ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head

E325 Thunder 50 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Thunder series.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 13 reviews )
 8 reviews62 %
 5 reviews38 %
Value For Money : Excellent

iamqman's review"Great value for this amp"

ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
Engl amplifiers make some of the best metal amplifiers in the business. The really excel a creating an amplifier that meets the most demanding tones for metal players. This is a 50 W three channel amp that has a master volume. This is sort of a single channel amplifier with a crunch and lead push button and also the cleaning in lead push button this gives you a wealth of more versatility within this 50 W amplifier. You have a crunch volume and a lead volume and also the master volume in this two channel amplifier but the cleaning lead push button give you even more versatility from this amp.

This amp has 6l6 power tubes and the power section as well as a plethora of 12ax7 preamp tubes. Engl amplifiers definitely have their own voicing structure. If you have a great Tony can be very versatile but they have a distinct German hygiene sound to them. It's not a good sound. It's not a bad sound is just a very unique sound that makes them special.



50 watts
3 channels
Master volume

Rated power: approx. 50 watts at 8 or 16 ohms
V1 (input-tube): ECC 83/12AX7, FQ Grade
V2, V3: ECC 83/12AX7 selected
V4: ECC 83/12AX7 standard
V7, V8: 5881 (6L6GC) matched set
External: 1.25 AM (medium) at 230 Volts; 2.5 AM (medium) in the 100 and 120 volt models
Internal: 1.6 AT (slow) at 230 volts; 3.15 AT (slow) in the 100 and 120 volt models
Dimensions: 53 x 25 x 25 cm
Weight: 30.8 lbs. (14 kg)


I review like the tone of the small 50 W amplifier. Have a great versatility even using the shared EQ section. The cleaning lead push buttons give you a lot more total range to your last reply. This amp uses the highest quality components and workmanship that is available to amplifiers today. I think you can really hear the total difference in this amp versus some other amps that don't carry the same type of workmanship and strict quality control when building the amplifier's.

This amp is a very inexpensive but the tone is extremely huge. I like this amp with a good for 12 cabinet speaker. This is a very small head which also sits on a 2 x 12 speaker cabinet but to get this thing really cooking I believe you needed for 12 speaker cabinet. You can add in some delay in some course effect to this amp and get a solid room feeling metal toe.


The new price for these amps coming in at around $1000. As an exceptional price compared to many other hands within this price point. I highly recommend this into anyone looking for a good solid 50 W amp that excels at metal towns the same can get you just about any metal tone that you desire and even excels at the low drop to any guitar tones. Even if 50 W still has enough power to get you through most music gigs.

iamqman's review

ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
This is the hieght of German engineering. This amp is a metal guitar players dream amp. This amp will blown down doors and bust through walls. This is a three channel amp with a clean, crunch, and lead channel. Each channel is extremely usable and friendly to just about any music. However, this amp's voicing is tailored to a metal players amp. What that means is the voicing serves towards the metal style rather than a blues style voicing of an amp such as a Goodsell or a Fender amp.


Technical specifications:

3 channels (3 ECC 83 preamp tubes), Clean, Crunch, Lead, single 3 band EQ, Crunch/Lead, Clean/Lead switches.

Master section:
Master volume, 50 watts (1 x EC83, 2 x 5881 power amp tubes.

Speaker outs (2 x 8, 2 x 16 Ohms), fx loop
(parallel to serial adjustable), dual footswitch jacks (Z-3/Z -4).

1 x 12" CelestionÆ Vintage 30 (Combo)

Dimensions & Weight:
53 x 25 x 25 cm, 14 kg (Head)


The clean channel is very good and usable in most circumstances. Yet the amp lives in the lead channel. These Engl amps feature the high gain tone and they do it quite well. Try this amp out with a lower tuning and you'll see and hear why so many metal professionals come to Engl for their amplifier needs.

This amp though only 50 watts still pacts quite a punch. You don't have to turn these amps up too much in the distortion or gain. They have so much gain that a lot of it is virtually unusable. Too much gain will not fit in a band mix very well. You will have problems cutting through the mix.


At new these amps come in at around $999, which is a great
Audiofanzine FR12/07/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
(Originally written by elco7/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
50 watts

Original ECC83 and 5881 tubes with Engl logo

Comprehensive connections: you can connect virtually any speaker cabinet and the FX loop has a dry/wet setting.

V1 and V2 are used for the channels, V3 for the FX loop and V4 is the rectifier tube.

