Steinberg Cubase 5
Steinberg Cubase 5

Cubase 5, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase series.

All user reviews for the Steinberg Cubase 5

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 35 reviews )
 14 reviews40 %
 12 reviews34 %
 3 reviews9 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Editorial review
  • 06/19/09Introduction

    Introduction - Steinberg Cubase 5: Take Five

    Cubase, one of the titans of the sequencer pantheon, has come out with an attractive looking 5th version, at a time when the sequencer wars are raging more than ever. Let's take a look...

Users reviews

Anonymous 's review

Steinberg Cubase 5
Steinberg's Cubase is an incredibly powerful program that, quite frankly, needs a bit of a face lift. More and more features enter its clutches and the program reaches a point to where I was not able to figure out how to begin setting things up without a bit of a romp on the internet and a downloading of extra drivers. That is odd that I seemed to have to do that. This is in my opinion the biggest problem that Cubase has. It is a fantastic MIDI sequencing program and has so many different parameters and comprehensive controls for MIDI data, and something like that can be gotten into immediately. However, the general audio configuration is just absolutely horrendous the first time. Granted, this is not terrible since once it is figured out, it becomes quite simple. So do not take this rating too badly.


Cubase is fantastic for MIDI, but when it comes to audio, it is not really a slouch either. That said, none of its offerings compare to its competitors like Pro Tools and Logic. I even prefer Reaper's built in things over Cubase's. That is quite silly, considering that Steinberg pioneered the VST format.

However, for MIDI, which is honestly the very first thing one should consider when working with Cubase or considering buying Cubase, it is absolutely superb. Never before have I seen a program that can so easily and intuitively process MIDI data. The problem again comes in its graphical user interface, which is dated and bloated, and not all that inspiring to someone attempting to choose a digital audio workstation.


Overall I like Cubase. I worked with it for a while, and the expression of the MIDI parameters is the one hook that Cubase should be more aware of. Even with the more recent Cubase 6, Cubase is not a terribly inspiring program to work in unless you already know all of the insides and outs. The only reason you are reading reviews on a website is because you do not know the ins and outs, so unless you are a huge MIDI buff, I suggest not even considering Cubase right now.

ericthegreat's review

Steinberg Cubase 5
Steinberg cubase 5 is a great midi production software program, I have been using cubase for years and now I use 6. I love it, it is exactly what I would want out of a software of this type. It can be hard to understand at first, but you will get the hang of it in no time.


I have been using Cubase since SX3. I was not using it by choice, but because I did not have the money for Pro Tools and did not know about Logic. After going through a few different DAWS I settled in Logic Pro and loved it. Still had Cubase on my Mac but was having so many problems with it crashing and freezing that I stopped using it. They issued a 6.5.3 update and it's been running smoothly on my iMac so I took the plunge into Cubase 6 because I am primarily a midi sequencer rather than Hardware user.


I am so glad I made this upgrade. LoopMash 2 is simply ADDICTIVE! There should be a reality rehab show on LoopMash 2 addicts. They made some much needed improvements on that. The Drum replacement feature is the quickest and most seamless experience I have had with wanting to audition deferent drum sounds but still keep the original groove of the loop that was recorded or imported. Halion Sonic SE is finally the right primary sound source for this DAW. Halion One of the previous two versions was well intended but fell short. However, with Halion Sonic SE the sounds programmed by the Yamaha sound designers and the VST expressions integration and other Motif workstation like features I can finally have a pallet of radio ready sounds to use out the box without having to always pull in 3rd party plugins, not that it's a bad thing. The new layout takes some minor getting used to, but it all makes sense for those who have been using Cubase and it all flows. The drag and drop features using Media Bay and it's integration with LoopMash2 and Groove Agent One. I could go on and on about what I am impressed with .
DJ Henny09/24/2011

DJ Henny's review"Great DAW."

Steinberg Cubase 5
I was completely sceptical to Cubase at first. I thought it was just another DAW that people used as a cheaper replacement for Pro Tools. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter what you use though. Cubase is a very strong competetor for Pro Tools. It is a very stable and quick to use DAW that is marketed at a brilliant price too. I had no compatability issues with it at all, it installed sweetly on both of my computers. The main setup is very simple, allowing you to set up midi channels based off VST instruments or add in Audio channels for sampling or sample loops that you want to use in your song creation.


