update the license because the site was overloaded steinberg (I got it for Christmas).

The manual is very well done, yet he must find the time and the courrage read the whole (...) This


cubase works at the time of writing this review with:
Imac 27 'DualQuadCore 8G Ram, HDD 2T and Snow Leopard.
Alesis MasterControl; Digimax D8, Yamaha Motif XS, and HP PSI

Everything running smoothly, the installation was long mainly because of all the drivers to install and configuerer.

In a bit more than 1 year of work I've only had 2 problems: a 2 times Cubase unexpectedly closed and reopened the restaurant in session.

The performances are more than correct, and it works well with the heavy sessions.


I therefore used for over a year and a half.
I used a few years before the famous Digidesign ProTools HD1 and a ProTools_LE for home.
I can not compare that with Digidesign ProTools.

The price / quality ratio is very correct.
We can work with a larger quantity of material.
The updates are installed simply.
We can more easily "wander around" session because Cubase is most widespread.

With a year of practice, I can say that I can do exactly the same thing with ProTools HD1 I used.

With experience, I REFERRED choice.