Two switches (clean/crunch and crunch/lead)

Gain, EQ, two volume plus one master control

Not very versatile

The scale of the controls goes from 0 to 12


The configuration is not very easy because the crunch and lead channels share EQ and gain control. This means that you have to set the crunch channel so that you can go from clean to distortion without affecting the dynamics of your playing.

You'll have to use a very high volume setting in the distortion channels and decrease the master... The crunch/lead gain turns into the clean channel's volume, but why? Why...? Because otherwise the amp would be too loud.

- The problem of having common gain and EQ settings in crunch and lead modes is that if you use both modes in the same song you'll notice almost no difference at all, except for more lows, a bit more gain and more noise, like a normal boost...

- And the problem of the gain control turning into a volume knob is that you won't enjoy the power tubes if you want to use all three channels...

But the amp has a very rare quality: you can play with low output volumes. Lots of amps sound awful when they are set to 1 and are very loud when set to 2 (like the Mesa Single Rectifier for example).


I play with a Strat Mexico '60, a 1960b Marshall cabinet connected with 2.5mm2 speaker cable and a big Proco Power+.

6l6 Sovtek WXT+ and mix of Engl ECC83/ EH 12AX7.

The sound is very good with steady lows. The mid control is very effective, the sound is accurate and vigorous. It reminds me of a boosted Vox with an EL34 sound character. Some people might say the sound is cold but that's not the case and that's why it's versatile.

The amp faithfully reproduces the attack, the twang and the dynamic of my Strat. The position of the pick and the toggle switch provide a rich sound palette. You can get many different sounds and the amp sounds modern.

The clean tone doesn't sound like a duck, it's very musical.

Set to 7-8, the crunch channel provides a colored clean sound and a dynamic crunch sound (because of the low output level of the alnico pickups).

The lead channel doesn't interest me at all so I never use it...

I like to have a sharp and aggressive sound. The lows are well-balanced and accurate.

My settings the last three years have been: gain = 8, bass = 7, mid = 8, treble = 4, crunch volume = 6, lead = 0, master = 3. I can increase the master setting up to 6 and decrease the preamp level since I never use the clean mode (do you get it?)


I wanted a single channel amp and I use only one sound so this amp is perfect for me But guitarists looking for versatility should stay away from it...

I wanted a basic single-channel amp with a very dynamic and accurate sound (like a VHT Delivrance, H&K Puretone and the like). Before buying it I hesitated between vintage and modern sound. The crunch sound of ENGL amps is typical rock n roll. I immediately liked its sound and I find the amp sounds much better than many others.

The price is ok considering it has a more authentic sound than the new budget tube amp.

This amp combines a British sound character with an American-like frequency response. Highs, mids, lows, it's simply well-balanced!

Currently there's a hype for EL34 and KT66. Many manufacturers offer this sound (Mesa Stilleto, VHT Delivrance, Marshall JVM...)

This amp doesn't deserve a 9 in every respect, but if you like it you won't have any reason to change it (only the tubes). On the other hand, it's also nice to hear something different from time to time.

NicoMetal85's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Big sound! gain and clean beautiful!"

ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
3 channels: Clean, Crunch and Lead
Lamps amplifier: 1 x ECC83 and 2 â € <â € <x 5881
Preamplifier lamps: 3 x ECC83
3-band EQ
Gain control thomann
Switch Lead Gain
Loop of effect in series
Speakers output: 8 and 16 Ohm
Double pedal output
Dimensions: 522 x 238 x 250mm

power: 50 W lamp


Config 'super easy! I do not like the rack or interfaces too complicated! it sounds to live!
I did not have the manual since I bought it from Cygnus

We directly obtain a good sound! ENGL is a mixture between the coldness of a mesa (I also corrected a head) and the warmth of a Marshall but + own!


He agree to any type of music! with 3 independent caneaux
Clean it in a wonderful warmth and depth
In blues, it sounds live! to settle after you gain your sauce
Lead in focus .... bah! not need distortion pedal behind it! I play hard 80 'through the thrash, death metal and punk and it adapts to any situation! It's crunch, harmonics out alone, and there is nothing wrong ENGL ... power is quite sufficient.
The Fireball and Powerball are not the only series dedicated to winning! the screamer and the thunder take the upper hand for my friends and moin 1000 e head.