Cubase is a very good DAW for doing what it says on the tin and more. Plugins such as HalionSonic come with it and are brilliant additions to any producers arsenal. Cubase is very good with memory usage and CPU usage, a lot better than FL studio is during a high level project with lots of plugins running. I haven't been using cubase for a long time as I have only just encountered it during college.


The stock plugins that come with Cubase are some of my favourite features. It is very accessible and can allow PC keyboard usage if you do not ahve a midi controller. Obviously a midi keyboard does help any ventures but it isn't really neccesary as you can use your PC keyboard. I am a huge fan of the mixer that Cubase offers, it looks a lot more professional than any other DAW I have used. The mixer is superb and even the stock effect plugins that come with it are near to industry standard with some tweaking of the presets that come with them. Cubase is easily overloaded though. You should save regularly in cubase and set the project folder to be somewhere you will not forget about. I reccomend an entire new folder on an external hard drive for all folders and projects relating to cubase as it can be a nightmare to find lost work. Knowing what I know now, I would pick Cubase as a DAW to learn as it offers professional results at a much more modest price to Pro Tools.

James...'s review"The best Cubase yet!"

Steinberg Cubase 5
I've been using cubase for years. Since SX 2 basically. It's great for someone like me who needs a fully functional recording environment that won't break the bank. In the past, cubase has been an "almost there" program, riding the curtails of Pro Tools and Logic. But I'm confident that Cubase 5 is a real competitor. Everything has been figured out. Audio tracks are laid out well and the program does a good job of customizing itself quickly to the users needs.


I use Cubase for a number of recording purposes. Typically either live tracking or studio song recording. It does everything I need. VST integration is flawless assuming my VST's work correctly. It's MUCH more stable than previous versions of cubase. In past builds, I would experience crashing sometimes when I messed with interface or driver settings. Latency was always an issue. Not anymore. Cubase 5 is very stable and crashes pretty rarely. I've been a happy user for over a year now and I must say the organization of the mixer is improved a lot. The quick options on each audio track are usually all you need. Cubase has done a nice job of minimizing the need to go into the menus and mess with settings.

One issue that still needs to be solved is the metronome sound. It's a really annoying beep sound. Why they don't include some type of old style click or tap is baffling to me. This is a small complaint, but as a musician I need a good click to track to. The one included is terrible.


I like the simplicity of Cubase over some other interfaces. Like anything, it has a learning curve, but once you get the ins and outs Cubase is a dream to work in. I am hooked on Cubase for life because I have so many hours invested in learning it, and this new revision is well worth the money for me. It solves a lot of my little gripes in one update. If you already use cubase, this is a must have. If you're trying to pick a software for recording, I would say to at least look at this one. In my opinion it can't be beat for the price. I know a lot of pro's who use it and they say it hangs up there with Pro Tools and Logic.

BadApple's review"Too expensive for how it runs"

Steinberg Cubase 5
When setting up cubase 5 I had no problems with compatibility at all, the set up was easy as can be and the manual was very clear.
All the functions and objects in the program I feel are very hard to use and take a very long time to master.
I dislike how over complex cubase is for a digital audio workstation.


On my set up of 4gb ram and 1.8GHz processor, this runs perfectly.
There is no lag when producing or recording in but I there always seems to be a little delay if recording piano through a mic to the playlist, this can be very annoying and you will have to do some real time moving work to get it in the right place which on this digital audio workstation is a bit of a pain.
I used it for about 2 months or a month before moving onto a different digital audio workstation as this one just seemed like too much hard work for what I managed to achieve.
I can not fault it in performance though but I just dislike how it seems to take longer to do things than it does on other DAWs.


It feels as though there is too much work you have to do to accomplish a simple task on this DAW.
The whole mixing down aspect of cubase 5 is a real horrible experience also, this is only my opinion but I just really dislike it.
Value for price is horrific, £600 for something as bad as this is an outrage in my opinion especially with the vsts that come bundled with it, they look like a teenager had put them together.
I would definitely not use this product or buy this product again at all, there is just something about it that is extremely frustrating about it.
I would go for a different DAW definitely.
This was the first DAW that I used and it almost put me off production all together. My friend told me to get another one and now I love producing again.
Le Garage Studio10/24/2013

Le Garage Studio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Steinberg Cubase 5
No problem at this level.


