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Truetone V2 user reviews

  • Truetone Visual Volume

    Truetone Visual Volume - nickname009's review


    * Die-cast aluminum housing * Blue and red LEDs * Active and Passive modes * Clean boost pre-amp in active mode * Two inputs and outputs for mono or stereo use * Tuner Out jack for silent tuning This is probably the …

  • Truetone Route 66 V2

    Truetone Route 66 V2 - nickname009's review


    2 effects built into one pedal overdrive: with drive, level, tone as well as a bass boost on/off switch compressor: level, tone, gain, with a tone control on/off switch Supposedly analog circuitry as far as I remember. Spec-wise it's very go…

  • Truetone Jekyll & Hyde V2

    Truetone Jekyll & Hyde V2 - "Great value if you like the distortion"


    The Jekyll and Hyde has been around for a while, but this revision of it is fairly new. Since the overdrive is apparently a tubescreamer clone, I had to try it, being the TS fanatic that I am. The layout of the J&H is a bit more complex than your t…

  • Truetone Visual Volume

    Truetone Visual Volume - moosers's review


    The Visual Sound Visual Volume is an in depth volume pedal that I have tried out with electric guitar. You can definitely use it for any electric or electronic instrument, as it works the same no matter what you use it with. It's got more flexibili…

  • Truetone Comp 66

    Truetone Comp 66 - moosers's review


    The Visual Sound Comp 66 is a compression pedal that is suitable for any electronic instrument, but I'm sure is primarily used for electric guitar, and that is what I've used it for. It is an analog pedal that has 1/4" connections for input and outp…

  • Truetone Route 66 V2

    Truetone Route 66 V2 - sat4n's review


    The Route 66 is a two in one pedal. On the right (first in the chain) is a compressor that is more or less supposed to sound like a Dynacomp. On the right is an overdrive that is supposed to sound like an old Tube Screamer. I'm not sure how accurate …

  • Truetone Jekyll & Hyde V2

    Truetone Jekyll & Hyde V2 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Dlz/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Same features as the V1 except for the switchable noise gate and a knob to control the bass boost intensity. UTILIZATION The overall configuration is simple and intuitive. The provided se…

  • Truetone H2O

    Truetone H2O - " a beautiful chorus"


    It is in the same box analog chorus and digital delay. It works by jack for guitar. is analog, so not editable. I did not notice the nuances of sound with v1, if not the lush knob which will be discussed. UTILIZATION three knobs for each effect, …

  • Truetone Double Trouble

    Truetone Double Trouble - " very good od"


    Double overdrive pedal analog format energizable standard 9v. Metal case with special but effective design. Jack in, jack out, and roll youth! UTILIZATION It has two channels designed in the same way (gain tone level, and switch extraordinary lif…

  • Truetone Visual Volume

    Truetone Visual Volume - " An ultra compact pedal, the clean, powerful sound"


    2 independent overdrive channels can be used simultaneously, 2 different colors and a filter "Sharp / Blunt" acting as a compression, this gives all the variations possible signal distortion: it's rock, it's pop, it's metal, it's blues, it's electron…