I use it for 6 months! it's been a while since I dreamed of having an ENGL! I tried and had toout! Now I cherish my ENGL, MESA my correct! ORANGE also ensures max but other brands I've finished with it! MARSHALL has good than the name! what need to have a marshall and add a distortion or an equa ass?? .... with the tryptic ENGL / ORANGE / MESA you are assured of a big sound and a true power announced!
W 50 is more than enough as a group! I also used my ENGL THUNDER during scratching for that I give on a 1x12 cabinet Orange PPC 112 and the vla great result even at low volume. (And the master volume is well balanced when the splay)
The report qualitée / price is unbeatable even nine! € 800 on Thomann but I think I got it on the right corner to 450! brief is given to the head of this caliber.
I do it again this choice croyer thousand times to me! true of his European light we can be proud!

nb: just a reproach, a single gain for three cranberry!

thefroggy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Absolutely huge!"

ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
# What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)?

Amp any lamp, 4xECC83 2 * 5881.

# What is the power delivered?

50W, but they have forgotten to count a few ...

# What connection?

An input jack, an effects loop, footswitch input and the account must be there!
Opportunities for the speaker outputs:
1 * 8 ohm
2 * 8ohm
1 * 16 ohm
2 * 16 ohm

# What are the settings, effects? ...

3 channels: clean crunch lead
We can no longer simple, but extremely effective!
a gain, eq (very efficient), a master and two additional volumes for crunch and lead channels.
A further adjustment is available behind the mix to assay the effects loop and the receiver (really a plus).

We have a common basic config at any amp, but we frankly wonder no more when we see how we can send heavy ...

PS I thank the other users have mentioned the problem of winning single that helped me find a solution using the equipment I already had. see below.


# The configuration is simple?

As aforesaid, there&#39;s really not enough here to get confused!

# Gets it easy to sound good?

Yes yes yes and Reo! It seems nevertheless important to say that the choice of speaker is very important for this amp, I first bought the head only to test it on different speakers and nothing to say, I&#3;m still remained in the V30 Celestion.
In addition to 195 € in the 2x12 V30 Thomann, that you ask for ...

# The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

If you want to improve your English, read the manual ...
To learn how to use the amp, just turn the knobs =).


# Should your style of music?

Perfectly! I used to play death metal group, and at home to play absolutely any style! Contrary to what I&#39;ve read for the modern metal, it does, and wickedly! and no need to gain more than 11h in my case (warning, my guitar is active).

# With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?

It is important that I give some details.
First, I use a Dean Razorback 255 (EMG 81 & 85, a classic).
I use this amp with a Zoom G9.2tt; I use a mounting 4 jacks for connecting the Engl preamp in the effects loop of the pedal, which allows me to activate it or not, and therefore have a wide range of its trèèèèèèèèèèèès. It easily overcomes the problem of common gain, even if this problem is not really one for me because the gain is never pushed very high to me.

# What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?

To get crystal clear sound with a guitar active should slightly reduce the volume of the guitar, and does not exceed 12 to gain clean channel, and then express yourself using the equalizer is very beautiful, very diverse, it really takes the fun on jazzy improvisations.
I get my sound to play in a group with the lead channel, gain at 11, 14h bass, mid and treble at about 10am (do not put too sharp with this amplifier to maintain the ears of the assembly ).
I do not use much the crunch channel, but why not in the future, it&#39;s always nice to have a popping sound less aggressive than the lead channel!

In short, I love this amp, a real slap in the first start, a second slap in the first repeat, I am really happy with my choice.


# For how long have you been using it?

I use it for 2 months now, I had the opportunity to offer his first concert and it disconnects, I do not regret having followed many tips about buying a 50W rather than a 100W, it&#39;s exploitable, repeat, in any case, in concert, and this is the Engl, quality is excellent!

# What thing do you like most/least about it?

What I like:


What I do not

Not easy to say that I dislike, because this amp is perfectly suited to my needs, I&#39;d be edited if defects come to mind.

# Did you try many other models before getting this one?

I tried a Peavey 5150, the one I tried was a real buzz box ...
I also tried a fireball (great, but not in my ways and too powerful in my opinion), I tested the ValveKing (peavey too), good amp, but I&#39;m not a fan of his.

# What is your opinion about the value for the price?

So then, what about ... € 733, 50W all-tube, completely usable in all circumstances, the speaker bought € 195 ... I think we are dealing with a very competitive product ... In my case is rare in music to be satisfied without having to pay the price ... Engl thank you!

# Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...

Of course! And I do not feel ready to change amp it sooner!

ptspress's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
The description has already been done several times so I will not repeat - only one has yet mentioned that the amp has an effects loop in parallel and is a plus.