It runs on a Quad Core, 4GB RAM, SSD HDD. No problem.


True to Cubase VST 32 since it is a major music production software. I think this is THE MIDI software.
After years on, the changes made are huge. I stay on the 5th, but the built-in mixer 7 will perhaps make me invest again.
This is a classic, yet if you want to mix a song, you will quickly be limited and will be obliged to invest in a series of plugs, unlike Protools, where the built-in effects are already excellent bills.

Jack_SheWrack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Base"

Steinberg Cubase 5
Easy setup with the audio peripheral manager.


works very correctly.


3 years and reboot the incessant 1eres facilities

Mac88104's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Ergonomic"

Steinberg Cubase 5


Works without pb on a laptop. Which is limited by the PC, this is the VST sounds in 32-bit mode.


Pulsieurs used cubase since SX versions. What I like most is that ergonomics can focus on the work of composition.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" cubase vst and cubase 5"

Steinberg Cubase 5
Tested under windows seven and xp.Pas particular problems.


I do not know if it comes from my pc, but when windows XP ago
too much MIDI data stored on large numbers of measurements publishers operation becomes too slow and it is very annoying for a long working session ... vst on cubase I can work on thousands of measurements with as much data as I want without any problems, I should mention that I only work with MIDI, no audio (I know it's cheesy but it suits me perfectly! ).


As I said above I only work with MIDI, so I do not judge here
the MIDI part, well at the risk of a retrograde old, the point of view I prefer cubase VST MIDI too many nice things have disappeared on cubase 5: toolbar with the ability to assign any what preset logic editor to an icon, the ability to enter notes by velocity in the editor keyboard that on cubase 5 ternary values ​​ultimately do not really exist and are defined in relation to binary values ...
I could go on, however the useful thing to use as
one hand as a model in terms of velocity and force power any hand to adopt the same velocity without having to rework the velocities for each share that would be a huge time saver, that, that is still not.
To conclude, if you want a good MIDI sequencer simple and effective if you do not want to ruin because cubase 5 is still quite expensive, try to find cubase VST 5 used or if you keep it!
Signed an old fogy retrograde still finds that MIDI is not dead and is a fabulous tool work at a time when no one swears by the audio!!
A final remark on the lack of flexibility in terms of backups:
on cubase VST could save the units, arrangements or complete song, it offered great flexibility on cubase 5 finished it all: the one size projet.Je really think this choice made by Steinberg since the abandonment of cubase VST and the transition to new versions is a choice too limiting and too rigid.
And contrary to what I've read here and there cubase VST 5 which dates from 1999 if I remember correctly works perfectly under windows seven after the tests I have done.

yoshi303's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" TOP! pro."

Steinberg Cubase 5
(Make sure to configure the driver "ASIO" to make music (and get sound ..)


intel 17 ... 8 GB RAM
Saffire PRO 24, emu esi 4000, waldorf blofeld ..
3xdisque drive (system 100 GB, 1 TB programs, the sound 1to ~ ~ ~)

a 4-core processor required if you use VSTi mostly ..
(Mac PC .. I know)


best to build / produce / mastring ..

(Ah I utlise for about 10-15 years ...) but not on atari ...

if you want to do live, go to Ableton Live! or Build And lifer and on 2.

for the creation cubase is perfect. (Very pro) ... but beware it looks like a "factory", but actually it's quite simple, just check his videos:
-How to insert a VST instrument in Cubase
- ".." ..... "...." ... an effect on a VST ........
-How to insert a "limiter / compressor" TO PREVENT MY CABINETS BOUZILLER .. or "when I listen to my CD ds car the volume is too low compared to the volume of the cd or réadio ........"


after you have a soucy consult the manual if necessary,
700 pages in French it is doing very well .. dessuite found!
(There's the PDF if not in English too ..)


if I had to make that choice? ... Mmmmmh ...

must see .. version 6 is already out and looks like + to "a bugfix / improvement of functions" k'a an ACTUAL EVOLUTION .. (Certe there are new VST ..)


but for cubase 4 and cubase 5 ... without hesitating, yes I referrais the same choice!

everything is done with. "Simply"