Configuration is very simple, too simple finally, because like all others, the unique setting of gain for the three channels is annoying. I had to tweak a good little while to find a setting that suits me.

The manual is very good - check it look at least once, then it is enough.

With a flat EQ the amp sounds very sharp in my ear, but the settings low, mid and treble are very effective and you get the sound you want quickly. The problem is finding the balance in the gain on the three channels


Although this amp is best known for metal, I used to play "power rock" style 70s and it works great!

The head is connected in a closed chamber equipped with 2x12 Celestion Vintage 30s

I use a TC Electronics G-Sharp in the parallel effects loop. There is a knob on the back which keeps a portion of the signal directly, without going through the rack, which preserves the sound of the amp.

I play on a guitar-like "Fat Start (HSS) and mainly on the Seymour Duncan humbucker bridge.

With the rule I use the gain to 7.

On the clean channel with volume and humbucker guitar background I obtain a crunch that is still well defined with this small metallic resonance that I like and that suits me perfectly as its base.

If I go single coil pickup and slightly lowering the volume knob on the guitar I can have crystalline sounds when I want, but with my current directory I do not often need.

I use the crunch channel and lead only to inflate the sound for solos or passages of single notes. The crunch channel, gain at 7 produces a lead sound perfect for rock / blues very fat and rich in harmonics. With the volume of the crunch channel to boost the bottom I just volume that I need to get ahead solo.

I use very rarely the lead channel because at this level gain channel too easily lead by Larsen.

You wonder why I do not lower the gain then? Because the grain crunch sound is better, more natural, on the clean channel and channel crunch in my ear.


I use this amp for three years. I play the guitar for 35 years and I had the opportunity to play on a lot of amps - Fender, Marshall, Boogie, Peavey, etc..

My previous amp was a Fender Blues DeVille 4x10 that I loved, but the sound very clear and warm does not suit my current directory.

The best rock amp I knew previously was the Marshall JCM 800 - I just always found the Marshall sound good when a group had only one guitarist - once there were two sounds mingled in an ocean of media.

Boogie sound is too compressed for my taste.

The Engl came to meet me. I have a crunch sound very fine and expressive, crystal clear sound when I want - and a huge headroom for audio leads.

This is perhaps not my dream amp - but it cost a quarter of the price of my dream amp - so it's my reality today - and that's fine.
Very good amp

Floriandu44's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
Refer to other opinions ... The 50W are at least the ... <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_mrgreen.gif" alt="mrgreen" /> (1.5 / 2, I cover a master drummer mchant. Thank the 2 * 12 "in V30 too, I find abte to couple a 1 * 12" for the dissemination ... <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif" alt="" /> )

I'm just a little of the gain common DIFFERENT channels, but the price is not Drang.


The configuration is it simple?
One connects and rings, no problem specially for users of amp lamps.

Do you get a good sound easy?
Easily obtained a good sound without difficulty, but the silent EQ really works, I advise you to spend time on it. <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_mrgreen.gif" alt="mrgreen" />

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
The manual, I did not touch but only flick .. Complete, not much wrong.

I put 7 because of the common gain, not the way to live, but by digging the sounds we come to find a (good!) Arrangement.


Is it your style of music?
I play mostly metal (COB, Hammerfall, In Flames and other mlodiques ..). The lead channel sounds, and even mchamment <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="biggrin" />
I couple a jackson dinky DK2M and it's just enjoyable, I really sound aggressive, powerful .. The slam powerchords palm mute and shook the walls = D

The clean is warm APRS me trs. In the neck position, my Seymour send an audio round, smooth: I do not play jazz, but it seems to me be not bad at all! <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" /> By adding a tad of gain and by adjusting the knobs of the guitar, blues sounds insured!

The crunch: we win 4-5 and take to the Angus Young for a moment. That's good for the AC / DC or a good rock .. Nothing wrong, the more ...


How long have you use it?
I use it now for 3 weeks ..

The switch transistor / lamps made me a slap sacr = O; in the right direction although sr: p
I test quite a few other amp before choosing the one: Peavey ValveKing, marshall .. etc but this amp is great for my style = D

And I start my bearings + punk metal now .. Well no worries this amp is a monster of versatility: Gain channel 4-5 lead and send the first album of its type Sum 41 ... The gain pushed the 7 is enough for very heavy metal. <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="biggrin" />

In short? Trs satisfied with this amp: DIFFERENT styles he can deal with efficiency and the fact. Who could ask for +? Gain for each channel? May be but for the price you do not think: we simply go and buy this little gem <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_mrgreen.gif" alt="mrgreen" />

elco7's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
original lamps badged engl ECC83 and 5881
the connectors is Reglo, you can connect almost any speaker, the effects loop has a dry / wet.
v1 and v2 for channels, v3 is the effects loop, the v4 is the rectifier.
2 switches clean / crunch and crunch / lead
a gain, ega, 2 volumes a master
so it is fairly versatile
graduated to 12 it seems


The configuration is not simple because of the common gain crunch sounds / lead and EGA unique, it is practically provide crunch channel trimmings to go from clean to distortion just by the dynamics of the play.

Please allow up the volume loud enough saturated channels, and lower the master, the crunch / lead volume gain becomes clear channel, but why? why ... The latter will really scream too loud.

-The problem is that with a gain / ega common to crunch / lead, the difference is smaller when crunch / lead parts in a song, more bass and a bit more grain, I would say more breath, what a boost ...dropoff window
-and the problem of a gain that becomes a volume, is that we do not use the power tubes if we want to take advantage of the 3 channels ...

rare: one can play at low volume. Wink to amps that do not sound at 1 and screaming to 2 (mesa recto eg single).


I play with a strat mexico 60 ', a cabinet marshall 1960b 2.5mm2 and a big proco power +.
Sovtek 6L6 + wxt and mix engl ECC83 / 12AX7 EH.

the sound is already very good, the bass is firm, the mid knob is good, the sound is straight and firm but I find it a little side vox boosted a grain to the EL34. It will be at the limit of its cold for some but it is not, hence its versatility.

The amp enormously restores the attack (slamming it) and the dynamics of the strat. Each investment mediator and selector provided its sound palette. I think we can have a lot of sounds, and it is very modern.
The clean is not coincoin is a sound very musical.
The crunch channel 7-8 provided a clear up her colorful swift crunch without resistance (thanks to the low output alnico pickups.)
The lead channel has little interest for me, I've never used ...
I play with her sharp and aggressive. Low well placed not drool over the rest.
My controls are set for 3 years to gain 8 bass 7, 8 mid, treble 4, crunch Volume 6, 0 lead, master 3. Knowing that I can get the master to 6 and lower the preamp as I will not enter clean ( you understand that story or not?)


As I wanted a single channel amp, and I only use one sound suddenly, everything I just listed have any problem but if not let's be clear, this amp is a disaster versatility ...

I wanted a basic amp, single channel initially very dynamic and precise (VHT such issuance, H & K Puretone blah). I hesitated a lot between the medium vintage sounds and more modern sounds. ENGL is very rock n roll crunch on its channels. Compared to my game he knocked a lot of amps, both the sound corresponded me on.
The price is well positioned at the beginning of range I think, because it has a genuine identity that the new amps cheap lamps do everything.
A full English grain in a right as an American amp amp << >>. It is halfway between a lot of stuff: good mediums but also good bass discretion, grain and combined heat railway rails, colorful but not typed.

At this time, the mode returns to the boosted EL34 or kt66 include this sound in many manufacturers (mesa stilleto, VHT deliverance, marshall jvm ...)
This is not an amp that is 9 everywhere, but if you should no longer have reason to change (change the lamps). On the other hand, it's nice to hear something else from time to time.

Emeric's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
50 watt lamps
4 x ECC83 engl
2 x 5881 engl
Output HP: 8 or 16 ohms depending on the config '
effects loop with mix of balance


Setup is super simple. 3 channels: Clean / Crunch / Lead unfortunately with only one gain knob to manage the last 3 (ca becomes annoying after a while but you get used). Regarding the sound, one branch and it sounds now, it's really amazing that ptite corny! the manual is small but frankly, the amp is so easy to use that I've never opened ...
Beware, there aa no reverb ...
I put to use 8 / 10 because of a gain knob and the reverb.


I use a Peavey 4 * 12.
I play mainly metal (esp with emg m400 Ltd 81 / Ibanez S Series with di Marzio) and I must say that the saturation of origin is simply wonderful, when you push a little and gain knob for the lead ca sounds big, sharp, precise, what it ENGL ... Nothing to say 20/20 ...
I also have a strat Southwestern (must clear the play from time to time) and there is the same, the first quiet ca ... the sound is warm, crystal-clear, pure happy for the ears, I can not get enough. I go through the effects loop to add reverb and chorus (with my boss gx-700) and it's too good ...
It's really a versatile amp, suitable for any musical style, we leave the sound you want, it is a killing ...


I use it for 4 years and soon. I bought a little blind after reading the reviews on the AF forum and I do not regret in any way to have aquérir the beast. I have tried many pre amp: peavey 5150, d other heads engl most powerful ... and I must say for my part I will never sell the jewelry. Try to adopt it.
I really found the amp I tried. The sound is really huge and versatile. Too bad there have not just a home and a reverb knob gain per channel.
Otherwise great price / quality ratio! (- € 800 from Thomann).
If it was a remake, I resigned on again in a minute ...

Fred3023's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
T have any good words, this amp is simple and complete with respect my needs, this is one reason for my choice, a BMOL, the lack of direct out (practice home) and footswitch marshall but a two-channel 30 euros and it is therefore rgl ... 9 / 10
very nice production, it's solid, and what face! (Good is subjective ca ...) anyway I like


Very simple configuration, one branch, and is heated ... it sounds live!
the manual is lightweight, normal given the simplicity of the bte
the EQUASIS ragissent well, except with the gain pushed back (but why push it back?)


So l. ..

I play with an elite eastwood jr (replica of Mosrite), a guitar that "buzz" what, comfortable on the punk, 10/52, p90 micro hi output (but hey it's single coil)
given the budget and the small size of the room, I go out on a farm up in 1x12 cabinet Celestion Seventy 80 (one day can be an engl ... 2x12)
it is the punk / alternative / rhythm box with two guitars (the second guitar is a telecaster), bass and vocals, no hardcore, no metal

and it's perfect! immediately the first statement, the prsence the amp in the mix, it is really musical, the harmonics are all the frquences are free to add (in p90 easel I am obliged to be careful to acute) and is very powerful, very ample for small rooms,
but as many say that if you play with a guitarist must deuxime his amp is the height (the poor peavey 100 w ashmatique transistor looks good ... a cot) (cf said below)

deuxime observation, all channels: this amp is really prcis is happiness, I redcouvre our compositions and suddenly they can enrich, the attack is the mdiator and not forgiveness for the bread! , For the coup against the rhythmic really the gniaque in downstroke ca pete really, hard ca palm mute well, this is as cold as one could read it sometimes? No, certainly not, but it is clear that it prcis; really not the kind of large sheets of its low

Sound clear: it is not my specially trs but it seems clean, warm enough

Crunch channel: the surprise of the century for me! excellent, very musical, I do not rise to the gain del 13/14 h, and it's perfect! is the very first time I do not use the lead channel systmatiquement an amp! pushed back, is the lead dej ...

Lead channel: no better ... but happiness, big sound, aggressive, very rock'n'roll, very dynamic, with the crunch cohrent (switch between the two is a rgal) not mtal (I think his fans mtal "modern" does not end up there), the more I do not ride the gain back, I tried but I do not see the point, some loss of momentum and then the gain must arrter! But I do not have the guitar either, with a humbucker should see


Excellent quality price, 770 euros new, in this price range I do not see
I prfre? its precision, its dynamics, its musicality (yes even for punk it takes a bit ...) I do not like or less? the right away I do not see
I did that for 15 days, so I will post a notice can be complmentaire
I was looking for a simple amp, rock'n 'roll (the metal c ... not my thing) that can make me forget the jcm 800, not too keen to buy vintage pure juice; attention, this is not the same grain, it is on, but his music and his precision me immediately conquered
I tried a few amps (too much time and then the head was promptly impose thunder ...): the fireball for fun (unfortunately the head ... but off-budget), j ' have not wanted to try blackmore (off-budget by far worth getting hurt), the thunder combo (not the same, it comes back open combo I think) but I wanted a head, marshall tsl dsl (not I did not do it)
good, c clear that I do it again this choice and with more budget I will look for any engl fawn, although I see not well what to do with a 100 w
remains the team can be a second or a 2x12 cabinet engl ...

edit 21/01: the first with that of happiness, attention, this amp is huge for small rooms, bars, even finding, dynamic attack, no to piti bread but it is warm enough to be able to catch up without problem, clearly in the mix, this amp provides a lot gnral, and it's rock'n'roll desire
and a jcm 800 is coupled to the ball! and the greater its mouth ...

edit 22/03 and re: 2 concerts later, a bathroom and a bar, I confirm everything, especially at power, this thing is terrible, full of prsence, and it's rock'n'roll and for the unstoppable rhythm, a 2x12 is needed is to have only limited damage hp, issue of broadcast ...